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WELCOMING BACK New Westminster & District Labour Council

OUR PATH FORWARD: Leading Boldly For A Diverse and Bright Future

PowHERhouse is excited to announce the return of OUR PATH FORWARD, an on-ramp program and incubator path for women and non-binary people who are curious about exploring what a future in public-facing governance and political leadership could look like for them.


This two-part political leadership initiative is a triad partnership with New Westminster & District Labour Council, reGEN media, and PowHERhouse. Now enjoying its third year of support for emerging political leaders, this project signals a continued commitment to advancing community-focused leadership by women and non-binary people. 

Women occupy only 29.6% of the seats in parliament. While this is the highest percentage in history growing 7.6% over the last twelve years, this increase does not reflect that representation is significantly lower for Indigenous, Black, and racialized women and gender diverse people who face multiple barriers of entry. At this rate, we know that closing the gap is still more than 30 years away and still does not address that under-representation in governance, and inadequate representation in leadership contributes to ongoing marginalization and inequality. In the 2021 federal election, 62 openly LGBTQ2S+ candidates ran for the major federal parties. Of those 62, eight won their seats, of which two were queer women. They now serve as MPs across the country.


In municipal governance, women make up only 19% of Canada’s mayors and only 12% of municipal councils across Canada have an equal or higher number than men. 


“PowHERhouse is honoured to walk beside New Westminster & District Labour Council as they deepen their commitment to changing the staggering statistics of women and non-binary people in governance. Fewer women run for office than men for a multitude of complex reasons, and while we continue to chip away at the systemic change that can take decades, the one thing we can do now is increase how many of us turn out to run for office. That is in our control today. We need to see ourselves as leaders first, and that power is in our hands.”

You're Invited!

This two part governance incubator for women and non-binary people begins on April 15th with an in-person LIVE gathering in New Westminster on Saturday morning, April 15th, an event produced and presented by reGEN media.


Date:  Saturday, April 15, 2023 | 9:15 am to 12 noon, doors open at 9 am

Location: Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC 

Registration opens mid-March.

Register below to receive further details.

Charlene (1)

“It is an honour to once again walk beside our partners at the NWDLC to make this initiative a reality. I am continually inspired by the individuals I meet who are eager to make a difference in their communities. If we want to create a sustainable change in how public leadership looks and feels in our communities, we need continued commitment to changing the political environment. We recently had strong leaders step away from office such as Jacinda Ardern (NZ) and Melanie Mark (BC) here in our home province. If we want to attract brave, bold, diverse leaders, we must create an environment that is safe, kind, and respectful where all are welcome to flourish. Our continued energy in this area is greatly needed!”

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Part two of this initiative sees the return of FIRST STEPS FORWARD, an interactive group cohort experience designed for emerging leaders dedicated to building resilience, awakening courage, and empowering personal confidence to step forward. 


First Steps Forward is a blended program of self-guided learning with real-time online gatherings that starts May 6th. The full experience combines three modules of learning with live (virtual) group sessions that are easily accessible and keep participants connected and accountable.

You can expect to:

  • Demystify the political process to find JOY in it! 
  • Set a solid foundation as a conscious citizen and leader.
  • Learn what a career in politics could look like for you.
  • Clarify what it means to be a good ancestor.
  • Identify your values and how you lead.
  • Say what you stand for clearly, confidently, and concisely. 
  • Vision a path forward, matching your readiness with your commitment
hillary b

“I am so grateful I got to be a part of the First Steps cohort. Coming into the experience felt like a leap. It felt a little scary, but because I wasn’t aware that I could grab on to knowing I am a leader. I was still waiting to be told. When this opportunity came up, it was a space where I was welcomed exactly as I was. I want more. I want to lead more. I want to do more. First Steps was life-changing for me. It opened doors and allowed me consider running for council… to consider running for leadership. To consider why I want to speak for diversity and inclusion and equity for something better, and to be a good ancestor… and what that really means.” - Hillary Bergshoeff

This partnership initiative was created to further the empowerment of IBPOC women and non-binary people to see themselves as the leaders they truly are, and to ignite a clear path to run for elected municipal office so we can build more inclusive, resilient, and healthy communities.

Janet Andrews NWDLC round (Small)

We are excited to once again partner with PowHERhouse to present this growth and development opportunity specifically for women and gender diverse leaders. We can only make systemic change in governance by recognizing the barriers people face and building out networks to ensure the leaders we need are fully supported in their journey before, during and beyond their election. If we want truly representative city councils and school boards we need to start with sustainable, inclusive foundations that every brilliant leader can rely on to shine.”

Previous Years 

2021 - Your Path Forward

2022 - Our Future, Your Path


Add yourself to the waitlist below and we will let you know as soon as registration is open for the April 15th event or submit your cohort application now to be considered for our upcoming interactive experience in May.

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