Weekly Interactive Conversations of Whole Leadership.

Each Wednesday at 8 am PT GATHER for HER alternates between integrated storytelling featuring a Changemaker who expands our understanding of whole leadership, and an hour-long Wisdom Circle where the hosts are listening and the audience is talking.  

Anyone can participate in the guest conversations live on our LinkedIn Page.

We invite you to register below and join us for the interactive Wisdom Circle in a private, non-recorded zoom room, where you can speak what's on your heart in a safe environment. These conversations are revealing in nature, empathic in experience, and co-created in real-time, each hour is an opportunity to co-create and harvest the collective wisdom we need for a sustainable future.  Are you ready? 

Registration for Interactive Wisdom Circles

Each conversation is Facilitated and Co-Hosted by The PowHERhouse 'Braid': Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Founder, Christina Benty, First Steps and FireCircle Lead, Tina Overbury, Amplify Story Coach, Sharon Marshall, Digital Indigenous Empowerment. Meet the Co-Hosts of GATHER for HER.

PowHERhouse gratefully acknowledges the support of the Indigenous Screen Office to help bring GATHER for HER to a wider audience.