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November 6, 2020, join PowHERhouse Impact Media Group for our final FireCircle of the year where we will listen for wisdom as we grapple with the question: What is beyond our beliefs, and how do we invite reverence back into our lives? What if we could have a reunion with reverence?

Our three-hour virtual interactive conversation features the thought leadership and living wisdom of global voices: Métis artist of impact Andrea Menard, Gemini-nominated filmmaker Dianne Whelan, and Author, Speaker, and Philosopher Charles Eisenstein.

PowHERhouse Impact Media Group is a house of leaders for global impact. As a braided organization of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who lead, we offer a place to gather, prepare, and amplify co-created work and messages for HER: Human Expansion Realized. Media is our medium, and our FireCircle model is the beat of our drum.

Friday, November 6, 9 am - 12 Noon PDT 

A Global Virtual Gathering of Intentional Leaders


The focus of our fall FireCircle is Reverence.

In these divided and reactive times, we are called to live, lead, and work differently as our exhausted systems buckle and our individuated habits are no longer sustainable.

How can we see what is possible beyond our current beliefs?

FireCircle 2020 brings together an intentional and diverse cross-section of leaders to listen, share ideas and concerns, harvest wisdom, and offer implementable understandings in a co-creative way.

We are not a circle of presenters, nor audience.

We are a FireCircle leading and learning from a place of care for tangible, sustainable, and seven-generation impact. 

The Question - FireCircle

Guests: Andrea Menard, Dianne Whelan, and Charles Eisenstein


Andrea Menard believes we are ripe and ready for the rise of the Sacred Feminine. Evidence lies all around us with social movements like Me Too, Time’s Up, Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, Standing Rock, and others. Now is the time for reclamation, rematriation, and reconciliation. Now is the time for a reunion and a return to reverence led by the Sacred Feminine.

Andrea is an accomplished Métis singer, songwriter, actress, TEDx speaker, and the founder of the Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge. She is a 5-time Gemini-nominated actress and 15-time music award winner from 4 critically acclaimed albums, 2 original tv performance specials, and 2 symphony Pops concerts. Andrea dedicates her life and work to empowering both the Indigenous and the Feminine voice through song, story, activism, training, and healing. As seen in USA Today, Andrea is an influencer in Feminine leadership and is also an advocate for rematriation and reconciliation. She helps women, men, and all-gendered people reclaim the Goddess and embody the qualities of the Sacred Feminine.


"The stories we tell ourselves shape our worldview. If you want to change the world, change the story… We have thousands of years of history, how do we tell HERstory?” 

Dianne Whelan is a Gemini-nominated filmmaker for The Land, filmed on the most northern coastline of Canada, and 40 Days at Basecamp, filmed on Mt. Everest. She is no stranger to shooting indie films in extreme locations.  

After a five-year ecological and reconciliation pilgrimage along The Great Trail (the Trans Canada Trail), Dianne recently crossed the border into her home province of British Columbia. Whelan will be stepping off the Trail next year and stepping into film production in 2021. 500 Days in the Wild is a feature documentary about an artist’s journey to look for lost wisdom on the world’s longest trail. A story that calls us back to a place of reverence for the earth. View the film trailer here. View one-sheet here and learn more about Mothers of the Film here.  


Charles Eisenstein believes each intentional conversation with extraordinary, heart-centred humans holds a piece of the next story for civilization. We can bring our voices together to help anchor this story into reality, and remind each other that it is not crazy to imagine beyond what we know. We can expand our thoughts, perceptions, and choices into new territory.

Charles is a speaker and writer focusing on themes of human culture and identity. He is the author of several books, most recently Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible, and his newest book, Climate: A New Story. His most recent essays are World on Fire, The Coronation,  The Conspiracy Myth, and The Banquet of Whiteness. Find Charles’ podcast, A New and Ancient Story here.

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"FireCircle activates the braid of our interconnectedness. It is a model of wisdom gathering, remembering and communicating through group listening, embodied speaking, and empathic witnessing. PowHERhouse offers this model as a way to collectively move forward as a society with greater ease and efficiency, to re-imagine and re-build our communities and systems of sustainability most needed at this time."

- Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Founder + Lead Impact Officer

For more information and to confirm your engagement in this very important conversation, click here.

Please join PowHERhouse Impact Media Group and GATHER for HER hosts Charlene SanJenko, Christina Benty, Tina Overbury, and Sharon Marshall with special guests: Andrea Menard, Dianne Whelan, and Charles Eisenstein on November 6, 2020, for our final FireCircle of the year.
This gathering is an intentional conversation inviting us to think beyond our beliefs and consider a reunion with reverence.