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Who am I? What is it all about? What is my purpose?

What was I put here on earth to accomplish?

How often do you ask yourself these types of questions?

Throughout all phases of my life, I have repeatedly asked them.

So much so, at times I wondered what was wrong with me. Why was I always questioning?  

Couldn't I just settle?

Recently I read Brendon Burchard's book High Performance Habits. His research found that the search for clarity is a habit of high-performing leaders.

Phew, I thought, OK, I'm not that weird after all...

Kathryn Pollack - CLARITY

It turns out that high-performing leaders engage in an ongoing search for clarity: 

  • What is my purpose?  
  • What is the purpose of this organization?  
  • Who am I here to serve?  
  • How can I best serve those who need me?  

High-performers consistently think about who they want to be and how to become that.

They can also describe with great clarity how they want to feel in future endeavors.

Clarity isn't something we have or don't have, it's not something we are born with. 

Clarity is something we cultivate.

It takes effort, energy and focus. 

This is a set of questions that I use to help me generate clarity. 

  • Who am I? 
  • Where am I?
  • Why am I where I am? 
  • What am I going to do about that? 

When we start this journey of clarity, it's easier to explore these questions with greater specificity through a micro lens. Essentially, answer them with today in mind. As you get more familiar with this kind of introspection, it starts to get easier to ponder these questions at a macro level; over a 3-year period or, if you are ready for it, your lifetime. 

As we live, we change, we evolve. Our answers to these fundamental questions may also shift, change and evolve. Be okay with that. It's growth. As Michelle Obama says, we are "Becoming", we don't arrive and then we are done.

If you are interested in welcoming this kind of reflection in your life, you need to create space for it. Set aside time for it in the morning or at the end of the day. Exploring practices like meditation or journalling helps. There are many materials out there that can help you to start meditating or journalling. I recommend using them so you feel less intimated.

We've got one shot at this amazing thing called life. Well-cultivated clarity helps us to make the most of it. 

Kathryn Pollack, a keenly attuned and accountable senior leader who believes in bringing your whole self to each moment and everything you are to all that you do. Learn more about Kathryn here.

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