GATHER with Karley Cunningham

Activating Your Fundamental Beliefs & Truths to Thrive

GATHER is a community of diverse changemakers coming together on a consistent basis to learn, unlearn, heal, and grow, and a digital storytelling platform that tracks these raw, real, and authentic conversations and tells the story of the wisdom gathered for a purpose throughout this individual and collective journey of expansion. 


Who is Karley Cunningham?

Karley is a Big Thinker, Creative Strategist & Business Accelerator with Over twenty years, Karley’s career has been fuelled by a natural collision between business development, brand and good design. She is inspired by entrepreneurial creativity, ingenuity and sheer grit. In turn, she aims to inspire and support those leaders who strive to grow their businesses and change the world while they do it. She seeks challenge in every aspect of her life and work, and encourages others to set the bar high – and then find the smartest ways to leap over it.

Karley is the founder of Big, Bold Brand. She’s written for well-respected publications and is a sought-after speaker and mentor for several national and international business organizations. She’s a dedicated community builder who lives the philosophy giver’s gain on a daily basis.

Her past life as a pro elite athlete taught her to be performance-driven. She continues to thrive in competitive sport, and is a two-time finisher of the BC Bike Race – a seven day 325km mountain bike stage race. When not setting her next business challenge, she can be found challenging herself on the single-track trails of the Pacific Northwest or seeking the next peak somewhere in the world.


Why is this conversation important?

Being a relational leader, to me, means being in relationship with the people around us, being in community with them. As humans, we ALL need community. We all need the scaffolding of love, support and collective intelligence around us to be our most successful, to hold us steady when things get tough and to pick us up when we fall.

How can you be in grounded, genuine and authentic relation with people (in your community) if you don’t understand who you are, what you stand for, where you are going and what you seek to achieve?


What now?

Activating your impact...

Getting clear on your FUNDAMENTAL BELIEFS & TRUTHS activates the confidence you need to thrive.

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