Weekly Interactive Conversations of Whole Leadership.

Each Wednesday at 8 am PT GATHER for HER alternates between integrated storytelling featuring a Changemaker who expands our understanding of whole leadership, and an hour-long Wisdom Circle where the hosts are listening and the audience is talking.  

We invite you to join us for the interactive Wisdom Circle in a private, non-recorded zoom room, where you can speak what's on your heart in a safe environment. These conversations are revealing in nature, empathic in experience, and co-created in real-time, each hour is an opportunity to co-create and harvest the collective wisdom we need for a sustainable future.  Are you ready? 

GATHER for HER conversations, tools, activations, and Wisdom Circles happen in our community of practice for relational leaders - The Leader Path. Register below for the $25/month membership to join us there.

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Each conversation is Facilitated and Co-Hosted by The PowHERhouse 'Braid': Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Founder, Christina Benty, First Steps and FireCircle Lead, Tina Overbury, Amplify Story Coach, Sharon Marshall, Digital Indigenous Empowerment. Meet the Co-Hosts of GATHER for HER.

PowHERhouse gratefully acknowledges the support of the Indigenous Screen Office to help bring GATHER for HER to a wider audience.