GATHER for HER Podcast & Social Story

GATHER for HER started and exists as an episodic conversation series that takes place live each week and invites in the women who are called to gather with us. We launched the  HOW for H.E.R. - Human Expansion, Realized podcast to meet women where they are at on their impact journey. The podcast is available on Spotify and multiple other listening platforms so women can tune in to a powerful podcast on their own timing.

The HOW for H.E.R. podcast is one piece of the multi-media storytelling component that is produced from each episode of GATHER for HER.

The podcast

These HOW for H.E.R. podcasts are the creative artistry inspired by our weekly GATHER for HER conversations that take place in real time. They are the culmination of co-created and harvested wisdom that is palpable during these gatherings around our virtual fire. Our hope is that in a practice of deep listening with us on the podcast listeners will feel our hands at their back in the journey of realizing their own personal expansion, leaving each listening experience with a spark that ignites H.E.R. HOW.

The Story

Each GATHER for HER conversation has a digital storytelling component that integrates multi-media to tell the impact story of the guest. Each multi-media impact story will become one component of a seminal, real-time, and responsive digital media arts story-in-action participatory project called The Story of US, the Next Nine Years.

For the READERS - The Editorial

For the LISTENERS - The HOW for H.E.R. Podcast

For the WATCHERS - The YouTube Video Recordings

For the VISUAL IMPACTERS - The Indigenous Graphic Recordings

For the POWHERTALKERS - The Succinct Sound Bytes

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