GATHER with Leeza Carlone Steindorf

The Genius of NonJudgement

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Who is Leeza?

Leezá is deeply grateful to be mother to two lit-up, kind and inspiring young adults, who are also her best friends. Being grounded in nature, she spends as much time as possible with her other best friends - trees, rivers, mountains, deserts and all beings there. Having lived abroad most of her life, Leezá has travelled to and worked with 35+ cultures in the last 30 years. Much of her life has been spent learning from and living with indigenous peoples of Africa, Thailand, Indonesia and Turtle Island.

Leezá is an Executive Coach for the Forbes Coaches Council, a Canfield Success Trainer, former Tony Robbins Results Coach and host of the public TV show “Live With Leeza”. She is a certified ICF Executive and Life Coach, Mediator , Trainer & Group Facilitator, and NonViolent Communication Trainer. She holds a degree in Business Management. Leezá's internationally acclaimed and accredited CORE Success™ trainings help individuals to gain clarity, simplify structures and transform tension, in short mastering relational leadership at the deepest level.

In all of her facets, Leezá guides individuals, especially women, to recognize their innate value by radically reimagining the imbedded paradigm that holds them back. She then provides tools so they can transform limiting beliefs, discrimination, conflict and crisis into respect, understanding and healthy growth.


Why is this conversation important?

We spend an inordinate amount of our in this world self-judging and in combat with life. Releasing yourself fully into your self, just as you are, opens all the doors to ease, gratefulness and creativity.

Coming in the wake of my sister's tragic death to Leukemia at the age of four to parents desperately overwhelmed with grief and not wanting or being equipped to tend to a new child, I grew up in a vast river of self-doubt and disregard. I believed as a truth that I was not wanted, not the person who should be here and certainly not worthy of being alive.

It took a long time of self-loathing to realize all those years of adopted self-abuse was based on beliefs that I could somehow NOT be goodness embodied. Changing that belief changed everything.


What now?

You already are who you so dearly want to be. What echos of that true self can you hear, what reflections of your value can you see, in every day, every interaction, this very moment?

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