Meet Rory.


Rory is a Founder of, and co-Convener of Examined Life. Both are designed to assist in fostering authentic growth and create opportunities for conversations of meaning. 



"Start close in,
don’t take the second step
or the third,
start with the first
close in,
the step
you don’t want to take."

- From 'Start Close In' - David Whyte.



photo credit:  Vancouver Sun

Rory Holland
Tell us about yourself. Who are you as a leader?

I don't necessarily consider myself a leader, so much as someone trying to take responsibility in my community.

I see a widening gap happening as our culture narrows its definition of success, and as we become increasingly individuated by technology. There is a yearning for meaning and purpose, yet very few authentic ways to engage. The need isn't necessarily for more 'personal development' as it is personal connection - with self and others. This is not a 'so that' exercise to make us better at our jobs, relationships, etc. It is simply to draw back to what is most important. However, it would be hard to imagine that in doing so, there wouldn't be significant ancillary benefits!

My desire is to facilitate, convene, support, and create opportunities where people can engage, connect, and be involved authentically in conversations of meaning and purpose.

What is the #1 conversation you hope men and woman are engaging in right now?

How connected am I to my true self, and what can I do to quiet the noise and reduce the distraction that keeps me from authentically engaging with myself and others.

Where is the best investment of our time, energy and influence - and why?

There is a great saying taken from the 12 steps "Don't just do something, sit there". I strongly believe that the best investment of our time and energy is to develop a daily practice of quiet - whether that is sitting still in silent meditation or taking a slow walk in the forest. It is only through the quiet that we are going to be able to 'thin the veneer' and better listen and experience our true selves.

Influence is a by-product of humility and integrity, which are fostered through self-knowing.