GATHER with Kari Lockhart

Uncompromisingly Willing to Try

GATHER is a community of diverse changemakers coming together on a consistent basis to learn, unlearn, heal, and grow, and a digital storytelling platform that tracks these raw, real, and authentic conversations and tells the story of the wisdom gathered for a purpose throughout this individual and collective journey of expansion. 


Who is Kari Lockhart?

Kari is a BC Deloitte Private leader and former National co-lead for Canada's Best Managed program. Her industry experience, ability to connect people in the business community, client centricity and focus on the power of storytelling has made her a recognized and trusted advisor. Kari focuses on elevating females entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders by lending her leadership platform and experience to drive conversation and action around barriers, financial opportunities and finding their leadership voice.

More about Kari Loackhart...

Kari is a committed and proven changemaker who is passionate and energetic about supporting people and creating space for them to be their authentic selves. She is known for her ability to connect people in the business community, for being client centric, and her focus on response-based storytelling as a form of listening. She elevates entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders  to drive action around barriers to provide greater financial opportunities, and she supports all to find their voice. When you people a platform for their voice and enable them to thrive, they can fully contribute to your organization.

Why is this conversation important?

When we use our voice, share our story, and voice our perspectives and opinions it ripples. There are others out there that need to hear it as more spaces for greater diversity are held and created.

Kari's Change work: Be an unmasked organization where leaders are encouraged to keep trying because they know they belong.

Activate 4

What now?

Step into the circle of unmasked organizations...

When you start a meeting with a personal check in, what is noticed? What changes?

On The Leader Path, each weekly learning circle is paired with activations like this, more tools, and a list of relational resources to lift your leadership as we connect.

This GATHER for HER learning circle is live on February 8th at 8am PT with a Wisdom Circle on The Leader Path the following week at the same time. We look forward to gathering with you as we learn, unlearn, grow, and co-create.

GATHER for HER is hosted on The Leader Path where we come together as a community of practice for relational leaders. Each weekly learning circle is paired with multiple activations, more tools, and a list of relational resources to lift your leadership as we connect.

The $25/month membership includes a monthly rhythm of Pitching and Partnership masterclasses, Audacious accountability circles, Seasonal care teachings and Indigenous wisdom, and a library of resources for changemakers.

It's a come as you are, move at your own pace, lead with an open heart space and we want to invite you to GATHER with us on The Leader Path.

Meet your GATHER for HER Co-hosts here:

Moderator Christina Benty

Host Charlene SanJenko

Story tracker Tina Overbury

Graphic recorder Sharon Marshall


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