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Shannon Waters | Public Health + Preventive Medicine Physician, Connector and Hope Builder


Transforming our collective healing journey.

I build hope to power the journey for Indigenous women, children and families in my home territory and inspire a ripple of positive change across the country and world-wide."

 "Walking. I am listening to a deeper way.  Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.  Be still, they say.  Watch and listen.  You are the result of the love of thousands.” 

- Linda Hogan

Shannon is mixed blood, Coast Salish, Hul'qumi'num on her mother's side, and Swedish, Hungarian and Scottish on her father's side. 

She approaches healing holistically, and while training in medicine often felt caught between two worlds. Now Shannon fully embraces bridging Indigenous and 'Western' worldviews while promoting, protecting and advocating for health in her home territory, the Cowichan Valley region. The overarching priorities in her leadership in health include:

  • Maternal/Child/Family Health
  • Mental Wellness
  • Our Changing Environment

These priorities can also be described respectively as where we will get the highest return on our investment, where we have the largest burden and where we have the most significant threat. Some have said these priorities seem like a lot and are all over the map. Shannon sees them as intricately linked, with HOPE underpinning the mental health and resilience that our children and future generations will need to thrive in the uncertainty of our changing environment.

Shannon's unique differentiators are:

  • Grounded in the connectedness of all things
  • Passionate communicator who brings enriched context through story
  • Maximizer of situations optimized by inclusively involving different views



Shannon works with health organizations, local governments, provincial governments, First Nations and others to build strong foundations for children, families and communities to thrive.
Currently Shannon is focusing on the governance, protection, quantity and quality of water in her home territory - and beyond - and its importance as a source for drinking, an environment for food sources, a place for recreation/solace/cultural practices and a contributor to both our air quality and our economy.
If you are involved in health/healing work that would benefit from a connected, wholistic discussion, presentation or keynote, Shannon is happy to share her experience, knowledge and perspective to ground things and share views on maximizing the situation.


Testimonials to come.


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