Join us Raising Energy for HER

Announcing #HER Global Challenge!

Raising energy for HER!

“An MBA-experience in humanitarian leadership”.

Runs annually 2024 – 2030.

For individuals and corporate groups.

Rolling intake.

First wave:

April 8 – June 27.

The four (4) phases of this transformational journey are:

  1. Raising Energy for HER!
  2. Cultivating True Prosperity
  3. Fun, Friendships, and Adventure
  4. Activating Your Fierce Voice

What are YOU ready for?

PowHERhouse Impact Network is pleased to announce our partnership in a collaborative global initiative.

#HERGlobalChallenge is an annual ‘kick-start container’ for 12-weeks each Spring focused on expansive evolution over a seven-year commitment, stretching and growing into the truest and fullest expression of who you are and the experience you are here to have in the world.

The Challenge’s proven framework, supportive community, and actionable implementation tools prepare participants to seize their next aligned opportunity, while forging enriched relationships with an exceptional group of cross-sector visionaries, innovators, and leaders from across our planet.

The first wave of a rolling intake begins April 8 until June 27, 2024, and participants are welcome to join us after this date as well. 

IMAGINE a future-focused movement guided by a proven framework and implementable tools to empower a year-after-year cumulative experience leading to 2030 focused on stepping more fully into life more expansive experience both personally and professionally, individually and collectively.

#HERGlobalChallenge is a well-curated and nourishing environment with a common goal:  Raising energy for HER! Human Expansion Realized. 

Year after year: 2024-2030. What might be possible? Let’s find out!

Hopeful Habits and Inspiring Acts of Daily Awe for Inclusive Impact!

Hope for a brighter future—a more inspiringly inclusive future—starts with a strong BELIEF of what’s possible. What we SEE daily fuels our belief. Inspiring Inclusion—today and every day—starts with our imagination.

Societal needs for whole, healthy leaders are at an all-time high around the world, and that bar will continue to rise over the next decade. Becoming a whole, healthy society starts with each of us.

Join us Raising Energy for HER | herglobalchallenge

“When we focus on what we need to restore—our natural state of wellbeing—after the traumas and tumultuous upheavals that we as a global community have lived through, healing happens at the root of what must change in order to shift our future’s trajectory.” 

~ Charlene SanJenko

Healing initiated at the roots changes our experience of the outcomes. 

The act of inspiring inclusion becomes a habit as we SEE what’s possible when it becomes our practice. Let’s break it down to daily bite-sized acts-of-awe to fuel our new habit:

ME:  Who am I noticing today, and how can I celebrate them? Who can I lift, support, or amplify? Inspiring inclusion may be as simple as a smile, a text of acknowledgement, a thank you. “I see you. I hear you. I raise my hands to you and all your greatness.”

WE:  Throughout our conversations, presentations, and decisions, are we making space for all voices and perspectives? Are we listening more than we are talking? Are we holding the question, “What is  possible?”

US:  Collectively, our stories fuel our belief in what is possible for humanity at this moment in history. Creating a world where everyone thrives begins with curiosity, “Does what we SEE today represent who we are as adults, parents, and proud ancestors for future generations?” Media is the medicine we need to regenerate hope for our future. The stories we tell and the media we ingest daily influence our future so let’s ensure they are also inspiring inclusion. 

2024 #HERGlobalChallenge is open for 500 global participants and starts April 1st! We look forward to introducing you to our experience coaches, challenge ambassadors, corporate & brand partners, and more in the coming weeks! 

For Corporate Groups

For Corporate Groups with 2024 strategic commitments in the areas of talent development, team engagement, and actionable diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging priorities, please connect with We are currently onboarding 25 corporate groups of 10 or more women and would love to include you as a corporate ally.