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Articulating Your Purpose for Oomph and Impact

GATHER for HER | Gail Stepanik-Keber

Articulating Your Purpose for Oomph and Impact

PowHERhouse has been working closely with Gail Stepanik-Keber, Founder & Changemaker of Triniti Solutions Inc., over the last year and we are thrilled to now be welcoming her as a GATHER for HER guest on December 1st. This will be a conversation about the process and the importance behind clearly articulating your purpose in the world, either as an individual or an organization. That's a big one! A co-create process is key here and Gail has been able to identify one that allows your purpose to reveal itself and move to the forefront of the work you do. We think you will be fascinated by how much clarity of purpose can impact your life and work.


Gail’s purpose is to inspire individuals and businesses to articulate and design their purpose so that they have more oomph and impact. Gail believes and research shows that purpose is of the utmost importance. People are feeling disengaged, isolated, lost, uncertain and fatigued and the 'great resignation' is a symptom of this. If individuals are feeling this within their beings, they have lost their oomph, their aliveness and as a result they are not having a positive impact on those around them, their loved ones and those in organizations and communities they touch. Visualize that ripple, it’s like the butterfly effect.


Businesses are feeling the same thing. No matter what it is called, purpose work is the next step beyond traditional vision and mission statements. Businesses are tuning into the fact that purpose and profit co-exist and feed one another and that purpose is measurable and should be.


Gail is a board member, former c-suite executive, business advisor, coach and new entrepreneur. Gail has a bachelor of commerce degree from University of Alberta and a masters degree in leadership and organizational development from Royal Roads University. After returning from a 6 year career in Malaysia as a managing director of a marketing communications company in the late 90s, Gail was introduced to the cooperative business model when she joined the executive team at Servus Credit Union. For 21 years, she incubated, developed and led the functions of marketing, communications, CSR, digital banking, product development, data science, innovation and purpose. This eventually led to being Servus’s Purpose and Innovation Officer which has fueled her to set up her own business, Triniti Solutions Inc., which is  rooted in purpose, innovation and coaching.


“In order to live my purpose, I am stepping into new behaviours. My new ways of being include 'deep reflective listening, active collaboration with other changemakers and purpose enthusiasts, and tapping into the soulful wisdom of myself and others”.

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Join us on December 1, 2021 at 8 am PT to see where our conversation about Articulating Your Purpose with Clarity for Transformational Impact.

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