Lifting Robyn Soulier-Ritchot

Coach, Emerging Facilitator and Speaker, and the Founder of Eagle Medicine Coaching

MEET Indigenous Entrepreneur Robyn Soulier-Ritchot



Eagle Medicine

Coaching and Empowering Indigenous Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Changemakers

Robyn Soulier-Ritchot, “Spotted Eagle Women” is a First Nations Oji-Cree Women from Treaty 1 Territory of the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation and she’s a graduate of Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship from Red River College, and Health and Human Services Management from Bow Valley College. She is a woman from a bloodline of storytellers, leaders and people who understand contribution, stewardship and hardwork. She is a daughter, grand-daughter and carrier of dreams from her ancestors who are with her all the time, doing work with her from the spirit world. She says: “I am my Grandmother’s prayers.”


She is the founder and creator of Eagle Medicine, with a passion to help other Indigenous Leaders and Entrepreneurs to step into the entrepreneurial leader they are by changing their mindset, empowering their beliefs and confidently realizing their potential. She chose this because uplifting and empowering others through listening and coaching is her gift. It’s also her way to help other Indigenous people to inspire change and create a mental model around social good through their business ventures. 


“When entrepreneurs see themselves as leaders in their community they can step forward in a good way and create that rippling effect of social change.”


Her dream was always to work in a career helping others because she remembers needing a way out of the dysfunction lifestyle she was once leading. She promised herself and those around her as she began her healing journey by finding her way back to her culture and attending ceremonies that she would make a positive impact within her community. Robyn has lived all over Manitoba and now resides on Treaty 7 Territory - Mohkinstsis (Calgary, AB). 

"I am honoured to have the opportunity to do these things. My grandmothers come to me in my dreams and I know my ancestors are proud of me.  With eagle medicine, I am here to help others find their voice and to help them show up in all that Creator has made them to be. I want to tell your story, and I hope my story will resonate as medicine for you too." -  Robyn Soulier-Ritchot

Robyn's Impact Statement

Robyn wants Indigenous entrepreneurs to be empowered and their voices heard. She wants the core of Indigenous ways of being ‘as one’ to be better understood, recognized and appreciated. Her hope is to put creating social good front and center with guiding principles that are in balance with mother earth  within all of the businesses she supports. She knows that when working in harmony and respect for the land, our future generations will thank us. She loves her community and honors her roots as a First Nations woman; her work and actions reflect the responsibility we as Indigenous people hold.


A New Legacy | RavenTalks

Listen to Robyn as she honours her passage from the stars, her families scars and the medicine she carries for future generations. 

Eagle Medicine

Learn how medicine comes in many forms: ceremony, speech, poetry, art, music, dancing, activism, sunsets, laughter, dreams, sitting in a sharing circle, speaking in your truth.

Vanessa (2)

“Robyn is the embodiment of heart-centered leadership. She speaks her truth in a way that is authentic to who she is and at the same time inspires and uplifts others” - Vanessa Lesperance, LIFT Circle Lead



“Helping, healing and finding my way through this work is what I was always destined to do. That’s why I created Eagle Medicine.”

- Robyn Soulier-Ritchot

The LIFTing Your Leadership program is a cohort experience for 12  Indigenous women and non-binary entrepreneurs, and is a combination of leadership and business development activities (created by LIFT) and story amplification (by PowHERhouse). The project is rooted in decolonized leadership development and steeped in Indigenous ways of knowing and being. This project has been made possible with support from The Indigenous People’s Resilience Fund which is built upon the resiliency of, and guided by, Indigenous Peoples to support Indigenous communities.