FIRST STEPS | A 90-Day Cohort Program

An adventure into a deeper, richer, clearer, more meaningful experience of who I am as a leader.

Of ALL of me. A return to my WHOLE Self. She’s waiting.

First Steps, a co-created experience with like-minded women who mirror my own journey.

Maybe I can’t get there alone? Maybe we aren’t meant to?

First Steps on our journey to 2030 and the world we want when we get there.

We are the leaders we have been waiting for.

Preparing for impact.

BE better.
Beyond who we think we are, because we’re so much more.
Far, far beyond our belief.



    FIRST STEPS Alumni


    FIRST STEPS Alumni


    FIRST STEPS Alumni

First steps and clarifying solutions to stabilize and build-back-braver to lead forward.

We're being called to lead at an entirely new level in 2022. 

First Steps is a 90-day process for women leaders and impact champions who crave clarity, stability, strength, and support as they take their place with purpose, remember all of who they are and why they're here, and make things happen.

This offering provides the foundation for whole, steady, and confident leaders who are ready to move forward, together in faith, for impact.

Interconnectedness in action.

First Steps is a grounding yet stimulating and responsive 90-day offering by PowHERhouse.

✔ Intentional conversation, support, cross-sector connections with like-minded women, utilizing GATHER FOR HER, an open online gathering, weekly

✔ Three monthly modules providing a simple, effective and proven framework of best practices, collective wisdom + tools for tangible faith

✔ Special invitation to The Leader Path!

What might it feel like to lead more bravely with a vulnerable heart in a liminal space? What might you be able to tap into that you don't yet realize is even a possibility?

  • Find Your Feet. Know where you stand and what you stand for, your values, beliefs, hopes, and dreams all make for a strong foundation. Right in the centre, the fulcrum or balance point in the middle, lies clarity in all that we have forgotten. As we regain our balance point, we can be there for others as they regain their own.
  • Stand In The Gap. As you stand in the gap of uncertainty, it is your time to call in who and what you need. You can’t do this alone, and you’re not meant to. In order to unlock the next level of living in unity and interconnectedness, we must be willing to stand in the gap between the known and the unknown.
  • Build Your Faith Muscle. Absolute FAITH lies dormant until it is ignited. It’s like a muscle we forgot we had. Building tangible faith requires exercise, trust in action, tools, and a tribe that you know has your back.