Celebrating our Speak! Canada Graduates: Edwards School of Business Spring 2019

“Before taking the SPEAK Canada course, I never would have been able to give a 5-minute speech in a front of a group of people without using any notes. I am excited to say that after completing this course I was able to successfully do just that!!! Speak Canada provided me with a process and the necessary tools to help me speak more clearly and confidently. You work in a group with a bunch of amazing other women, and Charlene provides great feedback and mentorship throughout the program.“ ~ Cassandra Kreuger

SPEAK! Canada is anything but typical! 

We have taken the very best of our national program designed to provide professional women with a proven process and platform, and incorporated it into THE LEADER PATH, a complete progressive performance and mobilization experience for leaders launching Spring 2020.

This annual learning and leader development opportunity by subscription provides you with the opportunity to explore...

❓ Who am I as a leader?

❓ What's important to me?

❓ What do I stand for?

❓ How do I want to be known in the world, remembered?

❓ What am I up to in the world?

❓ What is the impact I'm looking to make with how I lead and show-up, everyday?

❓ What do I need to feel whole, vibrant, and deeply fulfilled in my life to ensure sustainability of my efforts, energy and impact?

Join us for an upcoming masterclass to learn more and find out if THE LEADER PATH is a well-aligned, congruent fit for you.

Activating, Accelerating + Amplifying leaders for world-class impact.


Find your voice.

Take your lead.

Preparing you for your next opportunity.

Craving to be heard?

Learn to clearly, confidently and concisely deliver a powerful message from the heart when it matters most.

Find Your Voice. Take Your Lead | SPEAK! Canada

SPEAK! Canada brought this conversation forward!

Global News Calgary’s Dallas Flexhaug on how two people on opposite sides of the pipeline debate found common ground through dialogue.

The value I received was EPIC ...

"I knew if I was going to successfully execute strategy and enable transformation, I needed to improve my ability to connect with people and clearly articulate the destination and vision of how to get there.  SPEAK! Canada taught more than the fundamentals of speaking effectively. Charlene provided performance coaching that challenged me to align purpose and passion with a clear and concise message, delivered with confidence and conviction. For someone that said she would never be a dynamic speaker, the value I received was EPIC and is the start of a new love affair with speaking for impact."  - Marianne Bell

SPEAK! Canada was such a powerful experience for me.

"Not only was I inspired by Charlene and the other women I met there, I was motivated to share my story to help others.  Over the course of the 6 weeks I learned to appreciate that if I take the time to organize and practice, I will be able to communicate my story with confidence and clarity."  Cathy Hicks

Over 200 women have been put on-stage by PowHERhouse and our program for women leaders and impact champions, SPEAK! Canada as well as PowHERtalks, our National Speaker Series. These women were encouraged to share their story, the impact they want to make in the world, and clarify their ASK; what they need to move forward as leaders. What quickly became evident:
  • Women have something to say, and they're ready to be heard.
  • As women share their story and lessons learned, they role model what is possible for others and inspire hope.
  • Concise, focused messages delivered with energy, confidence, and authenticity yield the most impact.
  • As a woman publicly declares who she is as a leader and what she is deeply committed to, she begins to recognize herself as the capable leader she is, ready to take the next action steps.  Media is a powHERful mirror.
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What women are saying about SPEAK! Canada

I had no idea what I wanted to do in the world and how I wanted to communicate what I was up to.  Char, along with PowHERhouse Media Group, gave me a platform to stand on. The SPEAK! Canada program was an amazing push forward into recognizing my voice and how much I wanted to advocate for the Oil and Gas industry AND the environment.  Speaking up in the small safety net of the program gave me the confidence to start sharing with broader audiences what our oil industry has done in Canada for Canada.

- Julia McElgunn, Geologist + Sustainability Advocate

SPEAK Testimonial - Julia McElgunn (Medium)

What women are saying about SPEAK! Canada

My lived experience can speak to the positive impact Charlene has had on my own life and career.  Without Char and PowHERhouse, I would not have been on the TEDX stage in Vancouver in October of 2016, an event which remains a significant highlight for me.  She has managed to galvanize a vast tribe of not only strong women but powHERful speakers.  I adore this women!

– Christina Benty, Retired Politician, Jazz Singer & Differentiated Leadership Specialist

Christina Benty 7 (Custom)

I have been honored to work with Charlene through the LEAP Learning Lab, SPEAK program. Charlene’s facilitation of the program was well organized, communicated and gave me a series of tangible results that have been powerful in my own business. Most importantly, she creates an environment of comfort and support, empowering participants to grow themselves and their business. She has been a fantastic mentor, offering constructive, honest feedback. She has a brilliant business mindset and I would encourage others to take the opportunity to work with her.

- Kelly Beattie, Transformational Change Agent, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

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When I first came across SPEAK! Canada, I really didn’t see how it would benefit me since I have taken several speaking programs in the past and have been speaking for many years.  Once I was in the program, I realized it was unlike any other program I had experienced.

Charlene was masterful at drawing out greater clarity within me, really nailing it, resulting in a crystal-clear message.  The intimate nature, one-on-one attention and peer support fostered a quick learning curve and was highly effective in getting almost immediate feedback.

If you know Charlene, she does everything with purpose and with the end in mind. Upon completion of SPEAK, I ended up several deliverables that I have been able to implement immediately.

Thank-you Charlene, and thank you SPEAK! Canada!

Janine Brolly, Advocate | Facilitator | Speaker

"The SPEAK program is so much more than learning how to present and speak. I found a community of women that offer support, encouragement and friendship.  My journey with SPEAK has really tapped into my purpose and helped me dig deep to cut through all the BS and just get to the heart of my matter.  The coaching and accountability is bang on.  The modules are perfectly timed and progress beautifully to uncover clarity and a strong message.
I can’t recommend SPEAK enough.  In fact I will probably come back to this program over and over!" 

Zena Amundsen, Certified Financial Planner |  Adding Heart to Business + Money

Shannon Waters is Coast Salish from Stz’uminus First Nation.  She was named the Medical Health Officer for the Cowichan Region in 2017.   Shannon is also a Public Health and Preventive Medicine Physician with a deep passion for community and Aboriginal Health.  In her new role, Shannon has the ability to lead with influence and bring two worlds together.  She is a wife, a mother of two beautiful girls, an auntie, a sister and a friend.  She loves to move her body through dance and to spend time outdoors, especially beside the ocean and among the amazing Indigenous healing plants that grow in her home territory.

Shannon Waters, Medical Health Officer for the Cowichan Region, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Physician

“After writing my book, I found it daunting to try and boil down 250+ pages into a concise, impactful and powerful talk. While I have been public speaking since childhood and routinely give presentations in my corporate career, I found myself lacking confidence and clarity when it came to telling my own story.  As I found myself on the verge of publishing my deeply personal book, I decided to join the SPEAK! Canada program though the LEAP Learning Lab.  My goal was to find clarity, build confidence and launch my speaking career.  I found an amazingly supportive group who consistently showed up and committed to doing the work.  Charlene pushed me just past my comfort zone to that point where real growth occurs.  She created a safe environment for the participants to share the most vulnerable parts of themselves.  The alumni participation in the program was excellent and provided the support we needed to reach the finish!  I am now able to speak openly about my work and have the confidence to ask for opportunities I want.  If you have a desire to find your voice, get clear on your message, own your work in this world and are ready to grow, SPEAK! Canada is for you!”

Erin Thorp, Empathic People + Project Leader

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