EXPANDING BEYOND BELIEF - A Reunion with Reverence

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FireCircle 2020, 9 am - 12 Noon Pacific Time, November 6th, 2020.

Expanding Beyond Belief | A Reunion with Reverence

As we approach the end of a year that has halted life as we know it, PowHERhouse Impact Media Group invites you to FireCircle 2020 where we will listen for wisdom as we grapple with the question: What lies beyond our beliefs? We will explore how we might invite a reunion with reverence back into our lives. What if we could return to reverence? Our conversation will feature the thought leadership and living wisdom of global voices:

Featuring Métis artist of impact, Andrea Menard, Gemini-nominated filmmaker Dianne Whelan, and author, speaker, and philosopher, Charles Eisenstein.

FireCircle 2020 is an intentional morning gathering with a diverse cross-section of leaders who are ready to lead differently in their own lives and within their sphere of influence. Join us for this in-depth and interactive experience that models whole-self leadership, group listening, and collective wisdom gathering; a process of asking, answering, and implementing to bring the leaders of today through the fire of our times.

Why a FireCircle?

Activating our braid, our interconnectedness-in-action, is how we move forward and upward as a society with greater ease and efficiency to re-imagine and re-build the systems of sustainability most needed at this time. Read more here.



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Tina Overbury

The Question - FireCircle
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Friday morning, November 6

9:00 am Welcome, land acknowledgment, grounding visualization

Conversation-Starters Guest Panel: Andrea Menard, Dianne Whelan, and Charles Eisenstein

What does a return to reverence mean to you in context with expanding beyond belief?

Where do we begin? What are our first steps on this path and the groundwork most needed at this time?

What do you feel is the key conversation we are being called to this morning?

Facilitated small-group discussion pods and listening circle

Self-reflection and journalling

12:00 pm  Closing Circle

Our common goal is a deeper connection to our own human expansion, one whole leader at a time.   




Welcome Attendees! Guest List + Industry, a running list ~

Conversation-Starter Panelists

Andrea Menard - Métis artist of impact

Dianne Whelan - Gemini-nominated filmmaker, 500 Days in the Wild

Charles Eisenstein - Author, speaker, and philosopher


Charlene SanJenko - CEO & Chief Impact Officer, PowHERhouse Inc.

Tina Overbury - Keeper of the Story

Christina Benty - Strategic Leadership Solutions

Sharon Marshall - DEVA Training & Staffing Solutions


PowHERhouse Team

Wendi Rottluff - Digital Operations Manager

Zoe Gray - Wendi Rottluff - Digital Storyteller & Strategist

Willow Smith - Relations Management & Creative Support

Small-group Facilitators

Ticia Heward - PowHERplay Inc. Social Impact

Hillary Samson - Samson Consulting

Kathryn Pollack - Praxis Consulting

Kelly Beattie - Beyond Connections Consulting

Amanda Rae Storteboom - Catalyst & Changemaker

Carey Dillen - YYOGA

Nicolle Nattrass - Creative Journalling Courses

Kathryn Thomson - LeadershipMind

Alyssa Melnyk - The Castlemain Group

Dana Caple - Social Impact/Change-Maker

Julia McElgunn - Geologist & Energy Advocate

Carolyn Nesbitt - Speaker, Trainer & Registered Psychologist


Shantelle Gould - Organizational Change Manager, Government of Saskatchewan
JoAnne Fishburn - Good Influence Films
Janet Mohapi-Banks - Janet Mohapi-Banks Limited
Tanis Frame - Luminous Leadership - Decide to Thrive
Brenda Morrison - Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University
Brenda MacIntyre - MEDICINE SONG WOMAN CREATIONS - Recording Artist, Healer, Seer
Sarah Curts
Amie Wolf
Anne-Marie Pearce
Pamela Chaloult - CEO, Practical Feet Advisors
Jackie Pilon - Jackie Pilon Business Consulting
Vanessa Reid - The Living Wholeness Institute
Arielle Goodman - Corporate Executive, Decision-Maker & Leader
Kari Klein - President/This Life with Kari
Gail Keber - Purpose Maker
Shelley McClure - Principal | Aspiring Leadership Inc
Catherine Glasser - Owner/Glasser Safety Services
Colleen Rice - Provincial Government
Monica Wagner - Learning and Performance Consultant/Facilitator/Coach
Penelope Popp- Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Government of Saskatchewan
Signy Wilson - Signyficant Living, Inc
Bonnie Hillman - President, A&C, Inc
Kristin Walker - Kristin Walker Coaching
Kevin Millsip - BC Libraries Coop
Karley Cunningham - BIG Thinker & Growth Strategist, Big Bold Brand Inc.
Tim Leberecht - The Business Romantic Society
Erin McGregor - Sunshine Coast Credit Union
Dennice Hall -
Kari Johnston - Strategist
Danielle Rondeau -
Karen Brodie Archibald - Karen Brodie Designs

We are a House of Leaders for Global Impact. We are a place to gather, prepare and amplify the impact you are here to make. Media is the beat of our drum.

PowHERhouse intends to be a global leader in the impact media space.  We re-imagine a sustainable take care economy by changing the narrative for HER.  We convene like-minded leaders to accelerate the gathering of collective wisdom using a collaborative model, all for systemic change.