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Meet Charlene SanJenko


My 20-year+ commitment to the expansion of human potential and my body of work to activate and amplify its impact can be summarized as: "Our imagination expands our greatness; as we SEE it, we BELIEVE it is possible."

Learn more about our work in the world over the past decade with foundational roots since 2000 below.

Meet your impact amplification co-creators below. I'm looking forward to our next chapter of changemaking!  Let's go!


"With what happened in the sixties, when a lot of our children were removed, a lot of the people in our communities died. Many of them died from heartbreak. The whole art of storytelling now falls to the younger generation [to] do what the ancestors did but in a modern medium."

- Rosalind Williams, Tsm7aksaltn: To Teach and To Learn (2017)

Your Impact AMPLIFIER Team

Meet the glue of PowHERhouse in our next chapter of expansive changemaking! We specialize in inclusive innovation, community development programming, innovative business sustainability, online communication, and impact media production. Independent specialists working differently, collaboratively, and with commitment to growing The PowHERhouse Impact Network with parallel partnerships in publishing, programming, and production. 


Morna MacGillivray

Founder, Revolutionary Woman Global

Morna's Impact

A first generation Pakeha from Aotearoa New Zealand, currently based in Canada, Morna is a serial social entrepreneur, master host of conversations that matter and the Founder of Revolutionary Woman Global.

Morna has created and led hundreds of transformational learning events and revolutionary circles for 1000s of leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. Her immense capacity to communicate and hold space for human beings in ways that transcend culture, ability, and language is at the heart of everything she touches. She creates powerful spaces that empower humans to be seen and heard across our divides, tune into their highest purpose, fully show up, and take effective and courageous action.

Morna is a lifelong student, practitioner and pioneer in the art of participatory leadership, consensus building, and transformational change for personal, organizational, and social good. As a pioneer in 21st Century Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Morna has thrived working at the edge of what’s possible and has dedicated her life to teaching this to others.


Sarah Jessie Tucker

Innovative Business Sustainability

Sarah's Impact

Sarah Jessie Tucker (she/her) is a truth seeker and storyteller. She is Treaty No.13 People and grew up in Scarborough, Ontario. Sarah has ancestors in Toronto and Newfoundland with settler family origins from Ireland, Scotland, and England. 

Passionate and committed to supporting humans creatively expressing untold stories so that future generations can end the cycle of intergenerational trauma, Sarah Jessie Tucker is an Innovative Business Consultant specializing in grant writing, professional development, and editing. Sarah has assisted Social Impact Artists, Musicians, Storytellers, and Organizations in gaining access to $1.6mil in grant funding and has raised over $300,000 in grant funds.

Willow (Medium)

Willow Smith

reGEN Impact Media Admin & Audio Lead

Willow's Impact

Willow Smith is a mixed-race millennial whose experience in audio and video began as a hobby. Now a voice actor, the co-host of her own podcast - Loving Goliath - Willow enjoys producing podcasts, creative campaigns, and digital storytelling.


Kera McHugh

Co-pilot, somethingelse support studio

Kera's Impact

A 3rd generation settler by way of South Africa, Scotland, France and England, Kera currently lives, with gratitude, in the Unceded Traditional Territory of the K'omoks First Nation, the traditional keepers of the land and waters also knownn as the Comox Valley. Specifically, she resides on taystayič (Inner island), colonially called Denman Island.

For more than 25 years, Kera has been offering a broad range of entrepreneur services to folks following their passion and bringing change to the world. From business development and delivery model coaching to design and deployment of digital presence, Kera finds her joy in solving technical challenges and alleviating the stress that technology can create for non-technical people. 

Kera is excited to come full circle and rejoin this team on the next phase of its important and powHERful mission. She is deeply honoured to be entrusted with this work.



Our Impact Hubs tell the story of corporate, non-profit, and community organizations who are championing solutions-focused projects that build hope, sustainability, and resilience of all. Our Impact Hubs give voice to their changework and expand its external reach to deepen the collective impact in their specific areas of practice.


We have had the pleasure of hosting Impact Accelerator gatherings in Victoria, Saskatoon, Calgary, Regina, and more! We look forward to our next opportunity to gather in 2025!

Gather for HER Web Series

This intentional and explorational web and podcast series features Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders. With over 11 seasons to date, we're excited to see GFH's next chapter in interactive media for expansive impact.


A lifestyle and leadership series by women for women about women, providing the solutions needed to build stronger bodies, business and lives. (pilot season)

PowHERtalks National Speaker Series

A uniquely empowering all-female, live performance speaker series designed to help committed, passionate women move their missions forward.

Lifestyle + Leadership Magazine

A digital magazine celebrating positive role models; women leaders making an impact in sport, business, the arts or their community. (12 issues)

Where the power of media, the hunger for impact, and the wisdom of Indigenous knowing intersect for HER to heal the people of this planet.

To shift society, we must shift the narrative. PowHERhouse delivers on the HOW for HER, a media company and production house dedicated to impact modelled by humans who embody HER, Human Expansion Realized.

PowHERhouse has made three very intentional introductions for me in the past year.

“The alignment with the three women with whom you connected me is incredible.  In all three instances, your connection led to further conversations, revenue opportunities for us all, and potentially very exciting collaborations in the future.  I love what these women do, and I look forward to seeing them again and working with them.  This insight and ability you have to spot alignment amongst the people in your community and network is a powerful ingredient that I hope continues to emerge from PowHERhouse.”  Bonnie

We know that it takes a village to raise a child, but we often neglect to remember that it takes community to grow a leader.

“I’ve been preparing to share TinaOLife with the world for a good year now and the truth is, it’s been brewing for the last three to five.  When I stumbled into the PowHERhouse community and speaker series, it was as if someone switched on the spotlight and said “Yes Tina, yes you can!” and because they said so, I did.  That’s PowHERhouse women.  That’s Charlene SanJenko.  At the very core of what powHERhouse is, lays a lioness, a symbol of your greatness, a mother of our tribe, and she’s just waiting for you to claim the powHER she knows is inside you.  Thank you Charlene.  You’ve created a safe place for women to roar.”  Tina

PowHERhouse has been a catalyst for many tangible and intangible yet priceless opportunities for creating real momentum in my world!

“My involvement in becoming a PowHERhouse WWC and speaking at the PowHERtalks has been an incredible experience both professionally and personally.  I have expanded my network and directly connected with over a 100 dynamic and powHERful women.  It has opened up new client engagements, new speaking and writing opportunities and some amazing new friendships!”  Leah