PowHERhouse creates digital storytelling portfolios and impact media campaigns to fully activate the societal contribution you, as an industry changemaker, are here to make.

We work with social impact organizations, corporations who are ready to act beyond business, and individual changemakers committed to shifting the narrative for a better world. Our ‘walk-beside’ approach and co-created impact media process of deep listening, wisdom gathering, story harvesting, and braided methodology to amplify your impact is the first step in accelerating the change work you do and want to be known for.

Whether you are ready to amplify your message, accelerate your impact, or co-create a decolonized narrative within your organization, industry or sector, and beyond, PowHERhouse is here to activate your potential to be seen, heard, and recognized as an organization known for going above and beyond business to become the ancestor future generations will be grateful for.

We are here to help you change the narrative both inside your organization, and out. We offer four comprehensive, proven processes within our transformative Impact Media Changemaking Model.

An Impact Media Approach to Accelerate Your Changemaking

1.  Impact Media Portfolio Creation - Our co-creative storytelling process for digital distribution (audio, visual, social media, content development) on our media platform.

2.  FireCircle Experience - Organizational story harvesting and wisdom gathering through intentional, deep listening and group reflection.

3.  First Steps Leadership Cohort - A personal growth, whole-leader, 90-day intensive group cohort experience for your leadership teams.

4.  The Leader Path - A recurring accountability and consistency practice dedicated to decolonizing leadership and lifting the changemakers in your organization.


Our Client Care Approach is Guided by Four Principles

deliberate weave

Deliberate Weaving
& Co-Creation

A practice of leading as WE not me.


Learn how to accelerate your impact through generosity, trust, collaboration and co-creation.


Develop a relationship with your intuition, innate knowledge and ancestral / cultural wisdom.



A practice of leading by listening.


Develop the skill of patience and direction as you lead through chaos.


Learn how to communicate from the heart while remaining informed and on message.

7 Generations
7 gen


A practice of leading as an ancestor. 

Develop courage, confidence and an internal system for making decisions that future generations will thank you for.




A practice of leading with truth, love, contribution and humility.

Develop a legacy focused leadership approach that is as mindful and nourishing to you as it is to the world.

See your blindspots. Practice compassion. Learn to lead with love. 

Dan Wade sq

"Hilti Canada formally announces our partnership with Charlene SanJenko and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group, an Indigenous-owned social impact organization. Together, we are working towards building better relationships, learning from, and supporting the Canadian Indigenous community by embedding the conversation of Indigenous issues into #Hilti culture and at all levels of the organization."

~ Dan Wade
President and General Manager at Hilti Canada





HILTI Canada Emerging Leaders Program

  • Impact Media Portfolio
  • FireCircle 
  • Cultural Liason Workshops

New Westminster & District Labour Council

  • Impact Media Portfolio
  • FireCircle 
  • First Steps

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society

  • Impact Media Portfolio

Indigenous Innovation Initiative

  • Impact Media Portfolio
  • FireCircle  (Summer Celebration)
  • Press Conference

The Impact Media Approach Explained

PowHERhouse Impact Media is a house of leaders for global impact. We activate and amplify the sacred work of changemakers. We use the tools of media to support transformation because stories matter.

Humans are wired to connect more deeply with themselves, each other, and all that is possible for the future through story. To change narratives, we must elevate the stories we tell and positively influence where we focus our attention. Recent studies show that the average adult spends 11+ hours per day connected to some type of media source! So for PowHERhouse, media is our changemaking vehicle.

Media is our medicine.  Media just makes sense.

The foundation to a successful impact media project is clarity of intention; Everything for a purpose. the tools depending on what you want to achieve. We customize and curate the amplification tools to tell the powerful story of what you are up to and why it matters. Each media piece harnesses the energy and momentum of your initiative, giving a concise overview of the project, the trajectory shift you are looking to make, why it is important, and what it means both now and in the future of newcomer offerings.


  • The impact media portfolio can be expanded or kept small depending on the intention.

  • A tool to lift and amplify the ‘champions’ of the project

  • Honouring the changemakers in a meaningful way

  • Celebrating their courage to be positive disruptors by sharing their voice.

  • Humanizing your impact

  • Telling your story to support your specific purpose

The digital media portfolio uses a blend of audio, visuals, quotes, and multimedia for impact. We strategize with your leadership on how best to use this material to serve your transformation intention and support your communications team through its distribution.

"Walking beside PowHERhouse is an opportunity for you to be fully you. PowHERhouse will help you clarify what “animates'' you, and the elements of your work that you would like to amplify in priority, and why. The PowHERhouse team has the ability to listen deeply and actively and to accurately capture its clients' main needs. By working along with the team, you will learn how to describe the essence of your work and how you truly relate to the intrinsic nature of this work, mission, or project. The PowHERhouse team is also really productive, efficient, and organized. Your time on their side will be wisely used and will definitely guide you and your team toward what you need to unpack greatness!"

