A relational leadership initiative bringing leaders together in circle, over a virtual fire to explore what we know, what we want to understand, and what is possible for future generations.

Imagine gathering in a place where you are met with energy and respect. Where you are invited to have brave conversations. Imagine an interactive and integrated un-conference with less definitive answers and more re-imagining and inquiry; where there are less presentations and more presence; without powerpoints and instead, brave, heart-led conversations facilitated by hope-fueled truth tellers who encourage everyone to stay in the room.

Imagine listening and harvesting answers to what seems impossible as small groups emerge from what used to be boring break-out rooms, but are now collective circles of problem solving.

This is a FireCircle, and 2022 our theme is HEALING OUR SYSTEMS.

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A relational leadership initiative bringing  leaders together in circle, over a virtual fire to explore what we know, what we want to understand, and what is possible for future generations.

HEALING OUR SYSTEMS is the fourth FireCircle in a series of ten cross-sector gatherings hosted to advance the 2030 UN-SDG agenda of a more sustainable future for all people and the world by 2030.

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Day 1


SEPTEMBER 22nd 6:30pm pdt (90 min) - STORIES HEAL

Join us for FireCircle 2022's OPENING NIGHT celebration featuring reGEN media. What if media can be medicine? Meet reGEN's first slate of regenerative media projects. Hosted by PowHERhouse Founder and Impact Producer Charlene SanJenko, a modern day medicine woman who is taking the power of media in her own hands, and joined by special guests.

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Day 1 (1)


A morning of collective inquiry and reimagining to explore what we collectively know, what we want to understand, and what is possible beyond what seems impossible.

Hour 1 - The Inquiry: How do we heal our systems? With guest conversationalists (tba) from Healthcare, Governance & Politics, Business & Capitalism, Finance & Banking. This is an in depth process of inquiry, questioning six layers deep. 

Hour 2 - The Conversation: What are our wonderings? Our wants? Our Re-imaginings? What collective solutions might emerge if we listen more than we talk? This hour invites all participants of the FireCircle to engage in a breakout session to connect, design-think, and engage in collective visioning and solution finding inspired by the morning’s inquiry. 

Hour 3 - The Harvesting: What are the insights? Bigger questions? Clues? Answers? This final hour tracks the intersections of repetitive clues, statements and invitations that came from each conversation and inquiry session to clearly identify the direction of our next collective step forward.

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Day 1 (2)


SEPTEMBER 24th - 9am pdt (90 min) - CLOSING TALKING STICK 

Gather with us in a come-as-you-are morning designed to support the integration of the previous day’s learning through connection, listening and reflection. The first hour follows a traditional PowHERhouse wisdom circle with a brief check-in, followed by an emergent process of sharing, and closes with an invitation to those who would like to form a Braid of Activation over the coming year. 


What happens at the FireCircle doesn't stay there.

Your Voice matters.

Your Curiosity counts.


At the end of FireCircle 2022, PowHERhouse with Impact Arts will be creating and submitting a detailed Case for Support to the various levels of Government bodies, Labour Leaders, and Social Impact organizations who are in the position to bring forward the changes and reimaginings we gather through our conversations here with you, and at The Fire.


In co-creation with...

Included with your FireCircle Ticket

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  • The System We're In
    Get ready for FireCircle 2022 with our pre-event expert series featuring diverse leaders talking about the systems they're in: Healthcare, Governance, Finance and Banking, Business and Capitalism
  • 30 Day Whole Leader Reset
    Offering a decolonized approach to wellness through embodiment exercises, harnessing the energy of the moon, meditation, reflection, healthy recipes, and much more.
  • 30 Days FREE on The Leader Path
    A leadership 'gym' inviting leaders, changemakers and social impacters to lead in a relational way.

*For 30 Days Free

FireCircle is a process of inquiry, imagining, integration and implementation guided by relational ways of being to invite connection and conversation between global leaders, changemakers and social impactors across Turtle Island.



"What if all of the answers we need are already here? Bring your enthusiasm for a healthier, more sustainable future to the FireCircle. Together, we can activate the wisdom within us."

- Charlene SanJenko, Founder of PowHERhouse

“Be willing to ask hard questions. Be ready to hear challenging truths. Stay open and courageous enough to stay in the room when it looks like we’ll never get there, and listen again. The next steps are waiting for us to remember.” 

-Tina Overbury, Managing Director of PowHERhouse


Three Sessions over 3 Days with 3 Clear Intentions: To question, to listen, and to gather wisdom. Putting down our differences to reimagine and remember where we connect.

