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Jay Ann Gilfoy

Jay-Ann Gilfoy

CEO, Vancity Community Investment Bank

Jay-Ann Gilfoy, a visionary senior leader who develops high-performing teams with a future-oriented focus on people, purpose + profits all operating at their highest potential.

Appointed the new CEO of Vancity Community Investment Bank effective March 1st, 2018, Jay-Ann is leading a bold impact-driven mission dedicated to redefining success in the finance sector, ensuring measurements include not only profit but also indicators for how communities are strengthened and how our planet benefits as a whole. 



I recently had the opportunity to sit on a panel to discuss the use of our competitive advantage for the primarily purpose of social good.

Think about it: How would you deep-dive into a conversation that explores maximizing your competitive advantage for the primary purpose of social good?

I shared a few thoughts from my perspective as the CEO of Vancity Community Investment Bank where our mission is to put finance to work for organizations trying to live to a higher social purpose.

Our competitive advantage is making this work.

Collective Wisdom and Teams

Harnessing the Power of Our People

If you read about organizational transformation in today’s literature, it typically focuses on adopting new processes like agile, introducing new digital technologies, or completing mergers and acquisitions to accelerate momentum.

In my experience, organizational transformation can never be ultimately successful without consideration and attention to securing in place the right team with a plan to engage and orchestrate top performance.

People first.

for Balance

Where are we at in Canada and globally with our goal of forging a more gender-balanced world?

As the CEO of a national organization, community leader and mother, there is a deep sense of responsibility to do my part.

What exactly does that look like? How does it show up, every day?

Our core values come alive with our daily decisions. What are the small wins we are celebrating each day that move us towards greater balance?


Vancity Community Investment Bank

Vancity Community Investment Bank to acquire CoPower in move to scale Impact Finance Business.  This acquisition will combine strengths and creates synergies in financing clean energy and social purpose real estate sectors.

Vancity invests in GTA to build healthier communities

Vancity Community Investment Bank will offer impact lending and advisory services to mission-driven businesses and not-for-profit sector.

While at Vancity, Jay-Ann led the development and implementation of a new core banking system, the first milestone of the credit union’s technology roadmap and a foundational element in the organization's commitment to better serve its members. She also provided strategic oversight to digital literacy, core technology infrastructure, technology solutions, digital products and fin-tech partnerships working on the strategy to connect financial services and impact onto a digital platform.

Jay-Ann is passionate about finding ways to bring new values-based approaches to financial services to life, developing people and fostering a work environment that encourages employees to learn, grow and excel.

Originally from Toronto, Jay-Ann brings more than 15 years’ experience as a senior executive. She draws on a wealth of transformation and change management expertise from previous roles in Crown, private and municipal organizations including the B.C. Lottery Corporation and Coast Capital Savings where she served as the Chief Transformation Officer. During her time at Coast Capital, Jay-Ann created an innovative human resources plan that significantly increased employee engagement results, and redesigned the executive suite for improved governance.  She is currently completing her Institute of Corporate Directors designation.

Jay-Ann's Leadership Pillars


Jay-Ann is being bold to change the landscape and is looking to speak with others committed to doing the same.  She is currently open to selective invitations to speak and contribute on meaningful task forces, committees and boards.
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