GATHER with Darci Adam

Expression as an Intermodal Healing Tool

GATHER is a community of diverse changemakers coming together on a consistent basis to learn, unlearn, heal, and grow, and a digital storytelling platform that tracks these raw, real, and authentic conversations and tells the story of the wisdom gathered for a purpose throughout this individual and collective journey of expansion. 



Who is Wheat?

WHEAT Institute provides holistic diploma and certificate programs in expressive arts and art therapy. WHEAT's holistic approach to education incorporates connections with history, nature, culture, and respect for Indigenous Ways of Knowing into its settings, philosophies and curriculum. WHEAT is the only school of its kind to provide Indigenous language courses within its programs, and it upholds its commitment of excellence in education by working with the most knowledgeable and in-demand educators from across North America.

Who are Darci & Terri?

Darci Adams is a Registered Art and Expressive Arts Therapist. She taught Elementary and Middle Years School Counselling at the University of Winnipeg and was a master’s degree Practicum Supervisor in the Faculty of Eduction at the University of Manitoba. Darci holds Masters' degrees in Drama and Educational Psychology (Counselling) and Diplomas in Education and Art Therapy. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Expressive Arts. Terri Robertson is the Past President of the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association and current President of the Canadian Expressive Arts Therapy Association.

Why is this conversation important?

When we crave self-expression answering that call can come in many art forms - each offering deeper understanding and a path of healing. Darci's knowledge and passion for expressive arts will open your heart space for exploration beyond language.

Darci's Change work: whether it's movement or poetry or drama or our relationship to the land, it's all a form of self-expression.

Activate 4

What now?

The challenge: Find three places you can encourage different forms of expression in the way you communicate to each other, your clients and your community.

On The Leader Path, each weekly learning circle is paired with activations like this, more tools, and a list of relational resources to lift your leadership as we connect.

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GATHER for HER is hosted on The Leader Path where we come together as a community of practice for relational leaders. Each weekly learning circle is paired with multiple activations, more tools, and a list of relational resources to lift your leadership as we connect.

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Meet your GATHER for HER Co-hosts here:

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