Julia McElgunn | Petroleum Geologist and Energy Advocate

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We should be proud of the way Canada conducts its Oil and Gas business from a social, ethical, environmental and innovative perspective. We are transparent and continually looking for greener, cleaner and truly sustainable solutions.

"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."

~ Alexander Den Heijer

I am a professional geologist who is passionate about our energy sector and is driven to find a creative win-win solution.  My education and thirst for knowledge has shaped the critical thinker within me to question both sides of every story and always seek to understand.

A personal journey of learnings [failures] has resulted in my understanding that it's when we let go of control and perfection and show vulnerability, we open up to the opportunity to create a life of beauty, joy and amazement for everyone involved.

Julia's unique differentiators are:

  • I’ve worked in the energy sector since graduating high school, working in the field, pipelining, at a gas plant, on wellsite, and in the office mapping up drill locations. I understand Canadian Oil and Gas
  • I'm resilient and won't give up
  • I love science, knowledge, data, critical thinking and questioning
  • Finding a win-win creative solution is my sense of accomplishment and satisfaction
  • I'm competitive yet sensitive to the subtle emotions
  • Efficiency runs in my blood: born bred and raised that way
  • Certifications:  P.Geol certification (with APEGA),  M.Sc., (Masters of Science)
  • Memberships:  CSPG (Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists), AAPG  (American Association of Petroleum Geologists)


Oil and gas is one of the primary foundations of Canadian life – yet we’re currently challenged.  In order for us to initiate any progressive movement, we need to start with authentic truthful conversations around the challenges, concerns and misperception regarding this natural resource.  If you are ready for a solutions-focused discussion for the benefit of our future generations - whether it’s for or against oil and gas - I’d love to hear from you.  Let's start bridging the gap of this pipeline debate.

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  1. […] A personal journey of failures resulted in her understanding that it’s when we let go of control and perfection, we open up to the opportunity to create a life of beauty, joy and amazement.  Julia’s first true passion is education and knowledge which has shaped the critical thinker within her to question both sides of every story and seek to understand before providing a creative win-win solution.  Read Julia’s full profile here. […]