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PowHERhouse believes that every leader deserves the opportunity to make a world-class impact.

We are a conduit, convener and catalyst of powerful, purpose-driven leaders.

As a national leadership accelerator, we were born in 2000 out of a desire to provide a clear, direct framework for a leader’s path. Success is measured differently for everyone, but The Leader Path exists to ensure that each one of us can meet our ultimate potential and lead deeply fulfilling lives.

The Leader Path provides a strategic way to move forward in the same way an athlete follows a particular path to reach his or her goals.

PowHERhouse is deeply committed to the mobilization of more leaders to higher levels of leadership, including female leaders, and the amplification of their impact.

  • PowHERhouse utilizes a proprietary process known as The Leader Path that encourages leaders to SEE themselves as leaders, more actively engage in the possibility of this role, while gaining confidence and clarity on who they are as leaders, where they are at on their leader path, what they stand for, and what they specifically need next to move forward in a proactively, progressive way.
  • PowHERhouse has been building strong women who lead since 2013 with a foundation reaching back as far as 2000. We specialize in the AMPLIFICATION of impact and have built a third-party media platform to support this work. Leaders have spent years mastering their craft and honing their area of excellence yet far too little time perfecting how they SPEAK about it. PowHERhouse works in this space of building visibility, brand positioning, and strategic profiling to celebrate positive role models creating impact.
  • Progressive performance is key component of moving leaders forward. Dedication to this principle (see below for our capacity-building programming) comes from a deep understanding by PowHERhouse Founder + CEO, Charlene SanJenko, of the athletic mindset (aka the growth mindset) and over a decade of on-the-ground research as a competitor, competitive coach, and seven years as a local government leader, leading change at a community level.

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Leader Mobilization to Optimal Health + Wholeness for Amplified Energy & Impact

Our offerings deliver value at each stage of a leader’s journey, aligning with their evolving needs and supporting them where they’re at. Developed as a direct response to market needs, our work progressively advances leaders while staying relevant and accountable through regular in-class conversations, client sessions, live events and consistent feedback loops.

Articulate Possibility.  [media + events]

PowHERhouse operates a reputable third-party digital media platform to profile, engage and recognize leaders. Positive role models from a diverse cross-section of sectors, industries, backgrounds, and geographical areas are showcased to inspire others and cultivate hope, inclusion and possibility. Strategic communications, key advocacy messaging and digital storytelling and sharing best practices of unite leader champions nationally who are disrupting the systems, patterns and behaviors no longer working for Canadian women and their families.

Live and virtual leader development events convene high-calibre, like-minded leaders for a purpose. They provide accessibility to local leaders, create a safe environment for guests to engage in purposeful, facilitated conversation, encouraging them to acknowledge where they are on The Leader Path, where they are going, and ASK for what they need next.

Activate Strength.  [programs]

PowHERhouse founder, Charlene SanJenko, was called to meet an obvious need she evidenced countless times in her work with leaders with foundational work beginning in 2000. Our capacity-building programs were built to address a specific need in the market that wasn’t being adequately addressed.

PowHERhouse progressive performance programming is designed to advance leaders down the field with clarity, capacity and confidence towards their world-class impact; create deeply fulfilled players who clearly and concisely speak to who they are as leaders, what they’re up to in the world and why; and recognize leaders who are demonstrating an elevated approach to leadership while championing the solutions most needed at this time to restore greatness and amplify impact.

Accelerate Healing.  [from ‘doing’ to ‘being’]

When will we stop trying to FIX and allow time to HEAL?

A critical part of an impactful leader’s journey occurs during a stage when it appears that ‘nothing is happening’ at all. In fact, a key part of the process is underway, the internal part. During this stage, energy travels inward, and the perspective shifts from doing to being. With time, trust and tenacity, we dig-deep to grow roots and prepare for the fullest activation  of our innate potential, restoration of our natural greatness, and ability to positively influence change.

Staying connected to our highest purpose, our true Self and each other is critical during this time. Patience and persistence and are required, and quite honestly, many choose to continue ‘doing’ rather than avoid the healing required - physically, emotionally and spiritually - to ultimately take flight.

PowHERhouse supports our leaders during this stage of their journey to fundamental wholeness by providing access to wellness + performance coaching, PowHERcircles, a reflective self-awareness opportunity on a quarterly basis, supportive accountability PODS, and annual lifestyle + leadership destination detox retreats.

AMPLIFY GREATNESS!  [amplify impact]

The point in a leader’s journey when ultimate fruition and complete fulfillment are experienced as they enjoy LIFT-OFF!

Rising to the fullest potential of their greatest good for a purpose; and in doing so, delivering the hope and solutions most-needed in the world at this time.

During this full-circle moment, the leader’s voice is AMPLIFIED to maximize impact, inspire others, and create a vertical lift in leadership as we redefine and role model true powHER and our ability to live and lead while experiencing a higher level of faith, joy, fulfilment, meaning, and impact.

Our Reach

  • An engaged community of 3,000+ women
  • 5,000+ readers per issue
  • Facebook 3,001+ likes
  • Twitter 2,913 followers, estimated reach 20,000 accounts and close to 60,000 impressions per tweet
  • Linked in 3,093 connections
  • Instagram 1,304 followers
  • You Tube 71.9K views
  • 2019/2020 LIVE Events, we project 50,000+ potential interactions with women both online and at trade shows, events, conferences and speaking engagements over the next year.

Distribution and Viewership of PowHER TV:  Our pilot season of PowHER TV was distributed across Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Calgary and Edmonton, airing of 20+x weekly with a viewership exceeding 700,000 viewers and a potential online audience of 22,000+ followers.  We look forward to the future development and production of EPIC TV in 2018, Exceptional PowHERhouses in Canada!

Welcome to our House. You are Home.  

Because every leader deserves the opportunity to make a world-class impact.


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