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Kathryn Pollack

Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy and Resources

Kathryn Pollack, a keenly attuned and accountable senior leader who believes in bringing your whole self to each moment and everything you are to all that you do.

An Assistant Deputy Minister for the Government of Saskatchewan, Kathryn leads five branches for the Ministry of Energy and Resources. She thrives to create strong, dynamic teams where meaningful conversation and connection weave the fabric of full engagement and ultimate performance.



A highly challenging task combined with a high level of skill is more likely to result in a state of flow.

That being said, to be in flow, we need to believe that what we are trying to achieve is doable, or else we risk moving into a state of anxiety.

What comes to mind when you think of the word "flow"?

It might make you think of a calm and peaceful moment, some people would even suggest that it is a state of being passive.

For me, flow is energy, and it makes me feel energetic. Flow is about being in the moment, completely immersed in the present, and using your gifts to their full potential. It's about being completely engaged, often in the process of creating something new. When we are in that moment, we connect to an inner state of effortless and spontaneous action.

Kathryn P


The value of ensuring student leaders feel SEEN.

In mid-October, Kathryn MC’d the 46th Annual Hill Dinner for the Hill and Levene Schools of Business at University of Regina thanks to a gracious invitation by Dr. Gina Grandy.

The dinner convened 700 business leaders, including 250 students. It provided an opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow to create meaningful connections with those in the community in the position to guide, sponsor, mentor, and provide insights based on their experience.

“Coming together to create these important opportunities for purposeful encounters and intentional interactions is so important in terms of cultivating growth and support for upcoming leaders. We all have the ability to LIFT leaders up, and I’m grateful for the Annual Hill Dinner and the opportunity to continue doing so!” - KP


I have mistakenly viewed myself as a perfectionist.

I realize now that I wasn’t striving for perfection; I was striving for excellence.

Perfection is not achievable. Excellence is accessible when we dig in and get gritty.

Angela Lee Duckworth popularized the concept of Grit in her book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance but the construct dates back to the 19th century. In fact, as far back as Aristotle, tenacity and perseverance were viewed as virtues.

Grit gives us the ability to stick to long-term goals and keep going despite adversity.

To me: Grit is tenacity, resilience and a thick skin.


Kathryn is a high-integrity, energetic leader known for building trust-rich relationships and leveraging those relationships to accelerate business dealings.

Kathryn's unique expression of leadership was born within a career of professional dance where flow, fluidity, and flexibility are balanced with grit, tenacity, and a 'thick skin'.  These qualities and attributes have provided a solid foundation and successful transition for Kathryn into leadership positions in the corporate world.

Kathryn is passionate about developing people, teams and relationships, utilizing the principles of harmony, synchronization, and trust to coalesce around a common vision or direction.

Born and raised in Regina, Kathryn followed her heart and her dreams to Toronto, Montreal, back to Toronto, then Calgary, finally returning home to Regina for the crescendo of her career. With her extensive business experience spanning small-to-medium businesses, large corporations, crown corporations and non-profits, Kathryn has leveraged her innate ability to build relationships and trust quickly with others in her work in land acquisition and public consultation, as well as in leadership roles leading and building teams. 

Kathryn's Leadership Pillars


In 2019, Kathryn is looking forward to building meaningful relationships with other leaders in the public, private and non-profit sector that can be leveraged into partnerships on key initiatives to deliver meaningful action and results. 


Kathryn is a rare gem - not only is she an incredibly competent, creative, versatile and results driven leader, she is grounded and has an amazing ability to provide perspective in trying times.

Kathryn is one of those people who lifts and inspires others. I feel privileged to know her, and I jump at any opportunity that comes my way to work  with her. 

Dr. Gina Grandy

Dean, Hill and Levene Schools of Business, University of Regina

Kathryn is an inspiring person, she has a potent mix of great communication skills, strategic thinking with a down to earth 'get it done' attitude. 

She is also a very genuine person who believes in building long term relationships, and can be trusted to deliver.  This has been reflected her leadership, with everyone in her team being inspired to give their best, feeling valued and continually motivated by her creative approaches.

Matthew Wood, PhD, PMP

Vice President Technology

Western Potash Corp.


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