AMPLIFYING COLLECTIVE IMPACT can and will heal the world. Here’s how.

It's our next chapter of expansive impact.

PowHERhouse is a relational agent of change and amplifier of collective impact.

Within the PowHERhouse Impact Network, we work with historically underrecognized leaders and changemakers in the harvest of their careers, matching them with impact partners in four key solutions-focused areas:

  • Humanitarian Leadership for Global Health & Healing
  • Gender & Generational-Focused Impact Investment
  • Narrative-Shifting Global Advocacy & Mobilization; and,
  • Societal Health & Healing

We work with you to clarify and articulate your changemaking potential and match you with the best-fit impact partner to bring it to life!

The amplified expression of your next chapter of collective changemaking may include:

  • Short film or mini-documentary production;
  • Book publishing;
  • Online programs;
  • Public speaking;
  • Pitch development;
  • Podcast production; or,
  • Global partnerships & grassroots mobilization

The PowHERhouse Impact Network is a collective of leaders, visionaries, and innovators who are committed to trajectory-shifting impact. We use the extraordinary power of the tools of media to amplify the expansive impact of The PowHERhouse Impact Network's brave changemakers.

We are committed to continually growing of impact network of parallel partnerships in publishing, programming, and production. Working with PowHERhouse, your ripple of impact will grow to an expansive wave as we activate the power of the collective imagination to amplify your work in the world as we amplify our own.

IF YOU are an Visionary, Founder, Social Innovator, Changemaker, Healer, or Artist-of-Impact with a growing community who is ready to explore next-level clarity around your impact vision, PowHERhouse would like to meet you.

“A change in your (dominant) feeling is a change in your destiny.”

~ Neville Goddard

Our Proprietary Process:


WHAT IF:  Every new project, product, and partnership originated with a specific point of impact committed to with a clear vision ready to emerge into tangible form guided by an impact narrative.

How might this change the depth of your outcomes and the enjoyment of your journey along the way?


VISION:  Your profound impact vision is designed to evoke your imagination; just beyond belief, calling in extraordinary clarity, commitment, and claiming of your gifts.


VEHICLE: Your impact amplification vehicle is your public expression to the world - aligned partners, stakeholders, funders, investors, collaborators, and clients. It mirrors your clarity and reflects your commitment to the world in a clear, compelling, and confident way.


VENTURE:  Your impact venture is the daring energetic activation of your vision, its intentional action, movement and momentum, fuelled by your amplification vehicle and a relational deal flow that results in expansive impact.