Angiola Oddo

Co-Founder of The Change Builders

Angiola Oddo is a forward focused, trauma informed, progressive family and relationship mediator who works passionately in today’s shifting landscape of relationship and family norms. She understands inclusivity, diversity and complexity. She invites us to consider that what challenges us the most is also the most hopeful and potentially transformative. 

Angiola is a speaker, space holder and compassionate architect for the future of family relationships. 

As a mediator and the founder of The Change Builders, she is ready to shift the staggering statistics of broken families to one grounded in future focused connection. She offers that ‘when we really know how to be in relationship we become much stronger as an individual, which ripples out and impacts not only our families, but society as a whole’. Today’s relationships are complex. We are polyamorous, we are transgendered, we are co-parenting through multiple marriage dynamics. We are neuro-diverse. We are choosing to couple and un-couple, and we are re-imagining old traditions while creating new ones. Angiola understands this, and invites us to create a legacy of relationship that is harmonious and rooted in connection. 


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Welcome to The House Angiola Oddo

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Angiola's Ancestral Story

Angiola Oddo lives on the ancestral and unceded homelands of the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh peoples in North Burnaby, BC Canada, part of Turtle Island. She is first generation Italian-Canadian, Sicilian from her mother’s paternal side, and of French royalty from her mother’s maternal side. She is the mother to two daughters who share their father’s multi-generational Canadian heritage of Scottish and English origin, but they both will definitely say ‘they are as much Italian as anything else.

“I want to transform how we do relationships. Everybody has a story they’re coming from, but what about the story you want? It’s your life, you’re responsible for it and you’ve created it. It doesn’t mean it’s your fault, it means you have choice. When you understand that you can change your outcome.” 

Angela's Leadership Pillars

What's Next?

Angiola is ready to take The Change Builders organization and turn it into a forward focused, relationship building movement. Her work is about inclusivity, saying yes, and building family systems and agreements that reflect the complexity of today’s family. 

Everything that happens at The Change Builders is about transformation. People often walk into her office believing they are at a crossroads or possibly in the middle of a crisis  until Angiola turns it around by inviting each person to consider that they are actually at their next beginning.  Angiola reminds us that if we’re creating a  story to live by, let’s create a great one