Leadership insights by Leanna Falkiner

Leanna Falkiner helps companies harness digital disruption while balancing profits and purpose. A successful female entrepreneur who ignites brands and grows companies across the financial services and technology sectors, positioning them to excel in the digital economy. PowHERhouse had the opportunity to speak with Leanna about her perspective on how businesses can position themselves for growth during one of the world’s biggest disruptive events along with balancing work demands with being a mom to an active preschooler.

Leanna Falkiner on Disruption Growth and Stewardship in Today's Economy

PH (PowHERhouse): You refer to yourself as a growth architect. What does that look like for companies who engage with you?

LF (Leanna Falkiner): Yes, I've been intentional about the term. I’m a growth architect who specializes in helping businesses harness digital disruption to power profitable growth. My success has been rooted in helping clients unlock market opportunities by building data-driven strategies that fuel bottom-line results while amplifying their social purpose. This holistic approach builds digital maturity in companies, positioning them for growth and competitive advantage.


PH: We're in a period of unprecedented disruption, what advice would you offer businesses looking to harness it?

LF: The pandemic triggered a burst in companies rapidly adopting digital technologies. Driving a growth agenda during an economic downturn requires prudent capital and cost management combined with an offensive strategy focused on re-prioritizing investments such as advancing digital capabilities. As we navigate this crisis, I encourage business leaders to maximize short-term flexibility while evolving to meet future customer needs. By embracing a proactive approach your business will not just survive, it can thrive.


PH: What advice would you offer female entrepreneurs?

LF: It's an exciting time, entrepreneurship is on the rise and women are driving most of that activity. My experience as an entrepreneur and collaborating with clients has shown that it takes a diversity of skill sets to grow and operate a successful business, that's where a network can be incredibly valuable. I encourage women to build a network of champions with connections across sectors, disciplines and tenures. Your network doesn’t have to be large to be effective. It’s the quality of these connections that will support and enrich your entrepreneurial journey. No one makes it alone.

"Placing people before profits is my DNA. I believe we can generate wealth in a manner that furthers our financial, social and environmental well-being." 

- Leanna Falkiner

PH: How do you balance the human and digital customer experience?

LF: Customers are demanding an integrated and seamless experience. Digital platforms provide real-time insights and the ability to purchase items quickly and conveniently. When customers look to perform complex financial transactions, place a custom order or seek product advice we still prefer human interaction. It's important for businesses to strike the right balance between digital automation and human touch to deepen customer loyalty.


PH: How has becoming a mom shaped you?

LF: It's been a game-changer. Priorities shift and the prism through which I evaluate decisions has changed. Parenting is a discovery process that you can help steward, but much of the complexity comes down to external forces beyond your control. It brings me joy to celebrate the accomplishments and diversity of the little person I am nurturing. It’s the ultimate legacy project.


PH: Businesses need to balance profit and purpose. What are your thoughts on growing responsibly?  

LF: Placing people before profits is my DNA. I embrace a values-driven leadership style, focused on driving commercial outcomes with a deep appreciation for building healthy communities. In architecting growth strategies, I expertly unlock market opportunities while positioning businesses onto sustainable trajectories, where both a healthy bottom line and community stewardship prosper. I believe we can generate wealth in a manner that furthers our financial, social and environmental well-being. As professionals and as parents, we have an obligation to pay it forward.

Recently, Leanna Falkiner was selected as one of 28 top-performing women leaders from 14 countries to participate in the International Women’s Forum (IWF) Fellows Program. Working to advance the next generation of female executives, the Fellows program offers a year-long, intensive executive development experience with training from Harvard Business School and INSEAD Executive Education. Now, in its 26th year, this customized leadership training accelerates the career path of senior executives.

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PowHERhouse is thrilled to be amplifying Leanna Falkiner as a leader in harnessing digital disruption across the financial services and technology sectors. She is a PowHERhouse because of her exceptional intellect, commercial agility and talent for accelerating the innate potential of companies. She is a driven, yet humble executive who models values-based leadership, always seeking growth strategies that make both businesses and communities thrive.  

- Charlene SanJenko

Leanna Falkiner, a successful female entrepreneur who ignites brands and grows companies across the financial services and technology sectors, positioning them to excel in the digital economy. Learn more about Leanna here.

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