PowHERhouse is a community of practice for diverse leaders, changemakers and social impacters ready to walk a path of relational leadership for future generations.

We activate and amplify the relational work of changemakers. Since 2013, we have been working in circle to create a relational model of leading for individual and organizational changemakers, and amplifying their work. We are a community and platform committed to co-creating an interconnected world.

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Partnerships for CHANGEMAKING

PowHERhouse creates digital storytelling portfolios and impact media campaigns to fully activate the societal contribution you, as an industry changemaker, are here to make.

We work with social impact organizations, corporations who are ready to act beyond business, and individual changemakers committed to shifting the narrative for a better world. 

Meet our most recent organizational changemakers:

HILTI Partnership Announcement | Hilti

HILTI Partnership Announcement

              PARTNERSHIP-FOR-IMPACT ANNOUNCEMENT Hilti (Canada) Corporation and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner for impact.…

CUPS Partnership Announcement | Hilti

CUPS Partnership Announcement

PARTNERSHIP-FOR-IMPACT ANNOUNCEMENT CUPS and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner for impact. For over 30 years, CUPS has walked beside Calgarians…

2022 New Westminster & District Labour Council Announcement | Hilti

2022 New Westminster & District Labour Council Announcement

2022 PARTNERSHIP-FOR-IMPACT EXPANSION ANNOUNCEMENT The New Westminster & District Labour Council and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner again for a…

Welcoming WHEAT - A PowHERhouse Impact Initiative | Hilti

Welcoming WHEAT – A PowHERhouse Impact Initiative

Welcoming wheat Creating a Place for Everyone PowHERhouse is thrilled to announce a new impact initiative with WHEAT, an ally…

Indigenous Innovation Initiative | Hilti

Indigenous Innovation Initiative

INDIGENOUS INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP-FOR-IMPACT ANNOUNCEMENT Indigenous Innovation Initiative and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner for impact. Indigenous Innovation Initiative (“I3”) and…

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society Announcement | Hilti

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society Announcement

PIRS PARTNERSHIP-FOR-IMPACT ANNOUNCEMENT Pacific Immigrant Resources Society (PIRS) and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner for impact. Pacific Immigrant Resources Society…

Are you on The LEader Path?

We offer three paths of practice for individuals and teams who are ready to de-colonize leadership and re-imagine impact with us.

Our community of practice is designed to meet individual leaders where they are at in real-time experiential processes following our four part change-making model guided by the seven grandfather teachings. We draw on collective faith, grounded in our indigenous wisdom, for the leaders of today and the change-agents of tomorrow. 

First Steps

A ready-for-impact three module process for women leaders who crave clarity, a deeper level of commitment, and a steady plan for action to move forward.

The Leader Path

A responsive community of practice that follows a four point monthly activation and accountability rhythm for leaders to be supported as they move their impact-project, or approach forward for progressive change.


A government-approved national visibility training program for senior leaders. *government approved funding available.

Collective Listening and Collaborative Decision Making

Our FireCircle model and methodology is part of our change-making model for organizations, leaders, and artists of impact. This model is a practice of de-colonized leadership, listening, and seven generational solution-finding.

Each year, we offer a 3-day FireCircle experience for cross-sector leaders and social impacters around the world as we collectively listen, discuss and reimagine solutions to today's seemingly insurmountable problems.

In addition, we offer a 1-day FireCircle experience to assist global, national, and community organizations and teams discover the answers they need to the collective questions they have for the progressive decisions they are ready to make.


The Story of US

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STRESS + REST = GROWTH | 2023 Traction Impact Report and 2024 Areas of Focus

For those of you who appreciate a detailed list of 2023 Traction (CELEBRATORY WINS!) and 2024 Areas of Focus (WHAT WE'RE MOST EXCITED ABOUT!), here you go: CELEBRATING WINS - 2023 Traction and Impact Report COMING HOME For the Children ...
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Foundry Surrey – Stories of Care: Erin Harvie

Stories of Care Meet Erin Harvie, Community Partner Director, Community Building and Family Wellbeing, DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society "Youth as Fearless, Selfless Changemakers"" Why Foundry? ...young voices matter. Erin is grateful for ... ... the fearlessness of youth. Why Surrey? ...
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Foundry Surrey – Stories of Care: Tomas Reyes

Stories of Care Meet Tomas Reyes - Community Partner Executive Director for the Surrey-North Delta Division of Family Practice "Fostering Longitudinal Care" Why Foundry? ...now is the right time. Tomas is grateful for ... ... whole-community vision and collaboration Why ...
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Foundry Surrey – Stories of Care: George Passmore

Stories of Care Meet George Passmore, Community Partner Manager of Counselling and Addictions Services at Sources Community Resources "A place for youth to experience meaningful belonging" Why Foundry? ... real belonging leads to real change. George is grateful for ... ...
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Foundry Surrey – Stories of Care: Heather Lynch

Stories of Care Meet Heather Lynch, Community Partner Youth Services, Options Community Services Society "The Power of One Person Who Cares" Why Foundry? ... young people know what they need. Heather is grateful for ... ... that 'one person'. Why ...
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