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Building Strong Women with IMPACT!

By Charlene SanJenko | July 23, 2017

  PowHERhouse is proud to announce a co-publishing partnership with IMPACT Magazine – a brand new lifestyle + leadership feature – THE POWHERHOUSE PLAYBOOK – launching in the September/October 2017 and March/April 2018 issues! Charlene SanJenko, founder + CEO of PowHERhouse Media Group and Elaine Kupser, Publisher of IMPACT Magazine, … Continue reading

PowHERlunch | Regina – Friday, September 29

By Wendi Rottluff | July 17, 2017

A diverse cross-section of powHERful women making an impact, both locally and globally. Ready for us, Regina? In June, we were thrilled to host 50 PowHERhouses for lunch at our inaugural SOLD-OUT Calgary PowHERlunch for powHERful women making an IMPACT and up to some EPIC work in the world!   We are … Continue reading

PowHERhouse | 2017/2018 National Trade Show Events Schedule

By Charlene SanJenko | July 13, 2017

PowHERhouse Media Group is pleased to announce our 2017/2018 National Trade Show Events Schedule.   We are grateful for new strategic collaborative partnerships which provide access to leveraged opportunities for the women and brands we work most closely with.  We anticipate over 70,000 possible live connections with Canadian women throughout these … Continue reading

PowHERlunch | Calgary – Wednesday, October 18

By Wendi Rottluff | July 3, 2017

A diverse cross-section of powHERful women making an impact, both locally and globally. In June, we were thrilled to host 50 PowHERhouses for lunch at our inaugural Calgary PowHERlunch for female leaders at CHARBAR in the Simmons Building, 618 Confluence Way WE, Calgary.  A PowHERlunch is our opportunity to encourage a maximum of 50 VIP’s from business, … Continue reading

Suzanne Solsona | Founder & CEO, MYMAYU

By Charlene SanJenko | June 29, 2017

For the past nine years Suzanne Solsona has been a full-time stay at home mamma and entrepreneur.  These two things allow her to pursue her goals of creating a minimalist lifestyle for her family and others. Suzanne’s desire is to empower people to make value-aligned choices to lead more connected lives … Continue reading

Zena Amundsen, Certified Financial Planner | Adding Heart to Business + Money

By Charlene SanJenko | June 24, 2017

Zena Amundsen is leading a revolution from the heart that supports women on their path to financial power and freedom. “Something happens when a woman becomes financially responsible.  She becomes powerful.  She has the means to effect change, to really make a difference, in areas of life that matter to … Continue reading

Charlene is a vibrant and dynamic woman who creates and empowers opportunities for her network of powHERful women to realize their best selves in numerous ways. 

She initiated and designed the PowHERtalks platform to bring over 100 women to the stage in the past year and connect them with audiences in the thousands both live and online.  My lived experience can speak to the positive impact Charlene has had on my own life and career.  Without Char and PowHERhouse, I would