Leadership Insights by Jay-Ann Gilfoy

Life doesn't always turn out as you think it could have or should have. 

Failure and challenges are inevitable, and knowing how to pick yourself up, love yourself and make choices that take you to a new place is important to leading a fulfilling life even in the face of adversity. 

One person's mountain is another's hill...


Three things I have learned about resiliency fall under the themes of Roots, Relationships and Realizations.


Roots: Where do your roots lie? How deep are they?

When life throws you a curve ball, and it inevitably will, you will be rocked to your very core. The question is, do you have a foundation that allows you to rock back?

Do you have a solid point of reference or grounding anchor that pulls you back even in the greatest storm?

Relationships: Our power to live and lead resiliently, to recover from hardships or tragedy, is directly correlated to the quality and depth of our relationships.

When we feel that we can’t possibly go on, it is our relationships that carry us.

Love heals.

Realizations: Life is full of contrast.

Some of our greatest wins and our ability to reap the most fulfilling rewards are born out of pure discomfort, anguish, and absolute failure. The opportunity to grow, learn and fully appreciate contrast is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned. An ice-cold drink on a hot day. An intimate family visit never more precious than after too much time has past.



The ability to be resilient is the power to return to ‘original form’.

Maybe that’s not the point. I believe the greatest rewards we will reap from the failures and adversity we face will leave us forever changed, different, and better.


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