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How to Accelerate Your Changemaking Efforts Using Impact Media as a Tool

GATHER for HER | Amanda Rae

How to Accelerate Your Changemaking Efforts Using Impact Media as a Tool

On November 17th, we can't wait to talk about how to accelerate your changemaking efforts using impact media as a tool with Disruption Strategist, Amanda Rae Storteboom. 

Amanda Rae was raised on Treaty 7 territory in Alberta and now resides on the traditional unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people in Unama’ki - Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

She has a big vision for the world: One in which our systems are recreated so that we all thrive. Amanda Rae believes each one of us has a critical role to play in bringing that vision to life. Her vision is that individual changemakers are able to make conscious decisions about where to put their energy and effort so that they create movement in the causes they care about.

Amanda Rae believes our external impact can only ever match our internal readiness. This is why a large part of how she walks in the world is examining who she is as a leader, a creative, a neighbour, a human. AND she also believes, when we are making that external impact – let’s use strategies, tools and frameworks to help us! Amanda is a big believer, and grateful for her MBA training that helped her to realize this: Let’s work smarter not harder. "In business school we are literally taught how to lean on each other; to work together under pressure to achieve a common goal. Except in business school, that goal is typically profit. Why aren’t we using these well-tested strategies to advance our social and environmental agendas?" Amanda Rae questions.


Amanda Rae has a professional background in non-profit leadership, post-secondary education, acute and community healthcare, management consulting and small business coaching. She comes from family of entrepreneurs and her grandmother was a business leaders in a time when women were not business leaders. In reflection, she is grateful for this family lineage and past experience as it has shaped the business she Founded (Amanda Rae Catalyst & Consulting) and the disruption strategist, entrepreneur, and changemaker she is today.


Amanda Rae reminds us that:


"One person can’t do it alone, but it takes one person to start. You never know the full ripple effect of the steps you take until you take them."

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Join us on November 17, 2021 at 8 am PT/12pm AST to see where our conversation about how to accelerate your changemaking efforts using impact media as a tool takes us.

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