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'CJ' [Charlene] SanJenko

Founder and Lead Impact Officer | Indigenous Impact Producer | Caretaker of the House

A 20-year commitment to the expansion of human potential, the purpose of Charlene’s life's work can be summarized as:

To use the amplification of impact media to mirror human potential and activate greatness in others with a clear path to realize all that is possible, holding space with hope for regenerative healing to happen for all our relations.

PowHERhouse delivers on the HOW for HER, Human Expansion Realized. We activate and amplify the sacred work of changemakers.

As a global collective of progressive, whole, healthy leaders deeply committed to impact, media is the beat of our drum.

Indigenous Founder, Charlene is a bridge between two cultures in our country. She is from the Splatsin tribe, the most southern tribe of the Shuswap Nation in British Columbia and now resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast since 2004, the traditional territory of the Squamish (skwxwú7mesh) First Nations.

A former two-term municipal politician, competitive athlete + performance coach, Indigenous Impact Producer, media visionary, and community economic development enthusiast, Charlene is able to see the End Game, walk a deliberate and non-traditional path, and synthesize the efforts necessary to enjoy the greatest leverage, clarity, traction, and fulfillment for individual leaders, communities, and the collective whole.

In 2016, Charlene produced a pilot series, PowHER TV. In 2021, she plans to launch a fundraising campaign to produce a 9-year docu-series to bear witness to the unfolding story of impact as we walk towards the world we want by 2030. Charlene's insatiable curiosity has her exploring the world of transmedia impact campaigns in film, video, live + virtual events, and digital.



It’s getting HOT.

Not only temperatures, but also tempers, moods, and mental states.

They’re RISING.
Not only water levels, but levels of fear, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

It’s stressful.
Or is it?

Do we view stress as debilitating or a challenge – an opportunity – to explore and unleash more of our innate, dormant potential and create a systemic overhaul of solutions-focused transformation?


Here’s what I know for sure: BRAVERY is like any other muscle.

I’ve dedicated over half my life to building strength - quite literally to building physical strength, studying the relationship between strength and confidence/courage and teaching woman to activate their own.

It needs to be used in order to grow stronger.

In fact, without resistance, we will never fully activate the potential of our strength, confidence and courage.

We are physical beings.

In order to bring our WHOLE selves to how we lead daily, we must include our bodies, our physical strength, in that conversation.


THE LEADER PATH is a collaborative, purpose-driven collective, committed to modelling systemic solution implementation for social impact.

For 10 years, we have seen a concentrated effort in the women's leadership and social entrepreneurship space; a decade-long training camp.

Like athletes, we have been preparing, receiving coaching, undergoing rigorous confidence and capacity-building routines, and building valuable connections.

No more training. Game day has come. It's time to put all that valuable preparation into intentional action.

THE LEADER PATH, launching online in September 2021!


Impact Media Portfolio at-a-glance

☑ reGEN Impact Media, integrated media arts platform (SHE for HER now in beta)
☑ NIKA & The FireDancer, feature film currently in pre-production
☑ 500 Days in the Wild, Indigenous Impact Producer
☑ Feed The Fire, 1-Woman Show, launching 2022
☑ FireCircle 2021, Virtual & Live Global Leadership Intensives, ongoing
☑ GATHER FOR HER, conscious conversation web series and podcast, ongoing
☑ Goliath, men's mental wellness & mindset integrated media initiative
☑ Development and delivery of capacity-building blended learning programs
☑ Content creation & publication of PowHERhouse digital magazine
☑ PowHER TV pilot series, 13 episodes in 2016, PowHER TV 2.0 in 2021
☑ PowHERtalks National Speaker Series, 200+ women on-stage
☑ Two decades of experience producing and promoting live leadership events

How the PowHERhouse Model will Activate, Accelerate & Amplify Impact in the Next NINE YEARS| 2021 - 2030

FOR HER Impact Media Showcase Platform is a transformative model currently in beta form that showcases and amplifies Indigenous and non-Indigenous Artists of Impact and Impact Champions through purposeful highly compelling digital media arts, digital storytelling, content creation & curation, and impact media production for the purposes of brokering impact. Through the vehicle of impact advertising, we will work to activate those we represent with fully integrated transmedia campaigns, referrals, introductions, and innovation fundraising initiatives to access what is needed next on their solutions-focused journey as they step more fully into the impact they are here to make not only for the next decade (2030) but throughout the next century.

