PowHERhouse prepares to welcome filmmaker Dianne Whelan home

JULY 2021 | Artist of Impact Update - Coming Home - After six years, filmmaker and author Dianne Whelan is set to complete her journey in Victoria, BC on August 1st

Award-winning filmmaker and multimedia artist, Dianne Whelan, is on the final leg of her monumental trip across the world’s longest recreational trail, the Trans Canada Trail, which connects the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans. Whelan is expecting to arrive in Victoria on August 1. When she does so, she’ll become the first person to complete the water and land trails of this epic traverse of Canada.

500 Days in the Wild is a feature documentary that 'Dee' has been filming along her ecological and reconciliation pilgrimage about an artist’s journey to look for lost wisdom on the world’s longest trail. A story that calls us back to a place of reverence for the earth. 

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"I am an artist of settler descent. My mother is Acadian with ancestral roots on this land that go back to the 1600s and my father is a Newfoundlander whose ancestors arrived from Ireland in the early 1800s. On this journey, I wanted to pay my respect to Indigenous people on this land whose ancestors date back 10,000 years. I was taught there is no word for forgiveness in the Mi’kmaq language, the literal translation of the word means, to make things right. I hope what I have carried in my heart on this journey and the art made from it will be a ripple on those healing waters."

~ Dianne Whelan

PowHERhouse is pleased to be working closely with Dianne as an Impact Producer, building relationships, support, momentum, and awareness throughout the film's production and launch. 

In partnership with two incredible social organizations, you can now play a significant support role in helping us to fundraise for this project and receive a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution to creative impact through the artistry of filmmaking. Together, we can provide the opportunity for complete creative control to remain in the hands of Dianne as a truly independent filmmaker and her amazing team of producers, editors, interns, and of course, impact champions.

The Project - Dianne’s journey began almost six years ago, Canada Day, July 1, 2015, when she set out on an ecological pilgrimage to honour the land, the water, our ancestors, and to search for the wisdom needed to protect the earth for future generations, while simultaneously filming a documentary about the experience. The feature documentary culled from hundreds of hours of filming will be a weave of adventure film, personal reflections, and stunning captures of wildlife and landscapes. The people she encounters are indigenous elders she pays her respects to along the way, friends who occasionally join her on the trail, and locals in thecommunities she passes through.
DIANNE WHELAN is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker, photographer, author, and multimedia artist. She is no stranger to shooting indie films in extreme locations. She’s filmed on Mt. Everest for her award-winning documentary film 40 Days at Base Camp and on the most northern coastline of Canada for This Land.
For more information, or to schedule an interview with Dianne Whelan, please contact Charlene SanJenko, Indigenous Impact Producer

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