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Zena Amundsen, Certified Financial Planner | Adding Heart to Business + Money

By Charlene SanJenko | June 24, 2017

Zena Amundsen is leading a revolution from the heart that supports women on their path to financial power and freedom. “Something happens when a woman becomes financially responsible.  She becomes powerful.  She has the means to effect change, to really make a difference, in areas of life that matter to … Continue reading

Dr. Seema Kanwal | Our Iron Deficiency Epidemic [Video Interview]

By Charlene SanJenko | June 18, 2017

In our Spring 2017 issue of PowHERhouse lifestyle + leadership magazine, Dr. Seema Kanwal told us about an epidemic underway that is affecting women’s energy, mood, sex drive, and ambition:  our iron deficiency epidemic. Iron is a huge issue for a lot of women, not only due to menstruation, but also due … Continue reading

Janine Brolly – SPEAK To Lead | Claim Your Worth!

By Charlene SanJenko | June 10, 2017

Our accessible media series continues with an interview with advocate, speaker and facilitator, Janine Brolly, entitled SPEAK to Lead | Claim Your Worth! Find out more about Janine’s work in the world, her quest to have women #SHOWUPMORE fully in their lives and the morning rituals and habits she uses … Continue reading

PowHERhouse Media and Canwest Productions join forces to build strong Canadian women who lead

By Charlene SanJenko | June 3, 2017

  PowHERhouse Media Group is pleased to announce our new strategic collaborative partnership with Canwest Productions, a full-service, integrated event management and marketing solutions organization. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PowHERtalks to parachute into the Calgary Woman’s Show produced by Canwest Productions, October 21 & 22, 2017. This year, the Calgary Woman’s Show celebrates … Continue reading

The Olympians are Coming to Lunch!

By Charlene SanJenko | May 31, 2017

Canadian Olympians Join the Calgary PowHERlunch Guest List for June 9th! For Immediate Release PowHERhouse Media Group is thrilled to welcome Olympians Lynda Kiejko,  Paige Lawrence and former Olympian and gold medalist, Chandra Crawford to our Calgary PowHERlunch on June 9th at charbar. PowHERhouse celebrates women making an impact in sport, business, the arts and community leadership.  The … Continue reading

PowHER UP @ Hycroft

By Charlene SanJenko | May 24, 2017

Breakthrough Your Workday & Gain Traction on October 13 Part strategic business coaching, part peer-mentor confidential think-tank, and part facilitated workshop, PowHER Up @ Hycroft is specifically designed to help you break through the daily grind and gain traction in your business and professional/social impact projects. BY INVITE ONLY |  Brought to you … Continue reading

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