THE NEED: Our children – the next generation entrepreneurs and future leaders - have lost hope for their future. When asked their vision in 100 years, many children believe they won’t be here; that their world won’t exist. PowHERhouse is committed to a sustainable model of transformation to change that.

Our #1 goal is to re-instill hope for the future and provide a space where upcoming change-makers, innovators, social impacters, and future leaders can be excited about who and what is possible by changing the narrative.

Our #2 goal is to provide a bridge between those committed to postive change-making and the support they need to sustainably do so.

THE MODEL: The systemic change needed to ensure long-term sustainable impact happens at the local, community level with the support of national, international, and global brand champions. Our approach leads with the principle of WHOLENESS through healing where every leader deserves the opportunity to make a world-class impact.

THE CALL: Who are the advertisers, brands, organizations and investors who are interested to utilize advertising dollars better? The total advertising expenditure in North America (2019) was $253.6 billion U.S. dollars. Due to the impact of the coronavirus on the industry, the spending is expected to fall to $236 billion dollars (2020), and then rebound to $254 billion dollars by the end of 2022 (statista.com). We’re leaving money on the table for good.

THE CONVERSATION: We know we must do better, and in the past, we've tripped up on the HOW. We are presenting a concrete HOW for those ready to act on it.  #beyondbusiness

THE ACTIVATION + AMPLIFICATION: Our approach to impact media includes various campaign, projects, and initiatives that range from original PowHERhouse content such as GATHER for HER and HOW HEALING HAPPENS digital toolkits for men to collaborative partnerships we are thrilled to support such as Mothers of the Film, the Indigenous Innovation Initiative, and OMYGOD, a solo performance by Artist of Impact, Tina Overbury.

Charlene's Leadership Pillars

What's Next?

As Impact Media Producer and Lead Impact Officer, Charlene is walking beside her growing team through the next stage of growth and impact through the vehicle of PowHERhouse.

Eight years in, our framework is built. We are now ready to:

➡ Design, develop and deliver exponential impact as we broaden our reach and distribution base through a well-matched technology interface. for HER Media is our beta showcase platform.

➡ Incorporate reGEN Impact Media Inc. (October 2021) and initative our first captial raise of $1m by the end of 2022.

➡ Work with reGEN to take our GATHER for HER conversation series & podcast to full production in 2022 by securing a co-production partner by the end of 2021.

➡ Continue to power-up the pipeline of whole, healthy, fully-integrated leaders and impact champions with wisdom-based programming, First Steps and The Leader Path (June 2021) launch and Moving Men Past Pain (April 2021) in partnership with The Goliath Foundation.

➡ Engage impact advertisers to realign a percentage of annual ad buy dollars to allow the powHERful opportunity to amplify purpose-driven projects, initiatives, and campaigns that champion impact and build brand value and community simutaneously.

➡ Explore a B Corp and/or Community Contribution Company designation for PowHERhouse. 

➡ Continue discussions about the possibility and potential of an impact media studio on the Sunshine Coast (September 2022) and a practicum and intern opportunity to female Indigenous digital media arts graduates in partnership with DEVA Digital Literacy & Training. Our boutiue studio is currently in beta-phase located in the Gibsons Public Market.

➡ Continue to utilize constructive dialogue, strategic communications, live events and congruent partnerships to move our work as a Media & Productions House dedicated to impact, modelled by leaders who embody HER, Human Expansion Realized, forward in the world. 


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A key piece of our mission at Hilti is our responsibility to build a better future.  That goes far beyond safe and sustainable building in the construction industry; we are also focusing on creating opportunities within our industry for all genders and generations.  As one of Canada’s Great Places to Work® for Women, we strongly support the efforts of PowHERhouse in creating positive opportunities for women and girls. 


President and General Manager at HILTI Canada
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Deloitte is consciously committed to advancing inclusive leadership and providing an environment where women are encouraged to succeed.  It is part of our corporate philosophy to create more women leaders at every level.  Because of this, I’m most excited about our new collaboration with PowHERhouse and catapulting more women forward.


Deloitte Saskatoon, Partner | Risk Advisory 
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Women entrepreneurs make important economic contributions in Saskatchewan and across the country. At Hill & Levene, we want women students to see entrepreneurship as a viable and intriguing career path, that's why we partner with PowerHerhouse.


Dean and Professor of Strategy and Leadership with Hill & Levene Schools of Business at the University of Regina
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Char Christine Kelly
Director of client engagement, Sauder Exec Ed, Jackie Howard (R), engages a client. Photo courtesy of Sauder.


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