Meet Lee.

Lee Kindell is a Hospitality Innovator.

"I have learned, in order to lead, one must serve.

I am always exploring how to serve."

On #MenWhoMobilize...

The number one conversation that I hope men and women are having at this time is to create a consistent exchange in understanding and unity.

When we invest our time, energy and influence into understanding ourselves and each other, it is a form of love.

That love will reflect back to us, like a mirror, from the rest of humanity.

Life is a solo journey until you realize we are ALL undeniably, eternally connected.
With that knowledge we change our perspective.
With that change of perspective, we change our thinking.
When we change our thinking, we change our language.
When we change our language, we change our actions, and when we change our actions, we change EVERYTHING!


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