GATHER for HER Co-Hosts

Meet the GATHER for HER Co-Hosts

GATHER for HER is Facilitated by PowHERhouse founder, visionary, and impact media producer: Charlene SanJenko, Leadership and Curriculum Development Lead: Christina Benty, Creative Lead & Story Tracker: Tina Overbury and Digital Indigenous Empowerment Lead: Sharon Marshall.

Meet the GATHER for HER co-hosts

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Charlene SanJenko

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Tina Overbury

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Sharon Marshall

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We believe that every leader deserves the opportunity to make a world-class impact.

At PowHERhouse, our role is to fire up a leader's potential beyond what looks possible and support the human behind the leader to fly-wheel their vision to action, each GATHER for HER co-host brings their unique gifts to the table where the audience can experience hands at their back.

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Charlene SanJenko

Founder, visionary, and impact media producer

At PowHERhouse, we GATHER to call in GREATNESS. Throughout history, gatherings have helped humans to  celebrate, learn, witness, and connect since the beginning of time. They're nothing new; in fact, quite the opposite. By returning to what we know, we remember all of who we are and why we're here. Deliberate and intentional gatherings invite ancient and ancestral wisdom to guide us forward on our sacred path as changemakers. 

- Charlene SanJenko

Tina Overbury

Creative Lead & Story Tracker

Leaders need time to listen to themselves, to each other, and most importantly, to the room and the people they serve and co-create with. Gather for Her is a space for leaders to expand. As a storyteller, I see communication as a sacred practice. The leaders we need in this evolving and unpredictable future ahead deserve and require a place to speak passionately in community. I believe that we advance as a society when we can listen and learn together. There's nowhere else I'd rather be on Wednesday morning than with a room of global social impactors who are hungry to contribute. I hope you'll join us!

- Tina Overbury

Sharon Marshall

Digital indigenous Empowerment Lead

When women gather, more often than not, something mystical happens. When we gather intentionally to learn from each other, when we sit in vulnerability and give something of ourselves wholeheartedly; when we practice receiving with grace, something profound takes place. On the surface, we may think, "Something magical just took place", and then we take a deeper look and realize we're really just awakening. We are remembering who we are and we are remembering our interconnectedness —to everything and everyone. We Gather for Human Expansion Realized.

- Sharon Marshall

Christina Benty

Leadership & Curriculum Development

Unpredictable yet purposeful is how I would describe our GATHER for HER conversations. I never know what puzzle piece might be overturned or what image will start to emerge but I do know I will be changed by the experience. Steeped in mystery. Rich with resonance. These are the only kind of conversations that I want to be a part of.

- Christina Benty

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