Expanding Beyond Belief | A Reunion with Reverence

On November 6, 2020, we held our final FireCircle of the year where we listened for wisdom as we grappled with the question: How do we invite reverence back into our lives?

This three-hour virtual interactive conversation featured the thought leadership and living wisdom of global voices: Métis artist of impact Andrea Menard, Gemini-nominated filmmaker Dianne Whelan, and Author, Speaker, and Philosopher Charles Eisenstein.

FireCircle 2020 is an intentional morning gathering with a diverse cross-section of leaders who are ready to lead differently in their own lives and within their sphere of influence. Join us for this in-depth and interactive experience that models whole-self leadership, group listening, and collective wisdom gathering; a process of asking, answering, and implementing to bring the leaders of today through the fire of our times.

Why a FireCircle?

Activating our braid, our interconnectedness-in-action, is how we move forward and upward as a society with greater ease and efficiency to re-imagine and re-build the systems of sustainability most needed at this time. Read more here.



Charlene (1)

Charlene SanJenko

Tina Overbury

Tina Overbury

The Question - FireCircle
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Christina Benty


Sharon Marshall

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Ticia Heward

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Hillary Samson

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Kathryn Pollack

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Kelly Beattie

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Amanda Rae Storteboom


Carey Dillen


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Kathryn Thomson

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Carolyn Nesbitt


Alyssa Melnyk

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Dana Caple

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Julia McElgunn




Welcome Attendees! Guest List + Industry, a running list ~

Conversation-Starter Panelists

Andrea Menard - Métis artist of impact

Dianne Whelan - Gemini-nominated filmmaker, 500 Days in the Wild

Charles Eisenstein - Author, speaker, and philosopher

Partners & Presenters

Sandra Schwartz - National Executive Director, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Sara Wolfe - Director of Indigenous Innovation Initiative


Charlene SanJenko - CEO & Chief Impact Officer, PowHERhouse Inc.

Tina Overbury - Keeper of the Story

Christina Benty - Strategic Leadership Solutions


PowHERhouse Team

Wendi Rottluff - Digital Operations Manager

Zoe Gray - Digital Storyteller & Strategist

Willow Smith - Relations Management & Creative Support

Small-group Facilitators

Ticia Heward - PowHERplay Inc. Social Impact

Sharon Marshall - DEVA Training & Staffing Solutions

Hillary Samson - Samson Consulting

Kathryn Pollack - Praxis Consulting

Kelly Beattie - Beyond Connections Consulting

Amanda Rae Storteboom - Catalyst & Changemaker

Carey Dillen - YYOGA

Nicolle Nattrass - Creative Journalling Courses

Kathryn Thomson - LeadershipMind

Alyssa Melnyk - The Castlemain Group

Dana Caple - Social Impact/Change-Maker

Julia McElgunn - Geologist & Energy Advocate

Carolyn Nesbitt - Speaker, Trainer & Registered Psychologist


Shantelle Gould - Organizational Change Manager, Government of Saskatchewan
JoAnne Fishburn - Good Influence Films
Janet Mohapi-Banks - Janet Mohapi-Banks Limited
Tanis Frame - Luminous Leadership - Decide to Thrive
Brenda Morrison - Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University
Brenda MacIntyre - MEDICINE SONG WOMAN CREATIONS - Recording Artist, Healer, Seer
Sarah Curts
Amie Wolf
Anne-Marie Pearce
Pamela Chaloult - CEO, Practical Feet Advisors
Jackie Pilon - Jackie Pilon Business Consulting
Vanessa Reid - The Living Wholeness Institute
Arielle Goodman - Corporate Executive, Decision-Maker & Leader
Kari Klein - President/This Life with Kari
Gail Keber - Purpose Maker
Shelley McClure - Principal | Aspiring Leadership Inc
Catherine Glasser - Owner/Glasser Safety Services
Colleen Rice - Provincial Government
Monica Wagner - Learning and Performance Consultant/Facilitator/Coach
Penelope Popp- Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Government of Saskatchewan
Signy Wilson - Signyficant Living, Inc
Bonnie Hillman - President, A&C, Inc
Kristin Walker - Kristin Walker Coaching
Kevin Millsip - BC Libraries Coop
Karley Cunningham - BIG Thinker & Growth Strategist, Big Bold Brand Inc.
Tim Leberecht - The Business Romantic Society

Erin McGregor - Sunshine Coast Credit Union
Dennice Hall 
Kari Johnston - Strategist
Danielle Rondeau 
Karen Brodie Archibald - Karen Brodie Designs
Tina Ruysseveldt - Recovery Academy
Naomi McDougall Jones - Media Professional
Kelly Mason - Traderoute
Dori Howard - Enso learning & retreats
Vicki Bright - Counselling and Counsulting
ErinRose Handy - Mitacs
Laura Thomas - Laura Thomas Hypnosis
Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow - Birchbark Coffee
Gracelyn Shannon Manager of Asset Management/Comox Valley Regional District
Lynne Romano - Golden Community Resouces
Sonia Furstenau - Leader, BC Green Party
Karen Shipman - Mitacs
Carrah Quigley - Social Impact Visionary, Innovator & Game-Changer
Jennifer Turner - Project Reconciliation
Steph Clovechok - Tourism Saskatoon
Aditi Khorana - Media Professional
Violetta Ilkiw - Nature of Change
Heather Doherty - Neora
Kim Braidwood - DIGS leadership
Chelsa Racette - Indigenous Fashion Week
Amy Robinson - LOCO BC
Madeline Archibald - Media & Communications
Sandy Kay - Sandy Kay Art
Brigitte Rathje-Papadakis
Tara Fitzgerald - Island health
Amy Englemark - Amy Englemark Coaching
Kaitlyn Hebert - Lumeca Health

We are a House of Leaders for Global Impact. We are a place to gather, prepare and amplify the impact you are here to make. Media is the beat of our drum.

PowHERhouse intends to be a global leader in the impact media space.  We re-imagine a sustainable take care economy by changing the narrative for HER.  We convene like-minded leaders to accelerate the gathering of collective wisdom using a collaborative model, all for systemic change.