GATHER for HER with Sami Bass

Bridging the Gap Between Ancestral Knowledge and Modern Culture

GATHER for HER | Sami Bass

Bridging the Gap Between Ancestral Knowledge and Modern Culture

We look forward to welcoming Healer, Activist, and Filmmaker, Sami Bass to GATHER for HER on October 20th. Sami has worked closely with previous GATHER for HER guest Naomi McDougall Jones and continues to weave her work in the world while bridging the gap between ancestral knowledge and modern culture. Sami's work in intuitive, somatic and ceremonial modalities from her indigenous american and african roots inform her choices as an activist and artist, creating cultural change through empathy, compassion and healing.


Sami's work in the world is diverse yet tightly woven to bridge bold multidimensional impact that reaches from grassroots to global. Sami uses intuitive and ancestral teachings to reconnect lost communication between the body and spirit. Many times she will channel or observe what a person needs, and be able to find places in their bodies or behaviors where old traumas are manifesting, be it of this lifetime or epigenetic, and then find the route for healing those patterns and reconnecting the spirit to that space so people can begin to fulfill their truest self. Sami helps people connect to our original shared ancestor, the earth, through understanding their spiritual vibrations and how they coordinate with the fauna and nature around them.


Sami is also a film producer, writer, and sometimes actor who works for parity in the industry. Human rights are a huge part of healing, so there is a lot of crossover and practical application into the world of filmmaking.



Film is the modern "storytelling" which is one of our oldest and most cherished traditions as humans, and seeing it as such helps me to bridge the gap between worlds that can easily seem distant at times.

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Join us on October 20, 2021 at 8 am PT to see where our conversation around Bridging the Gap Between Ancestral Knowledge and Modern Culture will take us.

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