Interactive Digital Toolkit for Men Targeting Anxiety, Mental Wellness, Mindfulness, and Movement

How Healing Happens is a web-based integrated impact media initiative developed by a father-daughter duo.

Trainer Ben Smith is a writer, inspirational speaker, and former professional athlete. He has partnered up with his mixed-race millennial daughter, Willow Smith, to provide an accessible approach to healing from the inside out that appeals to a diverse audience.

The purpose-driven duo is championing The Goliath Foundation. They are supported by project advisors, Dr Kasia Wilk, Clinical Psychologist, Impact Filmmaker & Producer, Nicolle Nattrass, Writer, Director, Playwright & Addictions Counsellor, Creative Director, Tina Overbury, and Impact Media Producer, Charlene SanJenko.
This team has come together with a comprehensive approach to support the mental wellness of men and self-acceptance within young men, with a focus on anti-bullying, cultural sensitivity, emotional resilience and more. This impact media project kicks off with the development, production and distribution of How Healing Happens, a digital toolkit and virtual Healing Circles for men in 2021, and an upcoming book by Trainer Ben Smith and talk-back tour for Killing Goliath.

"Guys are realizing that our families and our communities need us to be men - whole, healed men - now."

We grew up believing we needed to be the 'tough guy' with zero room to express emotions or pain, talk through trauma, feel our hurt, or ask for help with recovery. Everything just got stuffed down.

We shut-down a huge part of ourselves. The part of ourselves that feels and turned to distractions like chasing the almighty dollar, drugs & alcohol, gaming, and pornography. It's beyond obvious that this needs to change. Just look at the stats. I'm excited to be part of a caring team that focuses on HOW Healing Happens. It's my personal goal to make this program as accessible as possible. Because whether you are in prison, on a reserve, or sitting in a CEO suite, no one is immune."

~ Trainer Ben Smith

The Goliath Foundation's Moving Past Pain ProjectHow Healing Happens Digital Toolkits are being produced with support from the Indigenous Screen Office.



Season 1 (in development) is a web-based series of 8 themed episodes which includes a video overview, long-form podcast conversation, Loving Goliath, long-form digital editorial, private group engagement, digital tools for personal reflection, and a monthly virtual men's circle talk-back session with Trainer Ben.

HOW HEALING HAPPENS is program is designed for people who value honest conversation and are ready to respectfully get to the root of today's problems. It is the foundational structure that will be utilized in our upcoming impact media project, Moving Past Pain.

Topics cover such themes as:

  • Suicide and depression
  • Toxic masculinity
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Fatigue, stress, anxiety burnout
  • Strength of character over aggression and violence
  • Asking for help
  • Success
  • Finding a sense of purpose
  • Recreating yourself

Moving Past Pain meets young men where they are at, holds space for the healing they are ready for, and utilizes a proven creative process to facilitate the flow and release of negative emotions.

Intentional virtual conversation circles are led by a Group Coach and Trainer who looks like them sounds like them and has lived experience that feels relevant and relatable to them. A simplified, solutions-focused process using creative expression allows these young men to co-create a nurturing, safe, participatory space that encourages micro-experiences of healing to happen.

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PowHERhouse Impact Media Group is pleased to be working closely with The Goliath Foundation as an Impact Producer, building relationships, support, momentum, and awareness throughout the program's development, production, and launch. How Healing Happens invites men to proactively participate in taking responsibility for their own health and happiness.

At this time, PowHERhouse is looking to speak with Impact Media Partners: "We partner Impact Champions with progressive, well-aligned National or North American foundations or social organizations to co-create digital fundraising opportunities fueled by advertising dollars of brands who choose to advertise better. You can learn more about our innovative Impact Media Production Partnerships here."

Learn more about How Healing Happens - download our Info Sheet or book a conversation with Charlene now.

TRAINER BEN SMITH is a Black father, husband, creator, writer, actor, trainer, mentor, speaker, and former youth outreach worker. His message is magnetic and poignant in a time when the world needs healing. It is a message delivered by a man with a coloured past who is relevant and relatable with incredible lived experience, a personal story of overcoming incredible odds, and a calm, gentle presence.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Trainer Ben Smith or Willow Smith, please contact Charlene SanJenko, Indigenous Impact Producer at

(604) 741.7985  •  •  

PowHERhouse proudly acknowledges the support of these progressive partners and welcomes well-aligned future collaborators 

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