Janine Brolly | Builder and Advocate of Worthy Women

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Janine Brolly helps professional women who are burnt-out or unfulfilled, to RECLAIM their personal power and energy so they can live with RADICAL self-acceptance, greater self-expression and fulfill what they’re here to do… all with greater ease and speed than imagined!


“The moment a woman decides to be unafraid, she is transformed. When she recognizes the power and possibility of her own strength, and surrenders every fear to that power – she becomes the greatest version of herself.” -- Diane Von Furstenberg

Janine is an Advocate, Facilitator, Speaker, Best-Selling Co-Author, Health Professional, Founder of The Worthy Woman Mastermind, Real Estate Investor and a 7-Figure Earner. 

Working with hundreds of women as well as her own journey, Janine is in awe of how epidemic it is that most women do not fully value themselves and as a result, are not fully showing up in the world. Janine refers to this as a ‘universal hum’ - we are all quietly humming “I’m not good enough” or ‘I’m not worthy’ or some similar version.

Janine’s mission is to facilitate and empower women to OWN their worth, RECLAIM their personal power so women around the globe can move from suppression to greater SELF-EXPRESSION.

Whether working with the masses or one-on-one, Janine is highly intuitive and can 'see' and uncover blind spots, drawing out the deepest yearnings. She inspires and facilitates women’s greatness to be manifested in the world, without the old paradigm of pushing and forcing!

Janine’s legacy plans include philanthropic work with women and girls in developing countries.


Janine's unique Worthy Woman differentiators include:

  • Visionary Change-Maker: Janine is a natural born leader, visionary and out-of-the-box BIG thinker.
  • Highly Intuitive: Her gift is that she can ‘see’ things in you that you often can’t see in yourself.
  • Direct, Compassionate Butt-Kicker: She has a unique ability to touch and inspire you to think and act in new ways. Known as a gentle ass-kicker, Janine has an uncanny way to help catapult you to new heights!
  • Real as Can Be: She is as real and raw as you can get… she is bold, deep, edgy, vulnerable and silly. Her wicked sense of humour can help offer blunt aha moments!



You don’t need permission to be big, bold, or beautiful.  You already are!  You are valuable and powerful.
It’s time to stop giving away your energy and power and claim your worth personally, professionally and financially.  It’s your birthright and what you've come here to do!
Please let me know how I can serve and support you in claiming ALL that you already are!
To book a one-of-a-kind inspiring talk or learn more about the Worthy Women’s Mastermind, workshops or retreats, connect with me today!


"Janine's style is loving, empowering and direct.  She mentors from the seat of her soul... She directs her conversations from her highest self and thus draws me to my highest self.  Her passion for empowering women to live their best life, authentically and fully is what makes her such an amazing mentor.  She is tough and heart-centred at the same time. She's helped me shift through the drama of life and focus on the essentials of moving forward, calling me forth on my birthright of prosperity and purpose." -- Kristen

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