Leadership Insights by Jay-Ann Gilfoy

Leaving a legacy that lives on far after we do is of top importance to any leader.

Do we tie that legacy back into our children?  Or do we hold it separate and apart?

I believe that parenting is our most powerful profession.

My children are now 19 and 22.  ………..



Investing in my kids has taught me so much, and the learning continues!


A few key highlights include:

  • Absolute acceptance.  How do I best nurture and fully understand the unique personality of my child, doing everything possible to facilitate the growth and development of Who my child is and all that makes him or her so incredibly special?
  • Ask for help when you need it. A strong base of support allows you, your children, and your family to thrive.  Counsellors, coaches, mentors and neighbours all have an important role to play.  It takes a village to raise a child.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Act out your investment: Purposefully and proactively use your time with your children as an investment into your children.  Don’t tell them, show them.


Do we place top value on our families in our North American culture?

Do our priorities demonstrate the value we say we are placing on them?


Our children are our legacy.  Invest in them.

Jay-Ann Gilfoy, a visionary senior leader who develops high-performing teams with a future-oriented focus on people, purpose + profits all operating at their highest potential.  Learn more about Jay-Ann here.


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