Three Sessions with Opening Night Artist of Impact Performance and Closing 2030 Leader Path Activation Ceremony. 

Imagine an online, interactive conference with fewer presentations and more presence. Imagine less PowerPoint and more truth-telling. Imagine a digital Fire to gather around, where participants are met with energy, respect, and held in a safe space for real, facilitated, honest conversations. Imagine… 

Are You Ready to Reimagine Our Systems?


Are you ready to...

  • Experience what decolonized decision making looks like
  • Bring your big questions to a room ready lean into change
  • Reimagine the systems that shape how you live
  • Meet likeminded leaders, changemakers and social impacters like you
  • Practice speaking up, bravely sharing your ideas
  • Stay in the room when your instincts are to leave
  • Remember all our relations
  • Participate in a relational leadership event changing the way we listen
  • Challenge your perspective by opening up to another’s
  • Listen to leaders who are just as passionate as you are
  • Restore your faith in collective conversations
  • Experience the wisdom of interconnectedness
  • Explore what it means to you to be a good ancestor
  • Learn how multi-generational decision making gets started

Even if you:

  • Are just starting on your leadership path
  • Are new to relational leadership
  • Feel awkward about speaking up or being in circle
  • Just want to listen
  • Are simply curious


You are welcome here. Bring your openess, awkwardness, skepticism, willingness and wild open heart. All parts of you are welcome here. 

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PowHERhouse is a community of practice for diverse leaders, changemakers and social impacters ready to walk a path of relational leadership for future generations.


Are you ready to join us at our fire?

Your Fire Circle Experience includes...

  • The System We're In - our pre-event expert series featuring diverse leaders talking about the systems they're in: Healthcare, Governance, Finance and Banking, Business and Capitalism
  • 4 Pre-Event “Wishes, Worries and Wonderings” FireCircle personal reflection sheets 
  • 3 Days Access to FireCircle 2022 - Healing Our Systems  
  • 1 - 90 minute Opening Night showcase: STORIES HEAL with Charlene SanJenko
  • 1 - 3 hour live, interactive and responsive Healing Our Systems circle
  • 1 - 90 minute post event Wisdom Circle
  • 3 - Post Event recordings
  • A place to share your thoughts, insights and suggestions with multiple layers of government in our post FireCircle report.
  • An opportunity to meet like-minded, forward thinking changemakers 
  • A chance to continue the conversation with your specific breakout group
  • Bonus - 30 Day Whole Leader Wellness Reset 
  • Bonus - 30 Days Free on The Leader Path

Join us for FireCircle 2022 - Healing Our Systems


Learn more about relational ways of being

Experience a circle of inquiry and conversation

Practice deep listening to invite multiple perspectives

Learn how to listen so as to lead

Experience a decolonized approach to solution finding

You are invited to Heal our Systems. At our fire we will question, listen and learn from each other.

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The System We're In - Get ready for FireCircle 2022 with our pre-event expert series featuring diverse leaders leaders talking about the systems they're in: Healthcare, Governance, Finance and Banking, Business and Capitalism.



Learn how stories heal. Meet reGEN's Indigenous Impact Media Producer and the Founder of PowHERhouse, Charlene SanJenko

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Participate in a morning of collective inquiry. Reimagine with leaders across four sectors of impact to explore what is possible beyond the impossible.

Healing Our Systems FireCircle. Include your voice, insights and imaginings. Participate in our interactive breakout sessions and let your thoughts be heard. 

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hand on heart

Wisdom Circle. Join us for a 90 minute integration morning to share your thoughts and reconnect with the group as you step into all that is next.



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You will leave with...

An awakened sense of a global community

An experience of relational leadership

Possibility in your heart and purpose in your mind

New like-minded relationships with people who are ready to make a difference

The next steps of bold action for a healthier future

An example of what braided leadership looks like

Hope to heal our systems

Tips, tools, and offerings to support you as a relational leader

A decision to lead differently

Book your seat

Early Bird Tickets $77 + tax (Until August 15th)

Regular Ticket Pricing $107 + tax

Recordings Only $37 + tax released AFTER the FireCircle

For organizations only:  Table of 6 $450+GST

(Included with table of 6: A facilitated 60 minute Braiding in the Boardroom conversation with PowHERhouse, The System We're In conversation series, tickets to: Sept. 22nd Opening Night, Sept. 23rd private break-out room during FireCircle 2022, and Saturday's Sept. 24th Wisdom Circle, 30 DAYS on The Leader Path, and 30 Day Whole Leader Reset)

Join us for FireCircle - Healing Our Systems