Leezá Carlone Steindorf

Executive Coach, PowHERhouse Relational Leadership Trainer, Amplify Coach and Facilitator

Leezá is honored to be a mother of two lit-up, kind and inspiring young adults and best friends. Being grounded in nature, she spends as much time as possible with trees, rivers, mountains, deserts and all beings dwelling there. Much of her life has been spent learning from indigenous peoples of Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand and Turtle Island, having lived abroad most of her life, traveling to and working with more than 35 cultures over the past 30 years. 

Leezá’s work is rooted in the freedom from untangling our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours through the Genius of NonJudgment, as well as in honoring the innate and untouched value of all beings, starting with ourselves. Her strategic thinking and practical tools help individuals and organizations gain clarity amid confusion, simplify structures out of complexity, and transform tension into ease and confidence. 

Leezá is an Executive Coach for the Forbes Coaches Council, a Canfield Success Trainer, former Tony Robbins Results Coach and host of the public TV show “Live With Leeza”. She is a certified ICF Executive and Life Coach, Mediator, Trainer & Group Facilitator, and NonViolent Communication Trainer. She holds a degree in Business Management. Leezá's internationally acclaimed and accredited CORE Success™ trainings help individuals to gain clarity, simplify structures and transform tension, in short mastering relational leadership at the highest level.

In all of facets of her walk, Leezá guides individuals, especially women, to recognize their innate value by radically reimagining the imbedded paradigm that holds them back. She also provides potent tools so they can transform limiting beliefs, discrimination, conflict and crisis into respect, understanding and healthy growth.

Leeza's Ancestral Story

Leezá Carlone Steindorf’s ancestry is of Italian and German heritage, with her own roots deep in the ancestral and unceded lands of the Cheyenne and Ute nations known as southern Colorado. Currently, she is grateful to reside on the ancestral and unceded lands of the Multnomah, Clackamas and Kalapuya nations in the Pacific Northwest of Turtle Island. She walks with and is ever learning from the teachings and ways of all of our indigenous relations from her Lakota husband and Cree family.  

Having lived most of her life in northern Europe, and having worked, lived and played with indigenous peoples of northern and southern Europe, Africa, Asia, Indonesia and middle America, she acknowledges and pays respect to all First Nations Peoples as the original inhabitants and ongoing custodians of the land.

"There is nowhere to get to; you already are who you so want to be. Trust the goodness of you - your innate, indestructible, unique, pristine value - as the source of all you create and all you become."

Leeza's Leadership Pillars

The CORE of who we are, the source of our being, informs all we think, do and say. Connecting from our core enables us to live and to contribute our gifts unhindered and with joy.

CORE: Clarity, Ownership, Resolution, Excellence

What's Next?

Leezá facilitates for teams and organizations the CORE of Female Leadership, a practical, potent 4-month in-house training program that enables female leaders to bring their full potential to any table with authority, confidence, and ease. This impactful program makes her a sought after trainer for some of the world’s most impactful organizations.