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FIRST STEPS COHORT  begins September 28th, 2022

AMPLIFY | A Changemaker's Media Program - Now Accepting Applicants

THE LEADER PATH - Starts on the New Moon, 30 Day Free Trial HERE



PowHERhouse awakens, fortifies and amplifies leaders, social impacters and visionaries who feel called to contribute to a better world. Our three unique paths weave together based on the readiness of each individual leader. 

We are a house of leaders for global impact, bridging Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures, using media as the beat of our drum, and always guided by ancestral wisdom.

Each path integrates:

  • Real-time, on-your-feet learning

  • Peer-mentoring for collaborative action

  • Relevant accountability for complex and evolving situations

  • A method for progressive implementation

  • Responsive, relevant best practices

  • Whole Leader performance coaching for highest potential

  • Key message development and amplification

  • Self-care and sustainability strategies

  • Reflection habits for wisdom gathering

  • Validation as a leader


A responsive community of practice for progressive changemakers, social impacters and local-to-global visionaries across all sectors and industries.

Each month follows a rhythm using four activation touch points to evolve and grow in an on-going commitment for personal development, contribution and progressive change.

Four Monthly Activation Touch Points

1.  New Moon Intention Setting & Accountability

2.  Collective Listening Sessions on WE GATHER

3.  Cross-culture and multi-sector wisdom harvesting using seven generational thinking

4.  Monthly Pitch & Partnership Incubator

*The Leader Path can be experienced with a 30 Day Free Trial


First Steps is a three-module, 90 day private cohort process for leaders who crave stability, strength and confidence as they take their place with purpose, find their seat at the table, and make things happen. This offering provides the groundwork for whole, steady, and confident leaders who are ready for impact.

This path helps leaders to find their footing and know where to place them next with clarity of thought and a voice confident enough to be heard.




Developed with a bridged approach of Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge this dynamic, ever-evolving, interactive framework can be adapted to the specific sector your team works in. Created by Indigenous Changemaker and PowHERhouse founder Charlene Sanjenko, and Human Systems Catalyst and Community Impact Facilitator Christina Benty.


A *government-approved national visibility training program for leaders in senior positions.

Amplify is for experienced leaders and executives ready to make a sustainable impact for future generations. This path leverages everything PowHERhouse has to offer: our dedicated team, mentors, local to global connections, cross-sector relationships, sustainability strategies, health and wholeness practices, plus our far reaching, independent media platform to fully realize each woman’s potential and amplify her global impact.
We are a house of leaders ready for global impact.

We amplify how you lead.

We walk beside you to compliment, scale and leverage your efforts with intentional action for sustainable long-term impact. Together, we will craft an effective streamlined strategy designed to deliver your specific goals and vision. We are your team, here to help stay true to that strategy, daily.

We amplify your message.

Most leaders want to be of service, focusing immediately on the work at hand. We want that for you, and more. We want you to do all you are made for. To help you get there, we will be sharing your work as through our PR channels to support generations of leaders to come. It’s time to amplify your message within our far-reaching, comprehensive and independent media platform. Your story matters to HER.

We amplify your impact.

We understand your commitment to contribution. We recognize and support your big, bold vision for what is possible and we’re here to help you create your legacy of impact as a leader. Using a seven-generation approach, we work together to identify, communicate and scale the solutions you are leading.

One by one, we lead together for HER.

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