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We champion the changework of leaders and their organizations. We are the hands at your back, bridging western leadership sensibilities with Indigenous (to Turtle Island) wisdom and diverse ancestral teachings. 


All are welcome here.


PowHERhouse is committed to ensuring accessibility so we’ve reduced our Leader Path pricing from $99/mth to $25.


We are dedicated to creating spaces that are inclusive and feel safe, so we’ve shifted the Leader Path to offer both LIVE learning sessions and pre-recorded to meet the needs of each participant in the circle.


We are reimagining capitalism as circles of people and products in an exchange of reciprocity, so we’ve created a Leader Path Empowerment Pack where every 10 sold, a DEVA practicum is paid for. 


The Leader Path Empowerment Pack


Will You JOIN US on The Leader Path?

Welcome to PowHERhouse’s monthly membership community of practice created to meet the needs of today’s leaders committed to relational ways of making change, doing business and creating an impact. 

The Leader path is an adaptive online relational leadership ‘gym’. Each twelve week season offers new evergreen learning content and weekly live gathering sessions. We are a community, a gathering place, and learning hub for relational ways of being. 

The knowledge offered is a blend of western leadership principles, Indigenous (to Turtle Island) wisdom, and diverse ancestral teachings and follows the rhythm of the seasons.

It is a brave space for relational leaders and changemakers to feel supported as they do what with do: LEAD.

A Relational Leadership Path for Integrated Learning

✔ A relational leadership gym for changemakers

✔ Blended live sessions with evergreen content

✔ 2 pre-recorded monthly Guest-Changemaker Masterclasses

✔ 2 monthly LIVE Wisdom Circles

✔ 1 monthly LIVE (and recorded) Pitching and Partnership Workshops Featuring a Guest Presenter 

✔ 1 monthly LIVE monthly Audacious Accountability practice session

✔ 12 seasonal lessons (at your own pace)

NEW for 2023, We are excited to offer a

Leader Path Empowerment Pack that includes…


For $800 you can:

  1. Enjoy The Leader Path for a full year (value of $300)
  2. Attend our Annual FireCircle (value of $125)
  3. Be showcased on our Media Platform with a 9 minute powHERtalk (value of $800)
  4. Be a difference maker to an Indigenous woman and non-binary person by contributing to a their paid practicum with PowHERhouse through the D.E.V.A. Digital Literacy and virtual administrative empowerment program for Indigenous women (gift of $250)

Total Value $1475

You pay $800



If you would like to GIVE to D.E.V.A., create a featured PowHERtalk, and be part of the The Leader Path in 2023, email to get started.


Coming soon in 2023


In honour of International Women’s Day, PowHERhouse is thrilled to announce the return of PowHERtalks, a leadership presentation series designed to support committed changemakers to move their impact forward. Between 2015 and 2018 PowHERhouse put over 100 women on stage exploring three questions: Who am I? What's my mission? What's my ASK?


Almost ten years later we are bringing PowHERtalks back in a digital format, carrying forward our original model from 2015 and enhancing the experience by following the incredible work done by RavenTALKS. We lift our hands up to them and their leadership! 


Our storytelling series will feature ancestrally diverse changemakers as they tell their story of relational change. 


PowHERtalks launches on March 8th 2023.


When you purchase a Leader Path Empowerment Pack, you will receive our SPEAK program for changemakers, and your story of change will be featured on our storytelling platform. 


Throwback to 2015…


Guided by The Four Steps of Practice

deliberate weave

Deliberate Weaving
& Co-Creation

A practice of leading as WE not me.


Learn how to accelerate your impact through a deeper understanding of faith, trust, collaboration, and co-creation. 


Develop a relationship with your intuition, innate knowledge and ancestral / cultural wisdom.



A practice of leading by listening.


Develop the skill of allowing the story to unfold.


Learn how to communicate from the heart while remaining confident and on message.

7 Generations
7 gen


A practice of leading as an ancestor. 


Develop courage, confidence and an internal system for making decisions that future generations will thank you for.



A practice of leading with truth, love, contribution and humility.


Develop a legacy-focused leadership approach that is as mindful and nourishing to you as it is to the world. See your blindspots.


Practice compassion. Learn to lead with love. 

Two ways to join us on The Leader Path:

  1. Join our $25/mth Community of Practice (Doors open January 1st - register now).

2. Purchase a Leader Path Empowerment Pack and receive:

  • 1 year on The Leader Path 
  • 1 FireCircle ticket
  • 1 PowHERtalk 9 minute showcase
  • Gifted contribution to a Paid DEVA practicum for an Indigenous Woman and non-binary person


If you would like to GIVE to D.E.V.A., create a featured PowHERtalk, and be part of the The Leader Path in 2023, email to get started.


Your $25/month Membership starts today!

Join us as we explore decolonizing leadership.  How do we lead as a good ancestor?  What is the cost of trust?

It's a PATH, not  a program. 

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