SPEAK! Canada

by Charlene SanJenko, May 28, 2017

Find your voice.  Take your lead.

SPEAK! Canada is a national program designed to provide professional women with a proven process and platform, encouraging them to speak clearly, concisely and confidently to move as leaders with impact.

Between October 2015 and October 2016, over 100 women were put on-stage by SPEAK! Canada.

PowHERhouse initiated and designed the PowHERtalks platform to bring women to the stage and connect them with audiences in the thousands both live and online. 

These women were encouraged to share their story, the impact they want to make in the world, and clarify their ASK (what they need to move forward).

Now, this clarifying, confidence-building, empowering opportunity is available to you as a 6-module blended learning program that increases your ability to effectively communicate to any audience whether that be in your next sales presentation, an investor pitch, client conversation or in front of 100+ peers.

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And now with our customized corporate campaign, we also work with corporate leaders in the following ways:

•  In-house intensive live learning opportunities
•  Blended learning program, online follow-up
•  PowHERtalks lifestyle + leadership forums
Corporate group inquiries, please complete the form below, and we will connect with you within 24 hours.
Or download more information HERE.
Academic group inquiries, please email talktous@powherhouse.com, and we'll connect with you.
Academic group info is available HERE.

What women are saying about SPEAK! Canada

My lived experience can speak to the positive impact Charlene has had on my own life and career.  Without Char and PowHERhouse, I would not have been on the TEDX stage in Vancouver in October of 2016, an event which remains a significant highlight for me. 

She has managed to galvanize a vast tribe of not only strong women but powHERful speakers.  I adore this women!

– Christina Benty, Retired Politician, Jazz Singer & Differentiated Leadership Specialist

This October, PowHERtalks will parachute into the Calgary Woman's Show.  Media Release here.

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