THE LEADER PATH | a practice of leading from faith

COMING EARLY 2021. The Leader Path is a recurring holistic learning + leading experience for individuals and teams who are ready to lead sustainably.

It is a proven and progressive growth model that implements stretch-thinking, reciprocal peer-mentoring, individual, practical, real-time, and real-life assignments with high-accountability.

This path initiates collective bridge-building to model community, make good decisions, and lead from faith for exponential impact.

You are called to lead.

  • You have a vision of what could be.

  • You have a sense of the impact you are here to make. 

  • You want your next steps to be purposeful and efficient.

  • You are ready for more ease and less effort.

  • You want to lead sustainably.

  • Your well-being and the vitality of your family and community matters to you.

  • You want to lead collaboratively within a co-creative model that puts interconnectivity into practice!

What happens on The Leader Path? 

 Remember and realize your full potential.

 Lead by taking care of yourself, your family, and your community first.

 Develop a personal practice of leading following our progressive framework for systemic change. 

 Grow your confidence to make decisions using our stretch-thinking tools.

 Grow your resilience by taking bolder, braver steps forward in co-creation without compromise.

 Grow your courage by taking constant and consistent action.

 Grow your faith muscle by participating in a like-minded community of leaders dedicated to healthy human systems.

 See a new way of generating results as interdisciplinary, interdependence, and interconnected action is explored and implemented.

 See the impact you are here to make take shape in a sustainable way.


How does The Leader Path work?

This is a path, not a program. 

We incorporate ...

  • Online learning 
  • Group gathering
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Destination reset invitation
  • Your engagement in The Leader Path also secures your spot at our highly immersive and next level of leading live event.

All of the above has been designed to support you as a leader to respond intentionally, decisively, and collaboratively as you live and lead in real-time situations. 


Why The Leader Path?

Less effort and more faith for sustainable impact.

The guiding principles of elevated living, loving, and leading from faith is our constant thread of sustainable action.

  • Imagine believing you could, so you did. 
  • Imagine you didn’t have to do it alone, so you didn’t.
  • Imagine a fluid collective mobilization experience that shifts, refines and changes as needed. 


Welcome to the Leader Path.

Join us.

“This is a path to lead from a higher state of being. It is not a program to teach you more of what you already know.”


"We are walking in a New Normal. Systems have been dismantled, and community leaders have an opportunity to rebuild, better.

PowHERhouse is pleased to work closely with Christina Benty in the development and delivery of this experience for leaders and with Tina Overbury in the listening and sharing of best practices as it transpires.

The Leader Path is our opportunity as a diverse cross-section of inter-disciplinary leaders to rebuild a sense of community by re-imagining all that is possible when we take care of our greatest assets, our people, to SHINE in a sense of place where they belong."

Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Founder + CEO |  604.741.7985

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