GATHER for HER is a weekly, intentional and explorational web series and podcast featuring Indigenous and non-Indigenous changemakers that are leading right now. The intention is to listen, harvest and develop trust in each other as we follow the collective wisdom between us all to change the narrative for H.E.R., Human Expansion Realized. We GATHER each Wednesday at 8am PT.

Anyone can participate in the guest conversations live on our LinkedIn Page.

Each hour is an opportunity to co-create and harvest the collective wisdom we need for a sustainable future.  

GATHER for HER S7 (3)

Each conversation is Facilitated and Co-Hosted by The PowHERhouse 'Braid': Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Founder, Christina Benty, First Steps and FireCircle Lead, Tina Overbury, Amplify Story Coach, Sharon Marshall, Digital Indigenous Empowerment. Meet the Co-Hosts of GATHER for HER.

We have been gathering for interactive conversations of whole leadership since April 1, 2020, each season launch and finale is guided by the Equinox or Solstice.

Why do we GATHER?

This is live and integrated storytelling. During these changing times where we are living through global challenges, unprecedented unrest and a looming recession, the need for leaders who can operate within a different framework, with solid values, and crystal-clear capabilities is critical. Whether we are leading through a pandemic, racial discrimination, gender inequities, global warming or cultural, restorative justice and reconiciliation, these times of impact require an up-level of perspective, a responsive set of skills, and a clear process to make the best decisions possible.

The need for courage and capacity has never been greater. GATHER for HER invites guests to stand on yesterday's foundation to ask the questions that will help us lead decisively into the unknown of tomorrow. This conversation series brings our collective wisdom together to carve a path forward, consciously for future generations.


We GATHER to...

  • Listen for the wisdom amongst us that will guide us forward

  • Connect our Greatness Grids to expand and amplify our impact

  • Seek Answers on our solutions-based journeys

  • Find Support and remove silos because this work is not meant to be done alone.

  • Walk Bravely through witnessing, trusting, connecting, and remembering.

We GATHER to build a deeper, richer, more meaningful experience of life.

This integrated media series follows on the heels of PowHER TV, developed and distributed in 2016. The pilot season of PowHER TV was distributed across Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Calgary and Edmonton, airing 21x weekly with a potential viewership of 700,000 viewers and accessible to an online audience of 22,000+ followers. We look forward to full production of Gather For HER in 2022. If you would like to be a guest on Gather for HER please connect with Zoe Gray. To join our audience base, please connect with us here.

Our global community and Greatness Grid is constantly growing and currently looks like this:

  • An engaged community of 4,000+ women and a social following of 15,000
  • Facebook 3,146+ followers
  • Twitter 2,871 followers, estimated reach 20,000 accounts and close to 60,000 impressions per tweet
  • Linked in 4,217 contacts
  • Instagram 1,425 followers
  • You Tube 84.2K views
  • 2021 LIVE Events, as we look forward in the next five years, we anticipate interactions with women utilizing a hybrid model of both online and live gatherings, performances, and speaking engagements across Canada, Mexico, the U.S. between 2021 and 2025.

Each PowHERhouse woman has a personal/professional network of 500 to 2,500 connections, making the potential collective reach and ripple of our impact a total of 65,000 to 325,000 currently.

At this time, PowHERhouse is looking to speak with Impact Media Partners.

We partner with progressive, well-aligned North American foundations, organizations, and brands who wish to model better use of advertising dollars. If you have an advertising budget you'd like to fully leverage for good while building your brand value, please connect with us. You can learn more about our innovative Impact Media Production Partnerships here.


PowHERhouse gratefully acknowledges the support of the Indigenous Screen Office to help bring GATHER for HER to a wider audience.