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Storytelling for Reconciliation

GATHER for HER | The age of the artist

Storytelling for Reconciliation

 Writer: Tina Overbury

We acknowledge that this recording was hosted on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Skwxwú7mesh people.

GATHER for HER welcomed Artist of Impact and Amplify Story Coach, Tina Overbury.

Tina Overbury is a storyteller, performer, and a professional listener who works with narrative and story structure as a vehicle for human connection. Her work is rooted in Myth, Mysticism, and the practice of personal faith. She is devoted to global reconciliation through the exploration of origin stories, sharing our oral history, land-based knowing, and a continued focus on communication as a sacred practice. She is a core-communications specialist who works with individuals and organizations who feel called. 

TinaO is a settler of Irish/English/Scottish descent. She lives and creates from Nex̱wlélex̱m, also known as Bowen Island on the traditional ancestral and unceded territory of the Squamish people. 

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FOR HER: Human Expansion Realized

TinaO understands the healing potential of embodied listening, and having an experience of being heard. All forms of societal and relational disconnection can be bridged through deep listening and approaching communication as a sacred practice. Individuation within a collective is not only possible, but it’s enjoyable when we truly listen. She believes that the ‘Age of the Artist’ is upon us because what artists know how to do is BE as they DO. Their entire workflow process is a devotion to life in ‘the zone’ or in ‘co-creation’. They lead by listening and they model strategic action and decision making by following embodied impulses that are as informed as they are intuitive. Her vision for H.E.R. - Human Expansion Realized is a world where leaders listen as the artists they are and artists lead - because the world needs them now more than ever.  


“Where Leaders are Artists who Lead a as They Listen.”

TINAO: As part of PowHERhouse, I walk daily beside Indigenous women which has changed me. Working with Indigenous people has supported my own relationship to an inner knowing that I hadn’t trusted as deeply before. I tend to think and make decisions from three time zones of mystery: what is emerging (now), what was and can still feel (then), and what I see but may not understand yet (way ahead). This is what artists do all at the same time, and I think we are all artists. This is the age of the artist because we need the ‘mix’ artists can create from without judgement. As someone who practices listening in this divisive time, I see how easy it is to escape into silos, but we need to keep our feet on the ground. The leaders of tomorrow are watching us. We are modeling for the next generation and we have to practice our own mix. The earth needs us. Our partner in this gift of our life needs us. 


We can go from Woo Woo to WOW


“What do you need to live in the mix? To listen? To be with people instead of separate? What does your artist need to live in an emergent place and still make seven generational decisions? I need sleep. I need a gentle morning, a slow morning. I need a beautiful bed I love. These seem silly, but they represent home for me, and that’s what I need to feel safe enough to keep emerging and asking: How much more open can I be and continue to serve, to listen, to respond to others? And what do I need to do to take care of myself so that all of this is possible?” 

- TinaO 

TINA: As I continue to devote to a ministry of mystery, it becomes very clear that my work in the world is about the ‘allness’ of stories. Listen to the stories from which we come, and in doing that it can be confronting. There are questions like:  You mean there isn't just one origin story? There aren't just three faiths?  There isn’t just a North American Indigenous story? You mean there's more than one? Yep. Yes, there is. There are first peoples stories all over the world.

TINA: You can dive into story with me and follow my Storytelling for Reconciliation Impact Project. Reconciliation isn’t an action, it’s a state of being that happens as a result of embodied listening to a full story without bypassing the necessary but uncomfortable steps to get there. My first storytelling experience OMYGOD about the women we burned, the babies we buried and the Gods we have worshiped, is written this way. I will take your hand as we walk through three storyline threads of atrocities and will complete the attachment/transformation cycle toward reconciliation. First we hear the truth and we accept it as real. When we do that, we will find grief. After grief, as a storyteller, I will come and collect you, reminding you we are not there anymore, and then we will rest because it is only in rest that change can happen. 


As a storyteller, my job is to keep walking with you through all parts of the story, bypassing nothing nor linger either. When a story is fully heard, reconciliation can happen. 


This is how you can get involved: 

  1. Attend the May 28th Free World Premiere of OMYGOD, a Storytelling Experience with TinaO
  2. Host your own Storytelling Experience by booking a private screening of the show with eleven or more of your friends or colleagues.  
  3. Drop into my 50 Nights of Storytelling with TinaO (via email). 

The Wisdom

Remember there are always three time zones happening in one moment. What is emerging, what was, and what is yet to be known. 

  • Practice listening on three time zones and your decisions will be deeper than your reactions, more rooted than your intuition and more informed than your possibility or potential. You can feel complete and whole when you make decisions this way.  

Instead of being a thinker or an artist, why not be a leader, which is both? 

  • Artists know how to ‘be’ as they ‘do’. They are thinking, responding and making pivotal, impactful decisions all the time. Artists make bold decisions, so do leaders. Creativity isn’t at the surrender or mercy of strategy. To be sustainable, follow the creative impulse to guide your strategy.  

Reconciliation is a state of being which happens as a result of being fully received by embodied listening. 

  • There is action in reconciliation, but it doesn’t happen first. Reconciliation is relational, not transactional. Wrongs have happened. Pain has occurred. Trauma is real. What is left? Who are we within what is left? How do we move on from here? Receive a full story and watch what happens. You will be changed when you begin to truly listen. 

Storytelling is an act of connection. 

  • Risk being known with your story. 


Learn more about OMYGOD and Storytelling for Reconciliation here.

ACTIVATED WISDOM: Listen so as to lead


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Story tracker Tina Overbury

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