A movement of food as medicine tri: running, cycling, and dining as Nicolette Richer collects and shares stories of healing across Canada


A movement of food as medicine tri: running, cycling, and dining as Nicolette Richer collects and shares stories of healing across Canada.

 Writer: Tina Overbury

We acknowledge that this recording was hosted on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Skwxwú7mesh people, and our guest joined us from the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation.

GATHER for HER welcomed Nicolette Richer, a Regenerative Medicine Health Educator, Entrepreneur, Author, Doctoral student and speaker. On June 1st, 2021 Nicolette begins her 22 M Strong Tour, raising awareness about crushing our chronic disease epidemic using traditional, pre-settler foods as medicine. She is running and cycling from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland for a total of 7,120 KM across Canada working alongside physicians, youth, and IBPOC communities to uncover each community’s barrier to eating well.

Her mission is to educate 22 million people by 2030 on how to use traditional, unrefined, plant-based, whole-foods as medicine to successfully reverse chronic lifestyle diseases including mental health illnesses.

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FOR HER: Human Expansion Realized

Nicolette knows that our body has the capacity to heal itself. She is committed to a world view of food as medicine. When we are mindful with our body, we become mindful with the planet, and even the fiercest of chronic degenerative illnesses can be repaired. It is possible to reverse the damage we do. When we eat real, we heal and when we ALL eat real, the PLANET heals too. Her vision for H.E.R. - Human Expansion Realized, sees each of us remembering that our bodies and our earth are innately designed to repair, regenerate and thrive. We can reclaim our health, take back our life and celebrate the unlimited energy and purpose available to us. 


“When we eat real, the PLANET heals.”

NICOLETTE: Physicians understand that up to 97% of chronic illnesses are actually lifestyle related caused by the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the anxiety and stress we have in our life. Most people don't realize they actually have all the power within their hands to reclaim their life, reverse their disease and put an end to their chronic pain, fatigue, medications, and more. We have 350,000 plant species on the planet and every single one of them is medicine. The carrot is medicine, the potato, the yam, the herbs, all of our spices, even the pine needles off the trees are medicine. My 22 Million Strong tour is about taking this story and sharing food to move this message forward together. It’s an education in reclaiming our health. We collectively have enough food on the planet to feed the eight billion people here, but we have to do it in a way that's sustainable for our environment, and also sustainable for our guts, our mind and our entire beings. 


“We are not different from the coyotes and the bears and the Eagles. We're actually not even that much different from the rocks and the trees. The same bacteria that's in the soil is in our body. If you were to ask any indigenous elder they will say: we are all one. It's up to us now, to learn, to understand, to internalize this knowing, and to taste it, feel it, know it, and share it with our children.” 

CLIENT: Oh my gosh, I swear I can see people's auras. 

ME:  (laughing), No, it's literally just that your eyesight is better and you're seeing brighter colors

NICOLETTE: You can join our 22 million strong training tribe. I went from zero, to running across Canada literally overnight. I've hired the best coaches in the world to train me to get me safely across the country without injuries while being fully nutrified on a plant based diet. This is what we’re up to:

  1. Train with me by joining the 22 Million Strong facebook group. Let’s share our story of eating real to heal as we train our bodies to be strong. 
  2. Support my tour across Canada by connecting me with sponsors you know are doing good in the world, and want to do MORE.  
  3. I ask you to live and learn as much as you can.

Learning means gathering people and eating together, and just starting the conversation, and then of course, if you have a chronic disease, reach out to us to book a consultation because we want you to be our next health story. We want you to reverse your disease, and then we want you to inspire 10 other people to reverse their disease using food as medicine.

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The Wisdom

The one major superfood that can sustain our beings and our planet, is the potato. 

  • The potato is the one food you can live off of for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If that was the only food on the planet, you would have all the protein, minerals, vitamins, all of the fats, and all of the carbohydrates that you need. It even has all the macronutrients and micronutrients in there too. There are communities around the world right where the potato is the easiest food they can access.  

Instead of debating it, what if you just tried it? What if this crazy woman with the potato tattoo is on to something?  What if we tried it for one day or one meal? 

  • What if you were to play with food? Let go of everything you absolutely know, and just play with real food. It could look like: I'm craving salt. You know what? I'm just going to eat a potato instead, or eat a carrot instead. Or: I need to eat meat to get enough protein. You know what? I might get enough protein from all these vegetables because every plant on the planet is protein. 

When you have immunity in your body, you have immune resilience, and with that, you can handle huge stressors. 

  • With immune resilience you can handle stress. The world could literally be collapsing, but you’ve got this, because your brain is firing and your body is firing. You can think clearly, take informed action, and know what to do next. The fear isn’t there either because now, you are switched over to a proactive state.

Eat Real to Heal

  • We can reclaim our lives, reverse disease, put an end to chronic pain, fatigue, and more, and by doing so, we also heal the planet.


JOIN Nicolette and the 22 Million Strong Movement HERE.

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We GATHERED to Remember: 22 Million Strong Tips the Healing of the Planet


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