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Who is Brenda Morrison?

Brenda Morrison is the Director of the Centre for Restorative Justice and an Associate Professor in the School of Criminology. She is a social psychologist with teaching, research and field experience in outdoor education, governance and justice. She completed her PhD at the Australian National University. Following her PhD, she worked at a Post-Doc with the Regulatory Institutions Network, at the Centre for Restorative Justice. For three years she led a juvenile justice research and development project at the University of Pennsylvania in partnership with a range of justice, human services and school-based institutions. Internationally, she has presented papers at the House of Lords and UNESCO. 

More about Brenda...

Nationally, she is a research partner with PREVNet (Promoting Relationships Eliminating Violence Network), Children’s Rights Academic Network and serves on the Board of Smart Justice Canada. She has also served on justice reform committees for the Ministry of Justice. In British Columbia, she has served on the Ministry of Justice Performance Review Committee, and the working group summits for a Justice System for the 21st Century. In her home community, she is an active board member for the North Shore Restorative Justice Society.

Why is this conversation important?

As a changemaker, Brenda shares the significance of:

  • Telling (or listening) to the whole story. Don't extract the facts, contextualize them.
  • Creating a safe space and then getting out of the way.
  • The practice of deep listening.
  • How compassionate circles have good boundaries.

Brenda's Change work: From passive bystanders to active upstanders: The first question is, who's been harmed? What are their needs? Whose obligation is it to respond to those needs?

Activate 4

What now?

Where and when do you practice deep listening with self and with community?


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