GATHER with Angiola Oddo

Walking The Path of Challenges, Hope, and Transformation Through Relationship

GATHER is a community of Indigenous and non-Indigenous changemakers coming together on a consistent basis to learn, heal, and grow - together - and a digital storytelling platform that tracks these raw, real, and authentic conversations and tells the story of the wisdom gathered for a purpose throughout this individual and collective journey of expansion. 

WHO is Angiola Oddo?

Angiola is a forward focused, trauma informed, progressive family and relationship mediator who works passionately in today’s shifting landscape of relationship and family norms. She understands inclusivity, diversity and complexity. She invites us to consider that what challenges us the most is also the most hopeful and potentially transformative. 

Angiola Oddo is the founder of The Change Builders, a team of mediators, financial specialists, and family counsellors/coaches, who provide integrated and efficient guidance through the process of transitioning your relationship, including blending families, re-partnering and working through the complexity of re-imagining and (Re)Designing your relationships.


Why is this conversation important?

When we really know how to be in relationship, we become much stronger as individuals, which ripples out and impacts not only our families, but society as a whole. Today’s relationships are complex. We are polyamorous, we are transgendered, we are co-parenting through multiple marriage dynamics. We are neuro-diverse. We are choosing to couple and un-couple, and we are re-imagining old traditions while creating new ones. I invite you to create a legacy of relationship that is harmonious and rooted in connection.

Watch the conversation here: 

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"If we did relationships differently, we would have a more peaceful life, a more joyful and peaceful community, and a more successful, peace-filled world."


Connect with Angiola on LinkedIn and find more information on The Change Builder via their website if it's calling you.

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