PowHERhouse works closely with leaders and their organizations to mobilize HER full potential to lead.

We believe every leader deserves the opportunity to make a world-class impact, and our job is to fire-up a leader's potential beyond what may be viewed as currently possible.

PowHERhouse is a House for those called to lead.

We continuously aspire to become a global model for social impact; activating and accelerating collective and collaborative solution-finding.

Impact media is our systemic change vehicle as we remind women that the solutions most needed at this time are within us not beyond us.

PowHERhouse is a convener, catalyst and conduit born in 2000 from a desire to provide a clear, direct path for progressive impact. Success is measured differently for everyone, but The Leader Path exists to ensure that each one of us can mobilize our ultimate potential to experience deeply fulfilling lives.

PowHERhouse is deeply committed to the mobilization of more leaders seeking higher levels of leadership, including female leaders, and the amplification of their fullest impact.

  • LEAD, 2013-2019 | We have been building strong women who lead since 2013 with a foundation reaching back as far as 2000. Progressive performance and fundamental wholeness are key components of realizing the higher levels of leadership necessary to address global challenges at their root cause rather than continual distractions of their symptoms. Dedication to these principles comes from a deep understanding by PowHERhouse Founder + CEO, Charlene SanJenko, of the athletic mindset (aka the growth mindset), energy maximization and sustainability, and devoting a decade to on-the-ground research as a competitor, competitive coach, and seven years as a local government leader, leading global change at a community level.
  • MOBILIZE, 2020-2026 | Throughout the next seven years, PowHERhouse will scale our House of global impact. With a third-party media platform in place, online programming, and a proven mobilization process, the tools, lived experience, and collective wisdom needed are ready to mobilize HER potential to leader across industries, sectors, and geographical boundaries.
  • AMPLIFY, 2027-2033 | Our innovative vision for the future marries impact media with interactive technology. PowHERhouse becomes 'Netflix of impact'. Imagine short documentaries on PowHER TV that ripple the stories of women changing the world, supporting those ready on The Leader Path, and uniting their energy and effort through a subscription model that effectively provides meaningful connection, coordination and communication to mobilize global impact.

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  • An engaged community of 3,000+ women
  • 5,000+ readers per issue
  • Facebook 3,012+ likes
  • Twitter 2,880 followers, estimated reach 20,000 accounts and close to 60,000 impressions per tweet
  • Linked in 3,181 connections
  • Instagram 1,347 followers
  • You Tube 76.2K views
  • 2020/2021 LIVE Events, as we look to expand internationally, we anticipate potential interactions with women both online and at live gatherings, events, conferences and speaking engagements across Canada, Mexico, the U.S., India and Georgia between 2020 and 2025.

Distribution and Viewership of PowHER TV:  Our pilot season of PowHER TV was distributed across Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Calgary and Edmonton, airing of 20+x weekly with a viewership exceeding 700,000 viewers and a potential online audience of 22,000+ followers.  We look forward to the future development and production of Feed the Fire, a mini-documentary as well as the re-launch of PowHER TV 2.0 in 2021.

Welcome to our House. You are Home.  

Because every leader deserves the opportunity to make a world-class impact.