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Tina Ruysseveldt

Indigenous Author, Inspirational Speaker, Mental Health Advocate, Registered ICU Nurse, Creator of The LiveWell Recipe, and 10 years in Recovery.

Inspiring courage with her story to make compassionate truth-telling a self-care and mental health practice of unpolished perfection for greater individual and collective well-being. Tina asks audiences to Own their Truth, Live Truthfully and Dare to trust the Truth.

Tina resides in Tkaronto (Toronto, Canada) on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples. She is a proud member of the Six Nations of the Grand River.


Episode #9 - GFH w Tina R

GATHER for HER with Tina

Tina Ruysseveldt was welcomed to GATHER for HER, a weekly conversation that answers the need for leaders who can operate within a different framework and capabilities. An up-level of perspective with a responsive skillset and a clear process to make decisions is required for this new terrain. These are wisdom gathering conversations following the PowHERhouse FireCircle model of group listening for HER.

MORE ABOUT Tina Ruysseveldt

As the author of The Courage To Be True and the creator of the LiveWell RecipeTM, Tina’s important message of hope is informed by her own well-being journey through cancer, sobriety and recovery, and as an ICU nurse. She knows first hand that it’s not a given to wake up and be well. It is a daily practice of making positive choices and taking action.

Her story, energy, and approach invites audiences to start taking their life seriously and  elevate their baseline through courageous truth telling and using her method of compassionate living. She wants you to know: she did it and you can too.

Tina's Leadership Pillars

What's Next?

Audiences ready to take charge of their lives and live well. Tina is ready to inspire your organization with her workshops and message of hope, helping you and your team to courageously peel back the layers and allow the truth to be your advantage. Your teams will leave equipped to actualize their dreams by bringing a deeper sense of wellness to their work and life. She is ready for you to know: when we live in truth and take responsibility for our lives, great things happen.


Charlene (1)

The PowHERhouse Team recently enjoyed Tina's 'Best Version of Ourselves' virtual lunchtime powHERhour! As a team, it's great to come together for an inspirational, make-you-think session that reminds us not to take our lives or each other for granted. Tina tackles a hard topic - SECRETS - in her session, which I really appreciated.

Let's start talking about what's really weighing us down, honestly and truthfully.

Let's start talking about all we need to release in order to soar but individually and collectively. Thank you, Tina!

Charlene SanJenko

PowHERhouse Founder + CEO
Zoe profile

I had the pleasure of attending one of Tina's workshops with my team at PowHERhouse Impact Media - It was the perfect way to spend a lunch hour. Tina openly and honestly shared pieces of her own personal story with us, creating a safe, trusting space for everyone to ask questions and share thoughts. Learning about Tina's LiveWell Recipe is a game changer, it is a simple, easily implementable, and super effective way to shift the way I move through my day ensuring I am always focused on allowing my best self to emerge. Tina's mantra "Do what I can, with what I have, where I am, today." will be something I remind myself of constantly. Thank you Tina!

Zoe Gray

Digital Storyteller & Strategist
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