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"I had the opportunity to sit down with CTV Morning Live - Regina and have a conversation with Sabeen Ahmad. In just four minutes, we chatted about who PowHERhouse is, what we're up to in the world, and the EPIC impact we're looking to make...... in just four minutes! How did I do?"
Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO


I am ready to exhibit who I am and my epic work in the world.


I am ready for media opportunities to build my brand and connections.


I am ready to find my voice, speak, and influence others.

PowHERhouse.  Marrying Media + Manifestation to Mobilize Women.

media [mee-dee-uhthe means of communication to influence people widely.

manifestation [man-uh-fuh-stey-shuh n, -fe-] to prove or put beyond doubt or question.

mobilize [moh-buh-lahyz] to prepare for action; to increase or bring to full stage of development [ie. EPIC!]

Our current issue provides 66 pages of lifestyle + leadership solutions
for Canadian women.  Click the video for a 60-second glimpse. 

Read the full issue here.

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Latest News & PowHERhouse Articles

PowHERhouse Portrait | Noreen Mahoney

By Charlene SanJenko | February 18, 2018

PowHERhouse recently had the opportunity to sit down with academic leader, Noreen Mahoney, BComm, CPA, CA, MBA, Associate Dean of Students & Degree Programs at the Edwards Executive Education Unit, University of Saskatchewan, and talk about her story and the impact she has made with her life. Noreen is a facilitator and … Continue reading

Tara Caffelle | Writer & Relationship Coach

By Charlene SanJenko | February 15, 2018

I am here as a gateway at the intersection of relationship and empowerment at the other end of grief. “God always allows us to feel the fragility of human love so we’ll appreciate the strength of his.” – C.S.Lewis Tara is a writer and a heart-centered advocate for human expansion … Continue reading

Renu Bawa | Clinical Counsellor, Health & Wellness Consultant

By Charlene SanJenko | February 14, 2018

Improving the personal and professional well-being of individuals, teams and organizations. “Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.” -Rhonda Byrne Renu provides Clinical Counselling services and Health & Wellness Consulting sessions for clients who are ready … Continue reading

LIZA ROGERS | Community Builder, Leader + Small Business Advocate

By Charlene SanJenko | January 30, 2018

Liza Rogers is a community builder and entrepreneur completely and passionately in love with her West Coast home in the beautiful community of Victoria, B.C.  We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Liza and learn more about this local leader and the impact she’s looking to make. She … Continue reading


By Charlene SanJenko | January 24, 2018

PowHERhouse welcomes local media personality and co-host of CTV MORNING LIVE in Regina, Sabeen Ahmad, to our Regina PowHERlunch on February 7! Born and raised in Regina, Sabeen graduated from the School of Journalism at the University of Regina in 2008.  She first joined CTV Regina in 2009 as a Creative … Continue reading

PowHERlunch Regina | Welcoming Lisa Peters

By Charlene SanJenko | January 22, 2018

PowHERhouse welcomes local media personality and community-builder, Lisa Peters, “Host of Talk of The Town on Access 7 TV”, to our Regina PowHERlunch on February 7! A seasoned community development professional with over 20 years of experience building events that both raise much-needed funds and generate heightened awareness while entertaining people, … Continue reading

Charlene is a vibrant and dynamic woman who creates and empowers opportunities for her network of powHERful women to realize their best selves in numerous ways. 

She initiated and designed the PowHERtalks platform to bring over 100 women to the stage in the past year and connect them with audiences in the thousands both live and online.  My lived experience can speak to the positive impact Charlene has had on my own life and career.  Without Char and PowHERhouse, I would