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Latest News & PowHERhouse Articles

1-Day Lifestyle + Leadership Retreat |

Join Loretta Cella and Charlene SanJenko on Saturday, March 4th for a 1-day retreat on the Sunshine Coast to positively ground and powHERfully prepare you to take your lead in 2017. Our Itinerary: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm in Gibsons at the PowHERhouse hub – 1058 Gibsons Way (2nd floor, above Spincycles) … Continue reading


PowHERhouse Portrait | Carey Dillen of YYOGA |

YYoga President Carey Dillen is passionate about growing people, profits and projects. As President of the largest corporately owned yoga company in Canada, she is an experienced leader, an influencer and an effective female change agent.  Her approach is open and authentic, rooted in values-based coaching and leadership. Describe your Mission.  … Continue reading


Loretta Cella, Global Leadership & Change Management Expert |

Loretta Cella assists people to unblock, unlock and make things happen in their lives. We live in a world where people are ready to take real, meaningful action but are often blocked by internal barriers:  fear, anxiety and lack of confidence in themselves.  By taking the time to unblock and … Continue reading


Wedding Preparation | Planning for Your Worry-Free, Special Day |

With so much energy and emotion invested into wedding preparation for your special day, it can be overwhelming. As you hire your services – your make-up artist, hairstylist, photographer, caterer, wedding coordinator and others – you’re creating a community to help you with your special day. As your makeup artist, … Continue reading

corina walsh

Going Global |

3 Steps For Accelerating Business Growth Three important strategies that, based on my experience, will help you hit your global growth stride and expansion goals with grace and ease. As I boarded the plane for my first trip to the U.K. I couldn’t help but feel a little like Mary … Continue reading


Women WE Celebrate | February JAM SESSION |

PowHERhouse is an eco-system of support for powHERful women across Canada. Are you ready for a Women We Celebrate media partnership that encourages ACCESS, ACCELERATION, EXPOSURE & GROWTH?  We are currently enrolling 400 of Canada’s most powHERful women who are ready to make an impact. HOW WE DO WHAT WE DO Never … Continue reading


PowHERhouse is a Game-Changer!

"Having watched the vision of PowHERhouse unfold over the past year, I am deeply humbled to be a part of the official launch. I believe the opportunity to bring women, of all ages, together to share life's stories - both professionally and personally - can only serve to inspire and support one another as never seen

Cheryl MacKinnon Lifestyle Media Expert