What is the next chapter of impact you are leading into, in the coming 12 months?

Let's bring it to life!

"Imagination and faith are the secrets of creation." ~ Neville Goddard

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or you’ve been exploring the power of your intention fuelled by your imagination and its relationship to your impact for awhile, we invite you to work with us to access the next chapter of your impact vision.

We all have something we feel compelled to do. It's as unique to each of us as our fingerprints are. The difference between hearing the call and answering it can be the source of both your greatest complexity and the experience of deeply powerful fulfillment.

At PowHERhouse, our impact development incubator, AMPLIFY!, uses a proven proprietary process that walks you through the embodied experience of bringing your unique impact to life. We've been championing changemakers for over a decade, and we can't wait to walk beside you!

Our 90-day readiness process is where we begin.

The PowHERhouse Impact Network will be announcing opportunities in 2024 in publishing, program development, live events, impact media, and more. Join us now to start your preparation and access these upcoming opportunities!

"If you weren't called, you wouldn't be compelled."

AMPLIFY | Ahava Schachter-Zarembski

Celebrating 10 Years of Championing Changemakers DRIVING WORLDWIDE POSITIVE CHANGE. TOGETHER. Ahava Schachter-Zarembski drives worldwide positive change through strategic collaboration, effective communication, and the constant exploration of sustainable solutions. Ahava leads dynamic global impact syndication projects. She is a designer,  community builder, women’s advocate, and spiritual leader who models her mantra, “Let go and see…

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Sarah Jessie Tucker

Celebrating 10 Years of Championing Changemakers poetry and prose to challenge patriarchy Creative Entrepreneur & Innovative Business Consultant Sarah Jessie Tucker is a truth-seeker, poet, and memoirist. As a creative entrepreneur, she brings a straightforward and decolonial approach to grant writing and editing. Sarah is a former law clerk who graduated from the Writer’s Studio…

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Protected: Shauna Moran

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Your Impact Activation starts here:

Step 1:  Creative Clarity Conversations

Your onboarding process with PowHERhouse includes three 90-minute clarity conversations to explore:

  • Who you are (your story)
  • What brought you here (your journey)
  • Where you’re going (your impact vision); and,
  • What you are readying yourself for next (your path).

Over the past decade, PowHERhouse has developed a proven proprietary process that walks beside changemakers to champion their impact.

Step 2:  Impact Mobilization Strategy

Your impact mobilization strategy outlines your gameplan - your path forward - over the next 12 months, including your:

  • Point of impact
  • Impact narrative; and,
  • Impact vision and milestones

to best activate your impact moving forward and prepare to amplify its ripple.

Step 3:  From the Page to the Stage - Expansive Impact Amplification Readiness

The implementation, integration, and embodiment of your impact vision come to life as we journey through the experience you are most looking to create.

We utilize storytelling and creative expression to craft your future-self script and bring your compelling impact vision to life.


Amplification Readiness ('AMPLIFY') is an important preparatory step before choosing your expansive impact vehicle ~ be it a book, a talk, a micro film, the next chapter of your business... the experience you most want to live and lead into next.

Writing your next chapter of expansive impact is a key part of our process. 

Impact Amplification vehicles:

When you've been through the three steps, together we choose the best-matched impact amplification vehicle to ripple out your story in 2024.

  • PowHERhouse AMPLIFY profile;
  • Short film or mini-documentary production;
  • Book publishing;
  • Public speaking;
  • Event participant;
  • Pitch development;
  • Podcast production; or,
  • Curated global partnerships outreach 

Additional Aligned Offerings Available:

For Artists:  Sustainability Strategies, including grant writing services

For Groups: 

  • Strategic Impact & Self-Care Offsite Retreats
  • Creative Impact Visioning Circles - Vehicle and Venture

It starts with a conversation.

Not sure if you're ready to take this step?

  • How does your impact want to live in the world?
  • Is there a book, talk, or short film in your future?
  • Writing into your next chapter is our next step.

Book in today, and let’s prepare you for the experience you are most looking to enjoy in 2024 as you live out your expansive impact in the world.