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Join us as we explore decolonizing leadership.  How do we lead as a good ancestor?  What is the cost of trust?

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A responsive path and community of practice for progressive changemakers, social impacters and local-to-global visionaries across all sectors and industries. It is an online gathering hub and workspace for Leaders and Artists of Impact to evolve in on-going commitment for progressive change.

A Path for Leaders and Artists of Impact

✔  Community of Practice

✔  De-colonized process for integrated and embodied leadership

✔  Monthly rhythm of ‘Doing-as-Being’

✔  Four Circles of Practice

✔  Seven Generation Decision Making

✔  Local to Global Partnerships

✔  Informed by Indigenous / Ancestral Wisdom

✔  Daily Inspiration of Reconciliation in Action

✔  Weekly Wisdom Harvesting

✔  Monthly Gathering Circle

Guided by The Four Steps of Practice

deliberate weave

Deliberate Weaving
& Co-Creation

A practice of leading as WE not me.


Learn how to accelerate your impact through generosity, trust, collaboration and co-creation.


Develop a relationship with your intuition, innate knowledge and ancestral / cultural wisdom.



A practice of leading by listening.


Develop the skill of patience and direction as you lead through chaos.


Learn how to communicate from the heart while remaining informed and on message.

7 Generations
7 gen


A practice of leading as an ancestor. 

Develop courage, confidence and an internal system for making decisions that future generations will thank you for.




A practice of leading with truth, love, contribution and humility.

Develop a legacy focused leadership approach that is as mindful and nourishing to you as it is to the world.

See your blindspots. Practice compassion. Learn to lead with love. 

Four Monthly Activation Touch Points

Using a combination of HowSpace and Zoom, Leaders on the path will gather collectively at designated times, or individually at their own pace to move their impact project forward following this monthly rhythm:


  1. New Moon Intention Setting

    A monthly session for intention setting, clarity and accountability.

  2. Collective Listening Sessions

    A bi-weekly peer mentorship & listening circle learning from a Leader of Impact.

  3. Wisdom Harvesting & Seven Generational Thinking

    A bi-weekly wisdom circle of cross-culture and multi-sector leaders in conversation and practice of inquiry based solution harvesting.

  4. Monthly Pitch Incubator

    A monthly practice of project pitching in preparation to invite local-to-global partnerships to move your project forward.

Each of the sessions listed above are recorded and shared in HowSpace so no matter where you are in the world, or what your schedule or time zone looks like, your community is always with you.

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  • And the next cohort of our signature program: First Steps, a 90-day co-created and transformative growth experience for whole leaders.



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Join us as we explore decolonizing leadership.  How do we lead as a good ancestor?  What is the cost of trust?

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