YOU have a story or an idea that could change the world.

PowHERhouse matches you and the change you are here to make with an Impact Partner to leverage collective potential in changemaking.

Together, we are PowHERhouse Impact Network.

As agents of change, we activate, articulate, and amplify your transformative work in the world, expanding its impact through intentional partnerships.

At PowHERhouse, we have worked in the social impact and inclusive innovation space since 2000. We are deeply committed to mobilizing societal healing and human expansion through impact partnerships that explore dynamic possibilities in publishing, peer-to-peer learning, alternative investment vehicles, and impact production.

Join The PowHERhouse Impact Network of leaders, visionaries, and innovators who are committed to trajectory-shifting impact in the following focus areas: Humanitarian Leadership for Global Health & Healing, Gender & Generational-Focused Impact Investment, Narrative-Shifting Global Advocacy & Mobilization, and Societal Well-Being.

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Our self-led SPEAK UP & LEAD program has helped hundreds of women to find their voice and take their lead. You could be next.

SPEAK UP & LEAD online program available June 2024.


Your AMPLIFY Portrait is an online profile, a real-time digital expression of who you are in the world, the impact you are looking to make, and the partnerships you're ready for.

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Clarify next steps on your impact journey. Dive deep with Char to find your right path.

Single 90-minute strategy session, $359

Three 90-minute strategy sessions, $799

Co-Learning & Peer-to-Peer Connection in Facilitated Circle

Our 2024 masterclass series holds space to convene, catalyze, and co-create expansive impact, cheering as the magic unfolds and ripples out to our periphery!

Welcome to your next chapter: collective changemaking with the powherhouse impact network.

PowHERhouse has been a catalyst for HER, Human Expansion Realized, since 2013 with foundational roots dating back to 2000. We understand the power of a mobilized community and know all that is possible with an integrated pathway to healing through intentional collective impact.

I am honoured and blown away by the response and support I received right from the beginning of my PowHERtalk experience.

“I have never before felt such a genuine, pro-active embrace from women who are all walking their own unique path. You get what you give and by sharing part of my, close-to-the-heart story in a raw and vulnerable way, in a safe and supportive environment, I received more than I could have imagined. I look forward to more of this exchange in the coming weeks, months and years. I am in awe of the energy, dedication and vision of Charlene and the PowHERhouse team.”  Kait

“I am absolutely blown away by what PowHERhouse has been able to accomplish. There is so much value in facilitating discussions with changemakers - which is exactly what the FireCircle 2021 did....Going forward, Charlene and the PowHERhouse team are going to be an essential piece to building an inclusive innovation ecosystem. You can 100% count me in for future FireCircle and PowHERhouse events!! The opportunity to listen to so many diverse perspectives is important and something I really value.”

~ Ashley Richard, BComm(Hons.)
Outreach and Partnership Development Lead Indigenous - WEKH National
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I loved the opportunity to gather in a safe space with a group of empowering, compassionate, intelligent, earnest women, all sharing the value of wanting to leave this world a better place. By developing concepts of leadership through a lens of whole, honest, grounded and compassionate thinking we were able to connect and build one another up, regardless of our differences in background, experience or confidence."

~ Hillary Bergshoeff
First Steps Cohort