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Canada's biggest demographic wave in history is inching towards retirement as we approach 2030. Companies are scrambling to ensure talent pipelines are well-prepared with a diverse group of future leaders. Are you prepared?

  • Advancing women’s equality in the creation of economic activity has a potential to increase GDP by $150 billion by 2026.

  • That's 6 percent higher than business-as-usual GDP growth forecasts over the next decade. Put another way, it's equivalent to adding a new financial services sector to the economy. 

  • According to Gartner research, gender-diverse and inclusive teams outperformed gender-homogeneous, less inclusive teams by 50%, on average.

  • Bloomberg also recognizes the significance of gender equality, creating the gold seal for companies to demonstrate their commitment to advancing women in the workplace with the Gender Equality Index.

  • More than half of companies consider gender diversity a top ten strategic priority, but only 14 percent have clearly articulated a business case for change. Do you?

PowHERhouse builds strong women who lead.

We develop the capacity of your women leaders and power-up your talent pipeline.



Our Partnerships demonstrate readiness by industry Champions to prioritize measurable action for the advancement of women leaders within their organization, industry and country the way they would any other business priority.  


A multi-year progressive mobilization plan sets clear targets and performance indicators then utilizes a proven media, programming + events framework to activate the plan, specifically designed to recognize and catalyze women's full potential as leaders.


Interactive, digital media, online publications + well-curated campaigns build brand value as you celebrate positive role models, communicate key messages, and advocate for other industry leaders to join the media2mobilize movement and close the gap.

PowHERhouse.  Marrying Media + Manifestation to Mobilize Women.

media [mee-dee-uhthe means of communication to influence people widely.

manifestation [man-uh-fuh-stey-shuh n, -fe-] to prove or put beyond doubt or question.

mobilize [moh-buh-lahyz] to prepare for action; to increase or bring to full stage of development [ie. EPIC!]

Our current issue provides 54 pages of lifestyle + leadership solutions for Canadian women. 

Click the video for a 60-second glimpse.

Read the full issue here.

PowHERhouse is pleased to announce our partnership with the Canadian Pharmacists Association.
We look forward to working with CPhA to build more Women Leaders in Pharmacy!  Watch for our full announcement coming soon.

PowHERhouse is proud to announce our partnership with Tennis Canada.

Tennis Canada is striving to lead the growth of tennis in Canada to make Canada a world-leading tennis nation.

We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Tennis Canada to build the strength of their leaders in their work to ensure diversity, inclusion and acceptance of all Canadians who choose to enrich their lives through the culture, experience and enjoyment of the sport of tennis in our country.

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A key piece of our mission at Hilti is our responsibility to build a better future.  That goes far beyond safe and sustainable building in the construction industry; we are also focusing on creating opportunities within our industry for all genders and generations.  As one of Canada’s Great Places to Work® for Women, we strongly support the efforts of PowHERhouse in creating positive opportunities for women and girls. 

- Martina McIsaac, President & General Manager at Hilti Canada

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Dentons is committed to fostering an environment that attracts, develops and inspires women business leaders to reach the top level of their fields and become key influencers in the communities in which we work and live. We are thrilled to be partnering with PowHERhouse in their mission to ensure that women and girls have the tools and support required to succeed and lead. 

- Heather Barnhouse, Partner

Deloitte is consciously committed to advancing inclusive leadership and providing an environment where women are encouraged to succeed.  It is part of our corporate philosophy to create more women leaders at every level.  Because of this, I’m most excited about our new collaboration with PowHERhouse and catapulting more women forward.

- Dailene Kells, Deloitte Saskatoon, Partner | Risk Advisory 

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"Women entrepreneurs make important economic contributions in Saskatchewan and across the country. At Hill & Levene, we want women students to see entrepreneurship as a viable and intriguing career path, that's why we partner with PowerHerhouse. 

~ Dr Gina Grandy, Dean and Professor of Strategy and Leadership with Hill & Levene Schools of Business at the University of Regina.

UBC Sauder Executive Education delivers professional development programs designed to make a real difference in the way you do business. Our aim is to help individuals and organizations achieve hard-hitting business results through relevant, integrated and action-oriented learning. We not only deliver over 100 programs and certificates for individuals, but also design customized executive education learning programs for organizations.

- Jackie Howard | Director, Client Engagement

Read our Sauder PowHERhouse Profile here.

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