SEASON 3 runs from January 13, 2021, to April 28, 2021.

Revealing in nature, empathic in experience, and co-created in real-time, this live conversation series expects the unexpected.

Each Wednesday at 8 am PT GATHER for HER alternates between integrated storytelling featuring a Woman of Impact who expands our understanding of whole leadership and an 60-minute Wisdom Circle on alternate weeks where the hosts are listening and the audience is talking.  

Hosted and co-facilitated by PowHERhouse founder, Charlene SanJenko; First Steps and FireCircle Lead, Christina Benty; Amplify Story Coach, Tina Overbury, and Indigenous Wisdom Recorder, Sharon Marshall.

Each hour is an opportunity to harvest the collective wisdom we need for a sustainable future.  

Interactive Conversations of Whole Leadership.

GATHER FOR HER is a web-based episodic conversation web series for Indigenous and non-Indigenous women leading right now.

During these challenging and changing times, we are living the narrative. How we live and lead today affects the next seven generations of who we are. Through a global pandemic, unprecedented unrest, and a looming recession, the need for diverse, open-minded leaders who operate with a different non-religious, faith-based framework grounded in solid values, stepping bravely into crystal-clear capabilities, while holding space for healing to happen is critical. Guests are invited to stand on yesterday's foundation to ask the questions that will help us lead decisively into the unknown of tomorrow.

"We are weaving a transformative experience utilizing interactive digital media to follow the thread of the story of us, Indigenous and non-Indigenous women leaders, who crave to collectively advance individual thinking while continuously living into a fuller expression of all of who we are."

Each episode connects women across diverse sectors and geographical boundaries for deliberate and intentional support through real-time, facilitated conversations with role models, decision-makers, and impact champions from around the globe followed by an interactive wisdom circle on alternate weeks to further discuss and integrate insights.

An impact media article follows up each conversation including a video recording, long-form editorial, and visual graphic recording through an Indigenous lens distributed to our collective network and across our expanding social channels.


PowHERhouse gratefully acknowledges the support of the Indigenous Screen Office to help bring GATHER for HER to a wider audience.

Learn more about GATHER for HER - download our Info Sheet or book a conversation with Charlene now.

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Episodes at a Glance:


S1 E01 |  Jay-Ann Gilfoy  | FINANCE

S1 E02 |  Jessica Hill | POLITICS 

S1 E03 |  Dr. Maryam Zeineddin | HEALTH 

S1 E04 |  PowHERhouse Braid

S1 E05 |  Nicolle Nattrass

S1 E06 |  Naomi McDougall Jones | IMPACT MEDIA

S1 E07 |  Kasia Wilk | HEALTH

S1 E08 |  Carey Dillen | HEALTH

S1 E09 |  Tina Ruysseveldt | HEALTH

S1 E10 | Sharon Marshall | INDIGENOUS RESILIENCE

S1 E11 | Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber | IMPACT


S1 E13 |  Charlene SanJenko | IMPACT MEDIA

S1 E14 |  Cara Bahr | SOCIAL IMPACT

S1 E15 | Dianne Whelan | IMPACT MEDIA

S1 E16 | Ticia Heward | GIVING

S1 E17|  Dr. Courtenay Howard | POLITICS

S1 E18 | Kathryn Pollack | LEADERSHIP

S1 E19 | Charlene SanJenko | IMPACT MEDIA

S1 E20 | Dr. Shannon Waters | HEALTH

S1 E21 | Dawn Nickel | HEALTH

S1 E22 |  Rikia Saddy | TRENDS



S2 E02 |  Nicolette Richer| HEALTH

S2 E03 |  Jennifer Podemski | INDIGENOUS RESILIENCE

S2 E04 |  Willow Smith | MENTAL HEALTH

S2 E05 |  Laura Thomas | MENTAL HEALTH

For more information, please contact Charlene SanJenko, Indigenous Impact Producer at

(604) 741.7985  •  •  

PowHERhouse proudly acknowledges the support of these progressive partners and welcomes well-aligned future collaborators 

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