~ Sandrine Espie
Women's Leadership and Development Program Coordinator, Pacific Immigrant Resources Society

Sandrine E sq

A FireCircle Experience for 7-Generational Inquiry, Listening and Decision-Making


A FireCircle illuminates the path forward. It is a signature tool developed by the PowHERhouse team based on the Indigenous practice of ‘wisdom gathering’. A FireCircle models an intentional practice to create space for deep listening where every voice feels heard to respond to a single ‘challenge’ or inquiry, deliberately weaving diverse stakeholder voices together to surface themes and clarify next steps. 

To be most effective, there must be one clear intention; a primary overarching purpose. As a preliminary suggestion, some examples of this intention might be:   

  • To build support and momentum for the hard launch of the Gateway platform 

  • Understand what else is needed (training, support, a roadmap forward) for integration of the Gateway platform

  • Understand what capacity-building is needed (professional development/coaching) to support a mindset shift up-levelling to match the technology up-levelling 

The PowHERhouse team will work with you to gain clarity of the intention of your FireCircle. Participants in the FireCircle may be internal or extend to Gateway partner agencies. This will be clarified as the intention and overarching purpose becomes crystallized. The guests of the FireCircle (panel) are carefully chosen to ignite and curate the conversation. This is where we would consider bringing in someone who’s ‘been there’ to share their wisdom, best practices, lessons learned, etc. for the participants to build on.

Ashley R cropped

“I am absolutely blown away by what PowHERhouse has been able to accomplish. There is so much value in facilitating discussions with changemakers - which is exactly what the FireCircle 2021 did. I was honoured to be invited to not only participate, but to share my perspective during a Coffee and a Conversation on the second day with Sara Wolfe. My perspective was just one piece of an entire inspiring agenda. Going forward, Charlene and the PowHERhouse team are going to be an essential piece to building an inclusive innovation ecosystem. You can 100% count me in for future FireCircle and PowHERhouse events!! The opportunity to listen to so many diverse perspectives is important and something I really value.”

~ Ashley Richard, BComm(Hons.)
Outreach and Partnership Development Lead Indigenous - WEKH National
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

FIRST STEPS COHORT (Signature Leader Preparation Program)


First Steps is a 90-day intensive experience in integrated awareness for impact champions and changemakers who are ready to deepen their leader practice and rise to their next level. Intuitive in nature, intentional yet emerging, First Steps is co-created within a simple yet compelling personal and professional growth framework.

First Steps focuses first on who we are as a human and then what does this mean for us as a leader. Our external impact can only ever match our internal readiness. First Steps models deliberate weaving with others because we can achieve so much more when we unwind the idea that we have to do it alone. First Steps gives a space to grow our awareness and practice new ways of speaking and being because brave leadership is a muscle we need to build.

This signature program can hold a maximum of 12 participants. It includes:

  • 2 dedicated facilitators to conduct the live group sessions, monthly office hours or coaching calls, coaching via online platform;

  • 24/7 access to the online platform;

  • 3 modules of content;4 - live 75-90 minute group sessions;

  • 3 ‘office hour’ sessions to provide additional support;

  • 15 hours of additional support via program host that stewards the engagement and conversation between live sessions as well as responds to individual participant concerns and arranging additional coach support hours where needed.

Janice sq

"As part of the First Steps cohort, I gained clarity around my higher purpose going forward. I felt supported by a talented and empathetic group of individuals while the refreshing modules helped me cope and perform my best. I know I have people to lean on and tools to help me perform, relax, and enjoy each stage of life."

~ Janice Iverson
First Steps Cohort

"I loved the opportunity to gather in a safe space with a group of empowering, compassionate, intelligent, earnest women, all sharing the value of wanting to leave this world a better place. By developing concepts of leadership through a lens of whole, honest, grounded and compassionate thinking we were able to connect and build one another up, regardless of our differences in background, experience or confidence."

~ Hillary Bergshoeff
First Steps Cohort

hillary b



The Leader Path is an annual recurring online gathering hub and practice ground for impact champions and leaders to evolve their ongoing commitment for progressive change.

Across all industries, sectors, backgrounds, and geographical boundaries, The Leader Path is a convergence of conscious leaders from any organization - the recommended ongoing path of support 'with hands at their backs' for your leaders.

It is guided by the four steps of practice:

  • Deliberate weaving and co-creation

  • Listening and storytelling

  • 7-Generation thinking and decision making

  • Wholeness and reconciliation-in-action

A subscription-based offering with 4 monthly, live touchpoints and an online community of inspired changemakers, progressive leaders, and local-to-global visionaries. This recurring offering is recommended as follow-up support to all organizational changemaking clients and graduates of First Steps to continue practicing and implementing the shifts created through the intensive cohort.



IMP (1)







Connect with us here and someone from our team will reach out to you. We work with leaders like you who are ready for better yet uncertain of the HOW.

We're here to help you take deliberate and intentional action that demonstrates your values, and we talk about it ~ to your employees, industry contacts, key stakeholders, and future talent.

To experience the world we want for our children and our grandchildren, we must proactively get out in front of the issues before they happen and elevate our behaviour by elevating our perspective of who we say we are, how we interact with each other, what we believe, and all that is possible, together.

Let's ensure what we say is important stays a priority.

We want to shift the narrative to lift society.

We want to give your meaningful changemaking a voice.

And we want to explore decolonized leadership together.

We can do better. We believe, together we can.