'CJ' [Charlene] SanJenko |  Founder's Story

Impact Producer & Media Visionary

Charlene's 20-year+ commitment to the expansion of human potential and body of work can be summarized as:

"Our imagination expands our greatness; as we SEE it, we BELIEVE it is possible."

Amplifying impact by mirroring human potential activates greatness, holding space with hope and possibility for regenerative healing for all our relations.

PowHERhouse has been amplifying the impact of changemakers since 2013 with foundation roots laid in 2000. Through a proprietary activation process married with storytelling and amplification services, we give voice to change, and impact media is the beat of our drum.

Indigenous 2x Founder, Charlene is a bridge between two cultures in our country. She is from the Splatsin tribe, the most southern tribe of the Shuswap Nation in British Columbia and now resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast since 2004, the traditional territory of the Squamish (skwxwú7mesh) First Nations.

A former two-term municipal politician, competitive athlete + performance coach, and community economic development enthusiast, Charlene is able to see the End Game, walk a deliberate and non-traditional path, and synthesize the efforts necessary to enjoy the greatest leverage of the collective whole.

Her insatiable curiosity has her exploring the intersection of inclusive innovation and transmedia impact to shift that narrative and lift society beyond our current experience. With a solid corporate background in investment services, marketing & communications, community economic development, politics, and impact production, Charlene is uncommonly committed to radically transforming how creative resources are allocated and to whom, for the highest purpose of all.

Her mission guides her faith-walk towards a better, brighter future.



Throughout recorded history, women’s contributions have had a marked impact on the intellectual development of our world. The Women of Letters series seeks to amplify both the works and the voices of those women through a collection of wide-ranging longform interviews. We aim to create a space in which their stories can be seen, celebrated, and shared.

Grateful for this recent feature article.


Grateful to be recently named Businesswoman of the Month for August 2023 by The Canadian Indigenous SME. Thank you for the recognition and feature profile.


When PowHERhouse launched in October 2013, I hadn’t reconnected with or confirmed my Indigenous heritage.

I had no idea I was building a space of healing, transformation, growth, and readiness-generation for myself or other self-identified changemakers.

And yet, as I reflect back on the past decade with foundational roots dating back to 2000, I can now connect the dots that I couldn’t see then.


reGENerative Media Portfolio at-a-glance

  • reGEN media, curator of partnerships - financiers, filmmakers, and fabulous brands
  • COMING HOME For the Children, short film launching Fall 2023, impact campaign 2024
  • s-yewyaw/ AWAKEN, feature-length documentary, launching Fall 2023, impact campaign 2024
  • NIKA & The FireDancers, feature film currently in pre-production
  • 500 Days in the Wild, Indigenous Impact Producer, pre-production
  • Hammond Castle, feature film by Naomi McDougall Jones, pre-production
  • Feed The Fire, Solo Show, 2022
  • FireCircle 2021, Virtual & Live Global Leadership Intensives, ongoing
  • GATHER FOR HER, conscious conversation web and podcast series, ongoing
  • Goliath, men's mental wellness & mindset integrated media initiative
  • The Leader Path, development and delivery of capacity-building blended learning programs
  • PowHERhouse digital magazine, content creation & publication
  • PowHER TV pilot series, 13 episodes in 2016, PowHER TV 2.0 in 2021
  • PowHERtalks National Speaker Series, 200+ women on-stage
  • Two decades of experience producing and promoting live leadership events

How PowHERhouse + reGEN media will AMPLIFY CHANGEMAKERS TO Accelerate EXPANSIVE Impact!

Charlene SanJenko launched her second company, reGEN media, a regenerative media studio in May 2022.

There are those who tell stories to make an impact and those making impact with a bigger story to tell. We hold space in the centre to convene, to curate coordinated and co-created expansive impact, cheering as the magic unfolds and ripples out to the periphery.

Media is the most powerful proactive lever for change in our generation. Learn more about reGEN media here.

THE NEED:  Our children – the next generation entrepreneurs and future leaders - have lost hope for their future. When asked about their vision in 100 years, many children believe they won’t be here; that their world won’t exist. We are committed to a sustainable model of transformation to change that.

  • #1 goal is to re-instill hope for the future and provide a new narrative alongside visionaries, changemakers, innovators, social impacters, and brave leaders by amplifying their impact, building excitement about who and what is possible for our collective future.
  • #2 goal is to provide a bridge between those committed to shifting the narrative and the support needed to sustainably do so. Media is the vehicle to access what is needed to fill this missing middle.


Systemic change is needed to ensure generational sustainable impact happens at the local, community level as well as the global level with the support of national, international, and global brand champions, impact investors, and progressive philanthropists.


Who are the advertisers, brands, organizations and investors who are ready to utilize advertising dollars better? Global ad-buy expenditures will exceed $1 trillion by 2026. We’re leaving money on the table for good.


We know we must do better, and in the past, we've tripped up on the HOW. We present a concrete HOW for those ready to act on it.  #beyondbusiness


Our approach invites audiences to return to what we know but have forgotten; walk bravely into new ways of being, doing, and knowing; and to write an different story of what is possible for our future.

Together, we can get 'out in front' of the next wave to write the story of expansive impact we want for our families and our future.

Charlene's Leadership Pillars

What's Next?

Charlene is walking beside her team of collaborators through the next stage of growth and impact through the vehicles of PowHERhouse and reGEN media.

  • Partner with Industry Changemakers! We activate and accelerate the impact of individual and organizational changemakers through our AMPLIFY portraits and integrated media portfolios.
  • Continue to power-up the pipeline of whole, healthy, fully-integrated leaders and changemakers through our partnerships, offerings, and experiences.
  • Explore a B Corp and/or Community Contribution Company designation for PowHERhouse. 
  • Braiding for Impact: Continue to model news ways of being in business that holds both congruent partnership efficiencies and personal sovereignty, de-colonizes business practices, and prioritizes our reconnection to Spirit.


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A key piece of our mission at Hilti is our responsibility to build a better future.  That goes far beyond safe and sustainable building in the construction industry; we are also focusing on creating opportunities within our industry for all genders and generations.  As one of Canada’s Great Places to Work® for Women, we strongly support the efforts of PowHERhouse in creating positive opportunities for women and girls. 


President and General Manager at HILTI Canada
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Deloitte is consciously committed to advancing inclusive leadership and providing an environment where women are encouraged to succeed.  It is part of our corporate philosophy to create more women leaders at every level.  Because of this, I’m most excited about our new collaboration with PowHERhouse and catapulting more women forward.


Deloitte Saskatoon, Partner | Risk Advisory 
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Women entrepreneurs make important economic contributions in Saskatchewan and across the country. At Hill & Levene, we want women students to see entrepreneurship as a viable and intriguing career path, that's why we partner with PowerHerhouse.


Dean and Professor of Strategy and Leadership with Hill & Levene Schools of Business at the University of Regina
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Char Christine Kelly
Director of client engagement, Sauder Exec Ed, Jackie Howard (R), engages a client. Photo courtesy of Sauder.